45 Easy Ways to Add Spring Touches to Your Furniture

Is it possible to give a treatment for your furniture so that it has the spring touches? Yes, sure! Do you need to change the furniture? No, you are not! Here, you just need to apply some treatment that won’t make you need to change the furniture. Well, buying the new furniture will be way more expensive than redecorating it. Related to the spring theme touches for your furniture, here you can play with colors and patterns. In this case, the colors are things that really characterize the spring season related to the phenomenon that happens during spring where the flowers are blooming and colorful foliages grow.

When talking about things to be added to your furniture, we will tell you now! Here, the easiest way is by painting the furniture. You can simply give colors or create patterns so that the furniture could be more aesthetic. Then, you can also have the chair pad installed on your dining chair, porch chair, just any chair you have with the spring theme pad. Don’t forget about the bench! If you have it, then adding the pretty floral pad into it will also be interesting. Now, do you have any sofa? Applying a sofa cover will instantly change your sofa impression. It will be so much cheaper than buying the new one. Find the floral sofa cover to match this season’s theme. For the table, you can choose to paint it or apply the spring theme table runner or table cloth. The following references are the good ideas that you can adapt for your spring touches furniture.

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Floral Back Chair from Homedit

Multi-Color Dining Chair from Homedit

Red Bench Pad from Housebeautiful

Floral Sofa Cover from Houseandhome

Multi Color Dresser from Freshdesignblog

Green Chair Pad from Homedesignlover

Green and White Flower Table Cloth from Gravetics

Floral Coffee Table Cover from Idealhome

 Floral Tablecloth from Housebeautiful

Colorful Sofa Cover from Deavita

Flower Pattern Sofa Cover from Liveenhanced

Blue and Pink Sofa Cover from Liveenhanced

Floral Pattern Pad Chair from Thespruce

Blue Pad Bench from Thespruce

Spring Pad Chair from Hgtv

Colorful Painted Dining Chair from Digsdigs

Blue Painted Leg Chair from Digsdigs

Orange Painted Chair from Digsdigs

Painted Leg Chair from Digsdigs

Flower Pattern Sofa Cover from Lonny

Yellow Painted Dresser from Architectureartdesigns

Colorful Painted Wooden Chair from Architectureartdesigns

Moss Table Cloth from Onefabday

Faux Moss Table Runner from Blesserhouse

Color Block Bench from Homebnc

Colorful Pad Bench from Diys

Red Pad Bench from Pouted

Painted Outdoor Bench from Homedit

Flower Pad Bench from Diys

Pink Bench Pad from Diys

Flower Pattern Pad Bench from Diys

Chevron Pad Bench from Diys

Striped Pad Swig from Diys

Yellow Pad Bench from Deavita

Colorful Painted Bench from Deavita

Zig Zag Pad Bench from Deavita

Colorful Painted Outdoor Table from Loveproperty

Color Block Painted Furniture from Loveproperty

Flower Table Cloth from Loveproperty

Hand Painted Spring Chair from Gravetics

Colorful Painted Chair from Gravetics

Floral Lounge Chair Pad from Hometalk

Fingerprint Table Runner from Hgtv

Bunny Table Runner from Hometalk

Floral Pattern Spring Table Cloth from Veranda

Colorful Pattern Lounge Chair from Deavita


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