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How to Apply Beach Decor for Your Summer Home

Home Decoration, Interior Design

Well, it is great to spend your time at the beach. But, what if you bring the beach to your home so…
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Prepare Your Summer Pool Lounger with These 15 Design References

Furniture, Outdoor

If you have a private pool, then preparing your pool well during summer is a must. Besides cleaning…
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How to Have Wire Craft for Your Home Decoration

Decoration, Home Decoration, Ornament

The wire surprisingly can be made into varied designs of craft. Those crafts are useful not only fo…
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How to Choose the Unique Sink Designs

Decoration, home improvement

Although it is only a small part of your home, the sink can surely give a certain impression to you…
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How to Provide Comfortable Pergola this Summer

Furniture, Garden and Outdoor

When there is a question about what is important for a summer garden, then the answer will be the p…
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15 Pretty Dreamcatcher Ideas for Your Summer Decoration

Decoration, Ornament

During summer with the fresh air and the wind blowing, applying something hanging and can move is a…
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25 Best Frame Ideas to Beautify Your Home Decoration

Decoration, home improvement, Interior Design • One Comment

It can be said that there is no home that doesn’t have a frame inside. Whether for the photo …
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20 Best Private Coffee Bar Ideas

Decoration, Home Decoration, home improvement • One Comment

For a coffee lover, having a private coffee bar is a must. It doesn’t need to be luxurious bu…
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10 Ideas for Summer Wedding Backdrop


Organizing a wedding during summer will be great. You can get the fun ambiance of the summer to you…
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15 Possible DIY Summer Projects for Your Home Decoration

Decoration, DIY Decoration, Home Decoration

Making the DIY projects for your home decoration is really possible. Then, having the seasonal deco…
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How to Install Pretty Sun Catcher this Summer

Decoration, home improvement, Ornament

From all of the ornaments available, it can be said that the sun catcher is the right one for this …
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Recommended Outdoor Swings to Enjoy Your Summertime

Garden and Exterior, Garden and Outdoor, Outdoor

Enjoying the outdoor weather during summer will be great if you have a swing. Well, the swing is no…
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How to Decorate Your Kitchen Island Ceiling

Kitchen Decoration

The kitchen island is a small part of your home decoration that should also be taken care of well. …
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How to Create Proper Treehouse Designs for Your Yard

Garden and Exterior, Garden and Outdoor, Garden Decoration

If it is possible, building a treehouse is really a good idea. There are some benefits that you can…
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Change Your Cushion Look with These Summer Themes

Accessories, Decoration, Home Decoration, home improvement

During summer, a cushion is also needed to add comfort. It could be when you want to enjoy your tim…
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