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45 Adorable Coastal Theme Lighting Ideas

Home Decoration

The coastal theme will always be interesting to be applied to your home decoration. This style is c…
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Make Your Patio Proper with these 40 Lighting Ideas

Garden and Outdoor

If you have a backyard and a proper patio there, then, it is a must for you to provide the proper l…
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These 60 Lighting Ideas will Light Up Your Porch

Exterior Design Ideas, Ornament

For outdoor decoration, the important part about it is how the space could be seen as not scary and…
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55 Ways to Bring Natural Light to Your Home

Home Decoration • 635 Comments

Besides the lamp, it is quite important to let your house be lighted by natural lighting. Not only …
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How to Provide a Proper Backyard Lighting

Exterior Design Ideas, Garden & Outdoor, Outdoor • 341 Comments

When the spring comes, it will be the time when you can finally enjoy your outdoor space again. Fro…
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How to Provide Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom, Bathroom decoration • 310 Comments

What is important for bathroom decoration is not only about the shower, bathtub, or vanity. It will…
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How to Provide Bohemian Lighting

Decoration, Home Decoration • 336 Comments

Basically, there is varied stuff that is available to be added to your Bohemian decoration. From al…
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How to Have Winter Snowball Lighting

Home Decoration, Interior Design • 1,363 Comments

When talking about the winter season, it won’t be far from the snow where it will fall during…
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How to Choose the Right Chandelier for Your Home

Decoration, home improvement, Interior Design • 357 Comments

The chandelier has so many different styles so that can be installed to your any home decoration st…
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55 Aesthetic Decorations with Accent Lighting

Decoration, home improvement • 340 Comments

These days, there are so many kinds of lighting designs that are existed. Even more, the lighting i…
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How to Install Proper Lighting to Your Backyard

Garden and Outdoor, Garden Decoration, Outdoor • 376 Comments

Besides the lighting reason, lamps are also really effective to give a beautiful effect for the dec…
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How to Present Different Kinds of Lantern for Home Lighting

Decoration, Home Decoration • 41 Comments

Lanterns have their own attraction as lighting for home decoration. That is why there are people wh…
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55 Perfect Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Decoration, Interior Design • 537 Comments

As a part of home decoration and interior design, the ceiling is something that you should consider…
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50 Proper DIY Lighting Ideas

Decoration, Home Decoration • 2,840 Comments

Your house won’t be complete without lighting. In this case, the lighting will be really vari…
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10 Magical Winter Lighting Ideas

Winter Decoration • 904 Comments

Lighting is one of the important decoration parts that should be considered when you want to apply …
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