35 Important Office Furniture Layout to Improve Productivity

People in the creativity field usually need a lot of inspirations. Therefore, a boring flat-looking office space can easily make them feel stuck. To find inspirations, creative people need stimulating space and environment to keep them productive. One of the methods to cater to this need is by creating a creative office furniture layout. Here are some office layout tips you can use to improve their productivity.

Office Layout for Startup

A startup constantly needs fresh ideas and free-thinking. Therefore, the key to this work space style is the flexibility to allow people working as flexible as they like. Provide a standing desk so that people who tired of sitting for the whole day can move to the standing desk. Also, add couches to the workroom so that the employee can sit anywhere they like. The traditional couch is fine for this purpose, but a beanbag is more fun.

To increase work productivity, one way that can be done is to install a soft sofa. This gives employees a comfortable place to find inspiration to get work done. Leather Sofa from @michaelcirillo.

With soft textures and bright colors, placing several low sofas in the study provides several advantages. One of them is to make work fun and support work effectiveness. White and Blue Sofa from @sunonfurniture.

The concept of work space in the office must pay attention to the comfort of employees. Installing a standing desk will provide optimal space to complete a job. Black Standing Desk from @rocelcoinc.

Standing desks make it easy to communicate and interact with other employees. In addition, it makes the work space in the office more comfortable and flexible. Wooden and White Standing Desk from @cleandeskspace.

Providing a sofa in the office will provide a comfortable place to discuss and find new ideas. Having a white and blue color theme, this sofa is able to evoke new enthusiasm. Simple Sofa from @iris_chitose.

Standing desks are the right choice when employees are tired of sitting in chairs all day. With a spacious room, employees will move freely. An inspiration and an idea will also be easy to get. Industrial Standing Desk from @comfistry_official.

Presenting a sofa in the office is one way to improve the working mood of employees. A soft sofa complete with throw pillows will be the most comfortable place to find new ideas. White and Brown Sofa from @portifolio.b2.

This white sofa will provide comfort to every employee after working hard. Not only that, this sofa is also able to improve the working mood to find new ideas. White Sofa from @plusvarchitects.

Using a standing desk is the right choice for employees after they are tired of sitting in chairs. With white color will make it look clean and simpler. Being in a large enough room will make employees more flexible. White Standing Desk from @taggeboxlane.

This office uses a standing desk so that it will make employees more comfortable after they are tired of sitting in chairs. Having a size that fits our body, will make our work more effective. Black Standing Desk from @tracyhine99.

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Furniture Layout for Artsy People

You may want to skip the white desk for this type of office layout. Instead, choose a long galley desk with a pattern or paint on it. If you are short on budget, line up individual desks and form a long horizontal row with them. Next, add whiteboards to stick images or design planning around the work space. You can also add colorful inspiration as well as a mood board to stimulate the artistic streak of your employees better. 

This horizontal wooden table is perfect for the office so it can accommodate many employees to discuss together. Some potted plants displayed on the table will bring natural freshness and can improve the quality of work. Wooden Table from @mahoraconcept.

Placing of horizontal work desks in office space is in line with work completion. And added with whiteboard at the corner to stick image or to evaluate the result of work. Horizontal Table from @fidelnigeria.

This office uses a horizontal table so it is perfect for discussing with colleagues. Green walls look bright and will give freshness to this office. This office decoration idea is perfect for increasing employee creativity. Green Accent from @mahoraconcept.

This industrial table with a horizontal design is perfect for the office because it makes it easier for you to discuss with colleagues. Adequate lighting and comfortable chairs will increase employee work effectiveness. Industrial Table from @iris_chitose.

A comfortable workspace can be realized in a simple way. Presenting greenery to provide fresh air and improve the working mood of employees. Horizontal table will make it easier for you to communicate with friends. Greenery Display from @iris_chitose.

One of the open office space designs is to place a long horizontal desk. Aiming for unlimited employee movement and supporting employees looking for creative ideas for their work. Black and Red Themed from @arredi3n.

