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8 Cushions or Pillow Ideas To Upgrade Your Seating

If you want to add some fun to a sitting chair, couch or bed, you just throw some pillows and cushi…

If you want to add some fun to a sitting chair, couch or bed, you just throw some pillows and cushions over it. Enchanting covers, the cushions and pillows would also be a smart way to bring some enticing colors to your sitting furniture items. So, if you are also willing to combine the elegance of your furniture with high-value comfort then cushions would definitely be a must-have item. Check out these 8 cushions or pillow ideas to upgrade your seating below. These homemade cushions and pillows would just be an ideal choice to soften the hardness of any sitting chair or couch and will be super cost-effective to make.

1. Outdoor Cushion


Soak up some good summertime vibes outdoors with an amazing bench seating and a thick outdoor cushions to comfort you. Make your own cushions with the right fabric that suitable with the overall theme.

2. Dining Chair Cushions

Add a pop of color for your rattan dining chair with this blue-dotted fabric for your cushion. You can also use the rest of the fabric as a table napkin and else.

3. Upholstered Cushions

Replace your old cushion with this flowery pattern to give your space a flowery look. With a simple changing, your chair looks like the new one.

4. Pink Shibori Pillow

Shibori-dyeing is still going strong. So why don’t you make it one to make this hot pink shibori pillow to entertain your space.

5. Window Seat Cushion

If you’re lucky enough to have a window with a solid surface beneath it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make that space into cozy, scenic seating. All you need to do is measure the space and whip up a pretty simple DIY cushion, add in some throw pillows and a cozy blanket, and you’ve got the window seat of pretty much everyone’s dreams.

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6. No-Sew Round Seat Cushions

Turn your place mats into chair pads. All you need to do is placing the mats on the chairs, poked the drop cloth through the holes nearest the chair back and tied them around the chair backs.

7. Envelope Cushion Cover

Spruce up your space for any season by making an easy envelope pillow cover. Such a simple way to decorate your home on a budget and add a fun pop of color!

8. Cushion Covers for Fall

This basic cushion cover is super easy to sew with no pattern, zippers or buttons.

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