A table with wooden centerpiece may look more enchanting. Whether for dining room and or living room, centerpiece becomes the focal interest that dramatically changes room appearance. Believe it or not, wooden centerpiece also adds big impact for room decoration. See these following ideas below;

More storage is the answer of your home organizing problem. You need more storage to keep your goods even very tiny things. One of the easiest storage to make is shelves. You may use wood to get rustic shelves. Here, you don’t need much money to spend. Just make sure you have very basic carpentry skill.

Budget friendly home items are anybody’s dream. However, they should notice that it means they need to be more creative. No cost furniture dues to DIY or remodel. Just like these following home items whether furniture or just accessories, they made by hand from pallet wood. Dare to have the same? Just see further below;

Wood and glass contemporary staircase looks common and simple but will give modern touch for your home design. They are the best material to make your home look sleek. Simple design also can create huge effect towards home design. So, make sure you choose your staircase looks appealing and chic with your house theme decor. See further inspirations below;

Scandinavian home office tends to apply natural furniture made from wood. You may see most of it uses black and white color as well. However, it is not hard to combine Scandinavian style with any home decoration. You will find splendid Scandinavian home office designs that will boost your creativity. See these following ideas;

Tropical bathroom usually shows the use of natural material just like wood, bamboo, and stones. The purpose is to create warm bathroom atmosphere that will not only relax your body but also boost your mood. Furthermore, the dosing may have Asian feel or beach-inspired.

Create platform bed may need some hours. However, it is fun project that will give your more advantages. You don’t need to spend more money, the design will be up to your desire, and you may add anything to the platform bed. Most of on budget platform bed are created from wood. See these following ideas;

Garden with bench allows you to have leisure time by seeing your outdoor view. Further, you may sit with your family or your guest by having warm conversation. However, may be some of you in questioning about the budget to get nice bench for garden. Actually, you may create it as your weekend project or ask someone to create it for you. See these following creative benches for garden that may inspire you;

Kitchen is a place where any decoration can be applied. No matter whether you want to choose modern, boho, industrial, or rustic design, this room will appear as you wish. However, you need to consider each element to not make kitchen looked cluttered or messy.

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