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20 Pretty Unique Modern Bathroom Decoration Ideas to Give You a Peaceful Bath Time

Interior Design • 171 Comments

Basically there are so many bathroom styles, but since you are living in the big city and have the …
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20 Mesmerizing Ceiling Ideas with Some Pattern and Lighting to Beautify Your Home Interior Design

Interior Design • 79 Comments

The ceiling also has a function in beautifying a room. There are 2 important things that must be co…
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20 Smart Ways to Give Your Home a Great Statement

Interior Design • 153 Comments

Thing that you missed is that no matter how expensive or pretty your decoration is, your home won&#…
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8 Inspiring Wall Lighting Designs That May Improve Your Room Decor

Accessories • 30 Comments

Lighting is one of the keys to make a wonderful room decoration. Some people tend to apply modern l…
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8 Inspiring Landscape Designs Using Torch To Upgrade Your Outdoor View

Garden and Exterior • 48 Comments

Outdoor lighting usually consists of lamps, strings lights, bulb, or lantern. Why don’t you try to …
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8 Pink Chandeliers To Beautify Your Little Girl’s Room Decor

Accessories • 2 Comments

Bedroom lighting choice will affect room decoration. For girl nursery room, you can use pink chande…
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8 Creative Ways To Use Hula Hoop For Home Decoration That May Inspire You

Accessories • 324 Comments

Hula hoop may bring memories from our childhood. However, it is the time to reuse it for different …
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8 Stunning Dining Room Designs Even For Small Space

Home Decoration • 93 Comments

Small room sometimes makes people think hard to decorate, especially for dining room. It has to loo…
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8 Adorable Ways to Install Drum Floor Lamp For Brighter Bedroom

Interior Design • 2 Comments

Some people may choose to apply hanging floor, but drum floor lamp looked more appealing. It deals …
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8 Luxurious Chandelier Designs For Modern Room Decoration

Accessories • 23 Comments

One small thing that will give high effect toward room decoration is lighting. Due to a modern room…
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8 Most Recommended String Lights to Make Your Bedroom Look Fun

Accessories • 202 Comments

People spend more time at bedroom. So, they tend to change this room to look more aesthetic but com…
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9 Innovative Lighting Wall for Incredible Home Illumination Ideas

Accessories • 151 Comments

Lighting wall comes as the innovation lighting home design. It doesn’t require chandelier, but the …
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10 Best DIY Mason Jar Lamp Ideas to Make Your House Brighter

Accessories • 22 Comments

Mason Jar should be ready on your ware house. This is one of the materials that used most to make DIY. It can be repurposed as pots,...
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9 Whimsical Backyard Lighting Ideas to Bring Magic for Your Outdoor

Garden and Exterior • 100 Comments

Backyard lighting becomes one of the most important decorating projects to make your outdoor looks …
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8 Unique Lighting Designs That Will Improve Your Bedroom Decoration

Interior Design • 6 Comments

Lighting design also will improve your bedroom design. Whether you want to apply vintage, modern, o…
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