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Complete Your Winter Home with These 20 Chandelier Designs

Winter Decoration • 37 Comments

Lighting becomes something important for home decoration. It is not only about its function to glow…
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How to Choose the Right Chandelier for Your Home

Decoration, home improvement, Interior Design

The chandelier has so many different styles so that can be installed to your any home decoration st…
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55 Creative Chandelier Design References

Accessories, Home Decoration, Interior Design

From all of the lighting types, a chandelier becomes one of the lamps that attract your interest wh…
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8 Brilliant Ways To Decorate Bedroom With String Lights That Affordable For Anyone

Interior Design

To avoid monotonous atmosphere, you need to upgrade your bedroom look. it doesn’t have to remodel i…
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8 Simple Tips To Install Chandelier For You Room To Look More Adorable

Accessories • 160 Comments

Chandelier can be one of the room accessories that take major role for a room decoration. It may ch…
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8 Pink Chandeliers To Beautify Your Little Girl’s Room Decor

Accessories • 28 Comments

Bedroom lighting choice will affect room decoration. For girl nursery room, you can use pink chande…
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8 Luxurious Chandelier Designs For Modern Room Decoration


One small thing that will give high effect toward room decoration is lighting. Due to a modern room…
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8 Unique Lighting Designs That Will Improve Your Bedroom Decoration

Interior Design • 91 Comments

Lighting design also will improve your bedroom design. Whether you want to apply vintage, modern, o…
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