40 Different Kinds of Possible Built-in Cupboard Ideas

The built-in cupboard can be said as the solution for your small space. It can free up the area in the room so that you can get a spacious room impression. Also, the built-in cupboards let you have an organized room. For you who do not too familiar with the built-in cupboard, you may know the custom-fitted wardrobe. Well, those two are quite the same. But here, the point is about how you can place the cupboard inside the wall so that there will be wide space inside the room. When you have this kind of cupboard, you can utilize the space left for other furniture. Anyway, the built-in cupboard might be familiar for the bedroom but you can also have it in your laundry room and other possible space you have.

There are so many kinds of built-in cupboards that you can install in your house but most are made of wood. However, you can still have this kind of cupboard by simply adding the curtain as the door which will create another interesting impression. Also, with the curtain, you can change the design anytime you want even when you want to have the seasonal curtain. You may also have the mirrored door for your built-in cupboard as it will be even more effective because you don’t need to provide an additional mirror in your room. Here, you can directly look at the mirror after you get dressed. The following pictures are the references that we provided for you to get the most proper built-in cupboard for your home.

Closet Laundry from renoguide

Open Nook Cupboard from renoguide

Kids Closet Makeover from thespruce

Bult-in Closet from thespruce

Nursery Closet Renovation from thespruce

Closet Reading Nook from thespruce

Dark Gray Built-in Cupboard from decoholic

White and Wooden Cupboard from decoholic

Classic Cupboard from decoholic

Gray Built-in Cupboard from decoholic

Vintage Cupbord from decoholic

Mirror Vintage Cupboard from decoholic

White Built-in Cupboard from decoholic

Under Stairs Cupboard from decoholic

Black and White Built-in Cupboard from decoholic

Gray Pull-out Cupboard from decoholic

Wooden Oak Cupboard from decoholic

Mirror Door Cupboard from decoholic

Cupboard from magzhouse

Buil-in Wardrobefrom livingetc

Upholster Built-in Wardrobe from livingetc

Pink Cupboard from livingetc

Built-in Corner Cupboard from livingetc

Mural Cupboard from livingetc

Dark Green Cupboard from livingetc

Whitewashed Wooden Cupboad from livingetc

Suede Upholestery Cupboard from livingetc

3D Art Cupboard from livingetc

White Wardrobe Door from livingetc

Bold Cupboard from livingetc

Mirror Sliding Door Cupboard from renoguide

Sliding Door Cupboard from renoguide

White Pull Out Cupboard from renoguide

Minimalist Cupboard from renoguide

Glass Wall Cupboard from renoguide

Built-in Cupboard from renoguide

Minimalist Cupboard from renoguide

Built-in Cupboard from renoguide

White Cupboard from apartmenttherapy

Gray Cupboard from apartmenttherapy

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