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10 Brilliant Living Room Color Scheme With Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper is a good option for those who love to add a pattern and texture in no time for your room. And plus, you can easily replace it into the new one when you start feel bored with the pattern. But choosing only one wallpaper can be an overwhelming selection to make, especially because there are so many beautiful options to choose from. So, if you need an inspiration, keep scroll down!

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20 Impressive Living Room Design with Boho Style

The living room is a room that you have to design as attractive and comfortable as possible. Furthermore, the living room must have a design that can represent who and what you and your family are like. With bohemian style touches for your living room decoration, then you have the opportunity to be able to display the atmosphere of the living room that is far from stiff and boring.

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24 Things to Consider for Winter Living Room Decoration

When winter arrives, you will definitely want to change the atmosphere of your home decor to be warmer. You can also replace your favorite sofa with a softer sofa. Besides that, adding texture with a material that is different from the sofa material such as feather cushions, fabric covers for feather couches or even rugs