How to Present Winter to Your Coffee Table

Furniture, Living room, Winter Decoration • 42 Comments

It is quite common for you to taking care of your coffee table. This winter, make sure that you pro…
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40 Ideas to Decorate the Rack with Christmas Theme

Christmas Decoration, Furniture • 111 Comments

Is it possible to use the rack as the media to put a certain decoration like Christmas decoration.
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20 Cozy Hanging Bed Ideas

Bedroom, Bedroom Decoration, Furniture • 139 Comments

You’ll never know how fun the hanging bed could be. It can create a comfortable and relaxed f…
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How to Install Wall Mounted Storage

Furniture • 65 Comments

Basically, there are many kinds of storage that you can have. From all of those choices, there is w…
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60 References for the Proper Shoe Storage

Furniture • 116 Comments

As a home facility, the existence of shoe storage is really important. It is a must for you to stor…
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Apply the Wallpaper to Your Cabinet with These Ideas

Furniture • 170 Comments

Besides the other parts of your home decoration that should be decorated well, you should also cons…
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How to Install Floating Shelves for Your Kitchen

Furniture, Kitchen Decoration • 121 Comments

Besides the cabinet, providing the floating shelves in your kitchen can give a certain interesting …
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15 References for Good Console Table Designs

Furniture, home improvement • 130 Comments

The console table is just a small one that commonly comes in a long rectangular shape. It is used t…
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DIY Your Garden Bench with these 30 Ideas

Furniture, Garden and Outdoor • 133 Comments

Although only one, it is quite important to provide a bench in your garden. Even when you only have…
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Some Side Table Design Ideas You May Love

Furniture • 96 Comments

It is true that the side table is only a small part of home decoration. But, since it is also funct…
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60 Eye-Catching Decoration Ideas for Your Glass Coffee Table Cover


There are so many different kinds of coffee table designs that focus on function. Well, that is not…
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40 Different Kinds of Possible Built-in Cupboard Ideas

Furniture • 121 Comments

The built-in cupboard can be said as the solution for your small space. It can free up the area in …
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Have these 40 Painted Furniture Ideas to Beautify the Decoration

Furniture • 127 Comments

Thinking about buying some new furniture will be too much and need more budget. But, you can still …
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45 Cozy Lounge Chair Ideas for Your Home

Furniture, home improvement • 148 Comments

A home is a place where you rest and create a peaceful heart and mind after the busy days outside. …
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Complete Your Summer with These 25 Bar Cart Ideas

Furniture, home improvement

Having your own bar in your house for summer is really awesome. Well, in spending summertime, you&#…
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