When we were young, most of us are hoping to have our own tree house to play around with friends, or even to get a private space for yourself. There is just something special about creating our own space and embedding it into nature. Thanks to the avant-garde attitude of those building these tree houses, we have inspiration to get back out there, and create our own kind of masterpiece in the trees. Although the featured tree houses are extravagant, they may provide a vision of something you want to create.

If you have a large garden space, then you know how benches can enhance the design of your garden as well as give you a place to sit and enjoy your garden view. A bench can be constructed out of nearly any material. From wood, cinder blocks, stone, or even crates. The material that you choose is not so important; it simply needs to be a design that fits the style and the decor of your existing garden. Check out these 8 extraordinary garden bench ideas that will blow your mind below to inspire you.

When your flowers, succulents, and lush green lawn are reflected in a handcrafted water feature, the entire look truly pops in a fresh light. And the best part about wanting a garden pond for yourself is that, with enough time and effort, they do not have to cost a fortune to enjoy. For the investment, there are few gardening projects more rewarding. 

Designing a room with geometric wallpaper still becomes popular trend nowadays. The patterns dramatically add a touch of modern room design. Whether you want to opt for small or bold statement wall, this geometric wallpaper keeps the rooms delightful.

Home accessories can transform room decoration. Even, they will dramatically change the look in just a minute. Whether mirrors, wall clocks, artworks, or other stuffs affect room atmosphere. Here, you have to think over what accessories that will suitable for your room without make it too much. Take a look some inspiring ideas below;

No need to feel dizzy to design a room nowadays. Designers tend to use simple element to upgrade their home decoration. One of the simple ideas to improve room style easily is that using pampas grass. This surprising trend will become the most favorite ideas this year and applicable for any house character.

Decorate with basket doesn’t cost much. Use it as storage, accessories, or a place to plant will help you to improve room decoration. The ideas of using basket as room decoration purse you to be more creative. Mix and matched any basket with the room style for seeing amazing result. Take a look at these creative ways using basket for room decoration;

For the one who doesn’t have enough space to build a pool, a pond can be one of the alternative outdoor designs. Water lets you get multi-sensory experience for healing therapy. Make sure you already have the area, material, size, style, landscape, lighting, and other components for building a pond with waterfall. This is an ideal solution for you to get more attractive yard.

PVC pipes are almost good for everything. Amusing PVC pipes help to improve the decoration more elegant. Instead of spending much money for any circumstance, better for you to use PVC pipes. The circle pattern creates unique point of interest. Here are ten best PVC pipes uses for home decoration to try;

Decorating your space can be a fun way to do. Some of it can also be done without breaking your wallet. Because a little wallpaper, paint or a few colorful accents can make a big difference to your space. All you need is some creativity and imagination.  Spare your time on weekend to decorate your space with these 9 inspiring weekend home decoration projects below to inspire you.