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16 Artistic Rug Designs for Your French Country Home Decor

Furniture, Home Decor • 12 Comments

Rug serves to provide comfort and warmth at home. The soft surface of the rug gives you more comfor…
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Can You Create Mid-Century Décor with Low Budget?

Home Decor • 8 Comments

Mid-Century décor doesn’t need to be expensive. This guide gives you the start in creating an affor…
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27 Tips to Combine Mid-Century Modern with Rustic Décor

Decoration, Home Decor • 163 Comments

Can you combine Mid-Century décor with a rustic look? These tips prove that you can get the best of…
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When and why to use tempered glass? [A complete guide]

Home Decor • 1,560 Comments

The manufacturing process of tempered glass ensures that it resists shattering into jagged pieces that can cause cuts and other severe...
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25 Tips to Decorate Your Farmhouse-Style Home with Rugs

Decoration, Home Decor • 54 Comments

Choosing the perfect rugs for your farmhouse decor includes finding the perfect materials, colors, …
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100 DIY Fall Home Decoration References

DIY Decoration, Home Decor, Home Decoration • 871 Comments

Fall will serve you with a pretty colorful environment. Related with that, decorating your home wit…
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19th Century Apartment With Classic Touches That Will Never Go Out Of Date

Home Decor, Interior Design Ideas • 6 Comments

Having a 19th-century apartment design with a classic touch will be a pleasant place to live in. Be…
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10 Smart Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Look Elegant

Home Decor, Interior Design Ideas • 148 Comments

If you are doing a home update and need some inspiration to see, you can check these three smart in…
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Jazz Up Your Home Decor with These 10 Clever IKEA Hacks!

Furniture, Home Decor • 454 Comments

When it comes to home furnishings, IKEA would be one of the stores we immediately think of. Sure, t…
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10 Best Room Arrangement for Your Small Home Decoration

Home Decor • 169 Comments

Having a good room arrangement for your small home is very important because it will affect the bea…
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10 Pretty Boho Furniture that You Can Bring to Your Home

Furniture, Home Decor • 12 Comments

For you who have the freedom and do not need any limitation for your home decor, then applying bobo…
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10 Cozy Porch Decoration Ideas to Chill

Home Decor, Outdoor • 155 Comments

If you prefer to only laying on couch or bed while you are enjoying your me-time, surely you need t…
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10 Moroccan-Style Items to Create Bohemian Home Décor

Home Decor • 313 Comments

Moroccan design is a prominent feature in various Bohemian-style home décor catalogs. The combinati…
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10 Tips for Your Small Home Decoration

Home Decor, Tips • 149 Comments

You don’t need to worry because if you have a small house. You can still make your small home…
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10 Ways to Apply the Greenery into Your Home Office

Home Decor, Home Office • 47 Comments

Since greenery is really important to be applied to any room of your home, then it will be really n…
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