How to Present Winter to Your Coffee Table

The living room where the coffee table is existed can be an important spot where you spent your time there with your loved ones. It can’t be doubted that decorating the living room is an important thing to do including for the coffee table centerpiece. It is quite common for you to taking care of your dining table centerpiece, but, what about your coffee table? This winter, make sure that you provide some winter touches to your coffee table so that you can really feel the spirit of the celebration while spending your time in your living room. Anyway, besides considering to the stuff that you can apply to beautify your coffee table, make sure that you leave the space on the table to put some snacks or beverages that you must need while having your time there. Here are some best coffee table decorations to present winter to your living room.

Faux Fur Tablecloth Display

An easy way that you can do to decorate the coffee table is to put a garland of pom-poms as an ornament that you can easily do yourself. But it’s a good idea before applying all the winter ornaments that you have, first coat the surface of the coffee table with a soft pink tablecloth. Tablecloths that can be chosen are those that have furry material so that they have a smoother and thicker surface. Finish off this coffee table decor with two DIY Christmas trees in different materials, colors and heights. Furthermore, the use of a coffee table made of wood and metal brings industrial tama instantly. Pom-Pom Garland with Faux Fur Tablecloth Display from @carommchic

Dramatic Pillar Candle Lighting Ideas

Candles are a room lighting that can give a warm feel in one of your home room decorations. For now, you can apply some candle pillars on the coffee table in the living room this winter as a decoration idea that will never fail to try. Use candle pillars in sufficient quantities so that they can be used as additional room lighting as well as decorative items that can be completed with some snowy pinecones and white flower arrangements. To add warmth to the living room this winter, cover the linen sofa with a large chunky blanket with a fairly thick material. DIY white snowflake paper can be placed around the living room as a final decoration that you can try. Dramatic Pillar Candle Lighting Ideas from @goldrichkest

Evergreen Basket Display Ideas

A medium-sized wicker basket can be used as a coffee table decoration in your winter living room. But here you can fill it with a few pieces of freshly made evergreen and a generous amount of pinecones. The two will work well together to perfectly decorate the coffee table and of course bring nature into the room instantly. Here you don’t need a lot of expenses, because evergreens and pinecones can be obtained easily in the garden area of your backyard. This shabby chic coffee table with a touch of white is usually used in winter farmhouse living room decorations. Evergreen Basket Display on the Coffee Table from @cindy.countyroad407

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Bottlebrush Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Don’t let your coffee table decoration look empty and boring to welcome winter this year. Now you can try decorating it with centerpiece decorations that can be dominated by white or beige mini Christmas tree ornaments. A DIY wooden village and some snow-colored snowballs make for an ornament that will never fail. This rectangular coffee table that has been repainted in plain white can be combined with other interiors around it easily and lively. In addition, repainting with white also adds an elegant impression. Christmas Tree Centerpiece from @foxhollowcottage

Modern Winter Coffee Table Design

Choose and use a touch of modern style to decorate the coffee table in the winter-themed living room. To decorate this coffee table, you can combine Snowy Evergreen and a plain white DIY village. Not only these two decorations, but you can also finish the look of the coffee table with two candle pillars and two flower arrangements that are put in a stylish glass bottle. Get these snowy evergreens in your backyard garden without having to buy them to save on your budget. A coffee table with a shiny metallic material adds a modern feel to this room, a snowflake ornament with a size large enough to hang on the wall along with some of the gallery walls you have. Modern Winter Coffee Table Design from @sssbeena

Snowy Pinecones Tray Display

Pinecones are one of the ornaments of choice that you can place on the coffee table along with a series of pampas grass that is inserted into a clay vase that has been repainted in plain white. These two natural decorations work well together to bring out a winter theme instantly. Don’t forget for the pinecones you can add fake snow accents so it can look more snowy and adorable, of course. Just apply these snowy pinecones on a wooden tray so they can be moved to another room easily when needed. To emphasize the winter theme in this room, you can also add a furry blanket on the sofa that is used. Snowy Pinecones Tray Display from @_styledbystephanie

Warm Candle Holder with White Themed

The nuance of the winter living room which is dominated by plain white is the best choice that you can use. Focus your eyes on the area of ​​the furniture that is used in it, especially on the part of the coffee table that is used in this living room decoration. Redecorate the coffee table with several mason jar candle holders that come in various sizes and different shapes. Use all of these candle holders to give a warm feel to your room. One of the large mason jars can be decorated with fake snow accents which you can easily get at any winter craft store. Next, a pinecone large enough to be the finishing touch that you can place right next to the modern white ceramic tray which is used to display the candle holder. DIY Candle Holder with White Themed from @white_please

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Mini Christmas Tree Decoration

