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How to Make Your Fireplace Proper this Winter

Winter Decoration

The winter touches can be applied by using some things that are applied to the top surface of the f…
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55 Interesting Ideas in Redecorating Your Fireplace to Welcome Fall Season

Decoration, Home Decoration, Interior Design • 87 Comments

The fall season is going to be here soon and you should add the season touches to your home to real…
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45 Recommended Designs for the Tiled Fireplace

Decoration, Interior Design • 81 Comments

Applying the tile to your fireplace will add beauty and value to your fireplace. The traditional fi…
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How to Apply Faux Fireplace for Home Decor Needs

Home Decoration, Interior Design • One Comment

You can simply use the faux fireplace that can be proper also. In this case, the fireplace won̵…
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Ignite the Spark of your Paradise Installing an Electric Fireplace

Building, Decoration • One Comment

Are you thinking of your wood-burning, gas hearth replacement with a modern electric unit? Well, if…
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20 Cozy Living Room Designs for You to Really Enjoy the Cold Weather

Home Decoration, Interior Design • 52 Comments

As one of the most important rooms of your house, living room should be designed as cozy as possibl…
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30 Highly Evolved Bedroom Designs With Fireplace To Stay All Day And Night

Bedroom, Bedroom Decoration

We want to spend more time at home in winter. However, we need a place that warm and relaxing. When…
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How To Install Suspended Fireplace For Modern Living Room Design That Unique

Interior Design • One Comment

Instead of fireplace with mantel that made from concrete or bricks or stone, suspended fireplace se…
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9 Aesthetic Marble Tile Designs for Captivating Fire Place

Interior Design • One Comment

Marble provides us many patterns and colors that will be amazing mixed with our living room design.…
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