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The style of Scandinavian interior design and hygiene decor has swept all over the world with a distinct look hailed in many magazines and blogs. This style was focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Although choice accessories and a lack of color characterize Scandinavian interior design, the European style can take careful planning to nail. Let’s master this style by take a peek at these 8 rooms with Scandinavian style below. 1. Monochromatic Mood The key of Scandinavian style is color palette and typically it includes just one or two pale accent colors paired with a white foundation. Hints of black are often added for dimension, but otherwise keep your own Scandinavian-inspired space sparsely colored. 2. Scandinavian Work Space When decorating your work space with Scandinavian style, keep things as pared back as possible and display mostly utilitarian objects; pen holders, pendant lights, a few tech accessories, etc. Choose work-surface accessories with…

Windowless bathroom usually comes from a small bathroom. It deals with limited space of bathroom. There is no part to create window. No window will make bathroom feel stifled. Here, you need to be creative more than ever.  So, you have to play role on the painting. Take a look from these color ideas for windowless bathroom bellows; Navy Blue Paint The classic tone comes from a bathroom with navy blue color paint. When you want to have traditional bathroom style, navy blue may look best. Further, this color will be easy to be matched with any kinds of furniture. Pale Yellow Color Play the lighting with pale yellow color paint for bathroom is brilliant. They are in one mission to make this room more welcoming and eye-grabbing. Yellow color means bright. Moreover, twin lamp on the besides mirror make this room astounding. Booth Bay Paint Using neutral color…

Before adding a breakfast nook, determine the size of your table. Place your tape measure on the ground and mark at least 36” from each outer edge of your nook (Place your tape measure on the ground and mark at least 36” from each outer edge of your nook) the minimal clearance for chairs to comfortably scoot in and out. Dining chairs are the forefront of the nook, so select chairs with a little more visual interest. Opt for chairs with a sculptural element, or an interesting texture. If you want a breakfast nook that revolve around your kitchen island, check out these 8 practical breakfast nook ideas that revolve around the kitchen island below to inspire you. 

Using wood-paneled for room decoration is not hard. It deals with how we combine the shiplap with other furniture. To avoid monotonous, try to choose the right furniture with color, pattern, and beautiful shape. So, the room will not make you feel bored. Next, feel free to apply wood-paneled for any room and make sure you do it properly.Fantastic BlackHow about this sexy bathroom? Is it interesting? Yes, of course. With black walls and ceilings, this bathroom looks glamour and catchy. Furthermore, no need large space to build this bathroom even in small room.On The EdgeThis bohemian living room shines with white ceiling. Rather than let it to looks shabby chic, the owner of this house wooden white beams. Moreover, this house seems eye-grabbing with its dark furniture, patterned pillow, and geometric lighting.Great Wide OpenDeciding wide wood-paneled walls dramatically change the room into more modern vibe. Again, let it in…

Your kitchen sink is probably not the place where you’d choose to spend your time, but it’s a necessity. And having the right one can make all those minutes spent scrubbing and rinsing easier and more efficient. And for the bathroom, consider how much space that you have for the sink, and also consider which room you are shopping for (master en suite, family bathroom, powder room). Also learn about the different materials, types of sinks, and factors to consider as you discover how to select sink that fits your needs. 

When talking about decorating kitchen space, you might be focusing on statement backsplashes, cabinetry upgrades, and flat-out while ignoring your kitchen floor because it’s not hardwood. But tile doesn’t have to be your ugly stepchild. It can be seriously chic when done right, you just have to get creative and choose the right texture, pattern, and color scheme. These 8 creative and unique ways below probably inspire you to get the best tile that suitable best with your kitchen space. 

For people who live in a small apartment or house, having a garden is only on their dream. The best way to have plants is only by creating indoor garden. Exploring each empty space as an indoor garden can improve your room decoration. Just get ready to prepare some pebbles, pots, or stones that usually used to create small indoor garden. Look at these eight small indoor garden ideas;

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