The easiest way you can decorate the coffee table this year in winter is to display some mini Christmas tree bottlebrushes that are of the same size. Use more than one mini Christmas tree so that it can be used as a statement room. You can get this mini Christmas tree easily online or you can also buy it at the nearest winter craft store. Just choose and use the same material Christmas tree so that it is more in tune and in harmony, the wooden beads garland is also an additional ornament that you can place on this coffee table. Both will be the right combination of winter ornaments and can work well together. Mini Christmas Tree Decoration from @mrslindayin

Beautiful Winter Coffee Table Decor

Reuse the wood slices that you have at home to be used as winter coffee table decorations that will bring a natural impression into the room. Here you can use it as an area to display some winter ornaments such as some white Christmas trees which are perfected with a surface sprinkled with white powder as a substitute for faux snow accents. This is very easy to do yourself without having to spend a lot of money. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a female figure wrapped in white clothes so that it adds to the appearance of your coffee table to be more unique and different from the others. Evergreens and pinecones become the final decoration that can be applied around in a neat arrangement. Christmas Tree with White Ornament Figures from @tricia.k.designs

DIY Winter Tray Display for Coffee Table Decor

When you have a large enough wooden tray, use it again as a container to display some of the winter ornaments you have at home. This is done so that small winter ornaments can be easily applied to any area of ​​the room. Just fill this oval and rectangular DIY tray with pinecones, evergreen arrangements and DIY Christmas trees of two to three different sizes. Just get these pinecones accents in your backyard garden so you don’t have to buy them again. Two display trays with a winter theme can be placed simultaneously on a coffee table that is currently used in the living room or in your front porch area. DIY Winter Tray Display for Coffee Table Decor from @homey.and.practical

Glamors Winter Coffee Table Ideas

It’s better before you put some winter ornaments on this coffee table, do it first by covering the table with a knitted tablecloth which has a thick enough material to give it a warm feel. Here you can use ornaments that are quite glamorous as a different and more luxurious look of course. Just start this coffee table decoration with a white bowl that has been filled with some shiny silver pinecones ornaments. Not only silver pinecones, but you can also add two deer ornaments with different color choices as well. The combination of white deer with shiny gold deer is the best choice that you can display on this coffee table along with a blooming flower arrangement that is dominated by white. Silver Pinecones and White Deer Ornament from @detralashon

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Natural Themed Tray Winter Coffee Table

Look at the design of this nesting coffee table which is dominated by wood, doesn’t it look simple and suitable when used in a winter living room? Yes, you can try it right now. Start by placing a square-shaped wooden tray that has been filled with ornaments of this year’s winter choices. A mini evergreen tree that is combined directly with candle pillars and pinecones ornaments is a combination that will never fail to apply to this DIY wooden tray, just arrange everything neatly and according to the appearance you want. Natural Themed Tray Winter Coffee Table from @moj_swiat_zamkniety_w_40m

Natural Winter Centerpiece Ideas

No need to worry when you have a coffee table with simple materials and looks. Because when winter comes, you can redecorate it with the decorations or ornaments you have prepared. Here you can perfect the appearance of the coffee table with a winter centerpiece design that is dominated by natural materials. Previously, first coat the table surface with a plain white table runner. Furthermore, several slices of wood can be arranged together with candle lanterns, pinecones and a vase containing a series of fresh evergreens. Everything that is used as a centerpiece decoration will give a new statement in your living room. Natural Winter Centerpiece Ideas from @jo3ysal

Winter Basket Coffee Table Decoration

Another way you can do to decorate the empty coffee table in winter is to put a basket wicker complete with handles on the right and left so that it can be moved to other areas when needed. Just fill this rattan wicker basket section with two Christmas trees that have two different contrasting colors so that they are more colorful. Not only a mini Christmas tree accent, but you can also add a candle holder with transparent glass material so that the resulting lighting will be brighter and give a warm impression to the area around it. A wooden twig placed in the basket area is also an additional natural ornament that you can have. Winter Basket Coffee Table Decoration from @foxhollowcottage

DIY Winter Cloche with White Touch Color

Wood and glass are a combination of materials that will never fail when assembled and used as a combination of coffee table materials in your living room decoration. Currently, you can repaint the wooden table with white so that it has color harmony with the winter theme this year. A cloche that is displayed in the middle of this coffee table can be filled with a sprinkling of faux snow to emphasize the winter theme. The table surface with transparent glass will give a unique and different view because it is filled with various mini ornaments such as star ornaments, pinecones and string lights that add a warm atmosphere to this room. This winter coffee table design is perfect for use in a modern style room. DIY Winter Cloche with White Touch Color from @my_sweet_little_home


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