45 Kinds of Home Office Rack You Can Provide

If you are the kind of person who works from home, then concerning your home office decoration is really a must. Well, some of you might only think about the desk where that is not something wrong since the desk is the main point of a home office. But, there is another facility that you should also be concerned about the effectiveness of the design which is the rack. I do believe that you will have some stuff related to your working needs that should be stored. When you already have the cabinet or drawer, then you will surely need a rack to display things or store things that need to be seen clearly and taken easily.

There will be varied kinds of racks that you can provide. The common one and can be said as the effective one is the rack that is installed on the wall above the desk. Why? Because you can see clearly everything there so that you can pick things you need and take them in one way. However, for some people, putting the rack in front of them will make things seem as crowded and disturb their concentration. Here, you can install the rack behind the desk or beside the desk. Besides the racks that are installed on the wall, you can also have the standing rack. That will be ok! if you have enough space in your home office. Here we have compiled the ideas for you.

Wall-mounted Open Rack from Digsdigs

White Shelves Over the Desk from Digsdigs

Thick Open Shelves from Digsdigs

Wall Mounted Wooden Shelves from Digsdigs

Metal Open Rack from Digsdigs

Built-in Open Shelves from Digsdigs

White and Wooden Shelves from Digsdigs

Large Open Rack from Digsdigs

Floor to Ceiling Rack from Digsdigs

Built-in Metal and Wooden Shelves from Digsdigs

Built-in Wooden Rack from Digsdigs

Vertical Built-in Rack from Digsdigs

Box Wall-Mounted Shelving from Digsdigs

Floating Wooden Rack from Digsdigs

Sculptural Shelves Over the Desk from Digsdigs

White Open Rack from Digsdigs

Three Layered Open Shelving from Digsdigs

Shelves on Both Sides of the Window from Digsdigs

Gold and Black Wall Rack from Decoist

White Floating Shelving from Idealhome

Modern Floating Shelves from Shelterness

Thin Floating Shelves from Shelterness

Industrial Rack from Shelterness

White Built-in Rack from Shelterness

Three Layered Wall Rack from Shelterness

Horizontal Wall Rack from Shelterness

White Wall Shelving from Shelterness

Wall Mounted Rack from Shelterness

Wooden Wall Rack from Shelterness

All of White Built-in Rack from Shelterness

Single Floating Rack from Shelterness

DIY Floating Rack from Countryliving

Natural Wooden Rack from Countryliving

Metal Rack from Decoist

Lighted Built-in Shelving from Decoist

Spacious Open Shelving from Decoist

Floor to Ceiling Wooden Rack from Decoist

Metal and Wooden Rack from Decoist

Long Floating Shelving from Decoist

Standing Metal Rack from Decoist

Free Standing Wooden Rack from Decoist

Multifunctional Rack from Decoist

Rustic Rack from Decoist

Two Layered Built-in Rack from Designingidea

Letter L Shelving from Designingidea

Blue Floor to Ceiling Rack from Designingidea

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