Wallpapering wall upgrades room decoration in simple step. This decor trend will not be old-fashioned. Due to wallpaper pattern that will always change according to the newest decor style, your room will not look annoying. Whatever the wallpaper used, even with ancient pattern, the room looks inviting and fresh. You need to try these following iconic wallpaper trends for more stylish room decor;

Some people may be going crazy to think about what they should do to make statement of their wall décor. IT deals with the budget, their ability to DIY, and the time to decor the walls. However, they adore seeing their wall to have character and authenticity. If you are one of them, you need to see these following ideas;

Changing kitchen decoration doesn’t mean you have to do renovation. You can do simple thing like add a touch of wallpaper on the wall. It improves the decoration with less cost. There are many variants of wallpaper patterns that will make your kitchen looks catchy. Like these following ideas;

There some spaces that can be used to put TV set, whether in the bedroom, living room, or many more. However, putting TV unit in the living room needs more touch of decorating style. One of the best solutions to have enchanting TV set place are using beautiful wallpaper. Get new experience of watching TV show with amazing TV unit wallpaper as follows;

Designing a room with geometric wallpaper still becomes popular trend nowadays. The patterns dramatically add a touch of modern room design. Whether you want to opt for small or bold statement wall, this geometric wallpaper keeps the rooms delightful.

The easier way to give your space an instant facelift is by using a wallpaper. For example, if you are into a tropical theme, there are so many patterns of the tropical and jungle-inspired variety. Contrary to what you may have heard, palm trees and banana leaves aren’t just reserved for vacation homes. These vibrant prints add fierceness to any space, from modern boudoirs and boho lounges to contemporary kitchens and formal dining rooms. Check out these stunning ways to transform your space with tropical wallpaper below to inspire you. 

Committing to a decor style for all eternity is terrifying. But you don’t have to give up, because there are plenty of cool, temporary options that can be here today, gone tomorrow; wallpaper. Whether you keep it confined to your backsplash, bar, or breakfast nook, or go all out and cover every single wall, wallpaper is a super cost-effective way to add a ton of bold color and pattern to your kitchen. If you think that wallpaper and kitchen don’t really go well together, you definitely have to see these 8 fun ways to wallpaper your kitchen below.

Believe it or not, wallpaper dramatically changes room design. Using optical illusion wallpaper is the way to upgrade your room design without makes overwhelm. Furthermore, this visual trick will not make the room look monotonous. Otherwise, the room looks larger and sophisticated. Take a look at these wallpaper illusion ideas for further explanation;

Where dining room shared to family, friends, or even colleague, it has to look eye-grabbing. Furthermore, you need to be creative to upgrade its design without spend more budget. So, play role at the wall is the best idea. See the examples of dining room wall design below;