Office layout can be maximized by installing a horizontal desk. Its elongated design allows employees to move freely. Adequate lighting will make work easier. White Nuance from @gayshaltd.

The elongated table design will make employees more flexible and able to discuss optimally with colleagues. Equipped with comfortable chairs will add comfort and employees can work optimally. White Horizontal Desk from @wearetaylorco.

This office desk with a horizontal design is perfect. Because it can facilitate every employee freely to discuss. The monitor screen on one side of the wall will facilitate discussion in this office. Black Furniture from @neveast.

Effective and efficient. This desk with a horizontal design is perfect for the office because it is perfect for discussions. Equipped with a comfortable chair will make this office more perfect. Wooden and White Desk from @workitect.it.

This office decoration uses a horizontal desk so that it is very easy for employees to exchange opinions about work. Paired with a chair that has wheels, it will make the employee’s job more effective and efficient. White Metal Horizontal Table from @allspacesltd.

This white table with a horizontal design paired with a black chair is perfect for office decoration. Apart from making it easier for employees to discuss, the design of this table also provides ample space for movement. Long White Table from @studio_avp.

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Office Furniture Layout for Innovative People

Innovative projects need a work space that can cater to the needs of brainstorming and meeting. Therefore, you are going to need a lot of casual meeting space, and inspiration boards. To make a small meeting space, you can erect screens around each cluster to turn these desk and chair space a semi-open casual meeting room. Don’t forget to add a whiteboard for people writing their ideas or the projects they need to go through for the next period. How you organize or arrange your office highly impact productivity. Find out the type of work you are working on and set the office furniture layout that suits the needs of your employees.

A blackboard the size of a cinema screen can accommodate various opinions and ideas. After that, every employee is able to give maximum results about his work. Square White Board from @ssdginteriors.

This standing whiteboard is quite simple but is able to accommodate new ideas resulting from discussions in the office. Having wheels at the bottom, makes this blackboard very easy to move. Standing Whiteboard from @watson_furniture.

Workspace or meeting room can be made in a unique and creative way. Placing the blackboard concept as a wall space, gives a different feel every time someone wants to express an opinion. Whiteboard from @daniel.witthaus.

Having a whiteboard in the office is one way to give space for employees to express their opinions. Displayed on the wall will make it easier for anyone to see and access it. Minimalist Whiteboard from @thinkboard.

Whiteboards provide convenience in every work meeting. Opinions or ideas are always displayed on the blackboard. Having a large enough size, this blackboard is perfect for displaying on the wall. Wall Whiteboard from @ninihouse23.

The ideal office design is a blackboard in each workspace. Especially if the side of the room is covered with blackboards, then ideas or inspiration can be easily shared. Sleek Board from @soelbergindustries.

For a large room, place a blackboard aiming to accommodate all the ideas from employees. It is hoped that the plan or project to be implemented can run without a hitch. Minimalist Wall Whiteboard from @writeyaustralia.

This green chalkboard is equipped with a wooden frame so it will make it look more attractive. Displayed on the wall makes it perfectly exposed and anyone can access it. Green Chalkboard from @axelferri.

The black chalkboard that is hung on the wall is a place to express new opinions. Having a large enough size will allow it to accommodate more writing. Black Chalkboard from @claudiamilia_plumes.

Having a blackboard in the home office will make it easier for employees to express opinions. Displaying it on the wall will be very easy to access and doesn’t take up a lot of space. White Chalkboard from @metrolink.onlyhangs.

Complete the office with a blackboard. Sleek whiteboards will work well to accommodate new opinions from employees. Being displayed on the wall will make it not take up much space but still function properly. Sleek Chalkboard from @hookedonmedia.

This office has a size that is large enough to make employees more flexible. Equipped with a blackboard on the wall, it will make it easier for every employee to express their brilliant ideas. Wall White Chalkboard from @handymanhendrix.

A rectangular chalkboard mounted on the wall will be the perfect focal point in this office. Not solely for decoration, but this blackboard will accommodate all new ideas from each employee during discussions. Rectangular Chalkboard from @arstelle_office.


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