French country style bedroom shows more about colors, patterns, and material that blend in cohesive combination without look too busy or outdated. It may appear feminine, colorful, welcoming, and or casual with old-word style but nit goes out of fashion. Furthermore, you can combine it with traditional or modern decoration as well. See these French country bedroom decor that may inspire you;

Everybody knows that colors have a big influence towards someone’s feeling. Even scientists have proven it. So, add more colors at your room will boost your mood and lead you to be more creative. Rainbow will blend with any room decor without make it looks crowded. See these following ways to add rainbow for your room below; Rainbow Color For Bedroom Kids love colors. Applying rainbow color will make theirs room looks cheerful. Furthermore, it will make them feel happier. Just paint your window shelter with rainbow color to upgrade their bedroom decoration. Rainbow At Living Room If you already use bold color for your chair or sofa, it is no problem to add more colors. Like this living room which uses rainbow rug. The room appears friendlier and will not make it too busy even with rainbow color application. Dining Room With Rainbow Give different sensation for your dining…

Windowless bathroom usually comes from a small bathroom. It deals with limited space of bathroom. There is no part to create window. No window will make bathroom feel stifled. Here, you need to be creative more than ever.  So, you have to play role on the painting. Take a look from these color ideas for windowless bathroom bellows; Navy Blue Paint The classic tone comes from a bathroom with navy blue color paint. When you want to have traditional bathroom style, navy blue may look best. Further, this color will be easy to be matched with any kinds of furniture. Pale Yellow Color https://www.pinterest.com/pin/344243965258072380/ Play the lighting with pale yellow color paint for bathroom is brilliant. They are in one mission to make this room more welcoming and eye-grabbing. Yellow color means bright. Moreover, twin lamp on the besides mirror make this room astounding. Booth Bay Paint Using neutral color…

Spending time to think wall color or painting kitchen backsplash will give you a chance to get beautiful home decoration. However, you have to remember one side of your house that will dramatically change the atmosphere. Merely, don’t miss to paint the stairs. With simple basic color application, you will transform the house into more eye-grabbing hue. Let’s see inspiring stairs color ideas further below;

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