8 Affordable Picturesque Bookcases To Upgrade Your Room Decor

Looking for something to fill your empty space? This beautiful bookcase may become one of options for you. Not only function to save books, but also upgrade your room decoration. Even, you can display your pictures, plants, or candles. See these following picturesque bookcases that on budget to inspire you;

8 Splendid Scandinavian Home Office Designs That Will Boost Your Creativity

Scandinavian home office tends to apply natural furniture made from wood. You may see most of it uses black and white color as well. However, it is not hard to combine Scandinavian style with any home decoration. You will find splendid Scandinavian home office designs that will boost your creativity. See these following ideas;

9 Irresistible Shabby Chic Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

Shabby chic may appear with white or neutral color tone. Furthermore, it consists of distressed furniture that already on your warehouse for years. Reuse old furniture is part of shabby chic style. When you have old home items you don’t have to sell it, but use to decor your bathroom in shabby chic style. Check out these ideas;

8 Bedroom With Green Plant Designs That Will Level Up Your Health

Bedroom with green plant will upgrade your healthy life. It brings oxygen that will clean your bedroom every day. The more plants you put, the healthier your body will be. Consider putting the plant at the right place, because wrong location will make bedroom appears too busy. Check out these ideas about bedroom with green plant decoration below;

Recommended Indoor Green Plants That Will Liven Up Your Bathroom

Add green plant for bathroom will level up fresh air. Furthermore, it will upgrade bathroom decoration as well. With natural element, your bathroom appears friendlier and inviting. Due to some bathrooms are windowless, the green plant comes to live the bathroom up. So, add one or more from these recommended green plants for bathroom ideas below;

8 Bold Black Kitchen Trends That Everyone Wants To Copy

Black kitchen recently appear as most favorite color that shows by many designers. They tend to use black for any kitchen design, whether traditional, farmhouse, industrial, even for modern house style. Black let us to have elegant kitchen look that no need expensive furniture. Furthermore, it will blend with any kitchen theme decoration. Check out more ideas below;

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