Redecorate Your Bathroom for Winter with These 10 Ideas

It can’t be doubted that spending your time in the bathroom is such a soothing activity after all of the activities you have done in a day. Well, since the bathroom is one of the important rooms in your house, then make sure that you decorate it well including adding the seasonal touches there, in this case, winter touches. Imagine that you can spend your time in the bathtub with the warm water surrounded by winter spirit here and there. That will be such a perfect experience for sure! Then, the question is, what kind of things that could be properly to be added to the bathroom? Well, it can be any kind of evergreen product like wreaths, garlands, basket arrangements, or even a Christmas tree. Then, you may change some of your bathroom accessories in winter like the curtain, mat, rug, and more. We will show you some of the interesting ideas for presenting winter touches to your bathroom from the following images.

Statement Christmas Tree Decoration

Fill in the blanks of your bathroom decor with two Christmas trees that are large and tall enough to emphasize the winter theme this year. Here you can put it on the floor that is still empty so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space while in this bathroom area. Make this Christmas tree design with evergreen materials that you have in your backyard garden, it’s not enough here you can also add white snowy accents that can be purchased online at a price that is not too expensive. This Christmas tree accent can be combined with faux candle pillars which are perfected with a white powder coating as a faux snow accent. Also, finish with a white gnome figure so it can blend in with the color nuances of the room. Statement Christmas Tree Decoration from @all_the_christmas_love

Winter Ornament for Modern Bathroom Ideas

This modern-style bathroom decoration can be perfected with several different important ornaments. Here you can buy small ornaments such as a snowman and a snowy terrarium that has been designed with an overall winter theme. Buy and install winter ornaments neatly in the area around the sink but don’t interfere with your movement space when doing activities in this bathroom. Not only through winter ornaments, but a mat with a snowman pattern can also be used to coat the empty floor and of course, but it will also become a warmer layer for the feet and make the surface of your feet drier. The white and light brown that dominates this bathroom make the ornaments look bolder. inter Ornament and Pattern Bathroom Decor from @livin_with_rachel

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Evergreen Garland Frame Ideas

Don’t let your winter bathroom decor look plain and boring. For now, you can frame the glass window with an evergreen garland that you can make yourself on weekends so that your day will be more useful. This winter garland design can be perfected with some snowflake ornaments and a striped ribbon dominated by a combination of red and white for a more lively and fun look. This way you can end the evergreen garland design with a string light that has orange lighting so that it gives a warm feel to your bathroom decor. Get this snowflake ornament online at a fairly affordable price, or you can also buy it at the nearest winter specialty store. Evergreen Garland Frame Ideas from @beyond_gray

White Themed Winter Bathroom Ideas

White is one of the colors that is suitable when applied to a winter-themed room decoration. Yes, now you can try it in the modern minimalist style bathroom decoration section. Start by replacing the bathroom tile with subway tile which is dominated by plain white. Furthermore, the toilet and bathtub can also use the same color, namely plain white. To emphasize the touch of winter in this bathroom, you can use a towel with a snowflake pattern and can be placed together with the silver mini Christmas tree on the table which is applied over the bathtub that is currently in use. There is nothing wrong with including several types of green plants as natural decorations and of course bringing a fresh green color into the room instantly. White Themed Winter Bathroom Ideas from @morricehome

Replace Your Old Shower Curtains

Look at the pattern of the shower curtain used in this bathroom decoration, isn’t it able to bring a touch of winter instantly? Replace your old shower curtain with a new one and of course selection of a curtain that has a Christmas tree pattern that is perfected with plain white snow accents. It’s not enough to just go through the shower curtain, but in the mirror area you can also complete it with an evergreen garland that you can make yourself according to your budget, this evergreen material can be obtained easily in the backyard garden. The mini Christmas tree placed in the corner of the countertop is a sweet finishing touch and you can choose it right now. The white, green and red that dominates this bathroom decor can blend perfectly and of course, give the room a more pleasant feel. Winter Patterned Shower Curtains Ideas from @ryane_alexandria

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Antique Winter Bathroom Decoration

No need to worry when you have a bathroom decoration with a simple appearance. Because here you can present both winter and vintage themes at the same time. Yes, an antique sign hanging on this wall can be perfected with several mini Christmas trees that can be placed randomly but still in a neat and orderly arrangement. Another natural decoration that you can apply in this bathroom is pinecones which can be inserted into a tiered container that is hung firmly on the ceiling. Christmas trees and natural pinecones will be a combination of decorations that will never fail to try in any style of winter bathroom decoration, including antique styles dominated by white and brown room shades. Antique Winter Bathroom Decoration from @anneclaytheprimitivehome

Keep the Bathroom Warm

You can copy this bathroom decoration that blends with the dressing table to try when winter arrives. Before you decorate this bathroom, enter two to three evergreen Christmas trees with different sizes to emphasize the winter theme this year, the feel of the room which is dominated by white makes this Christmas tree look bolder and ready to be used as a decoration. The focal point of the room. The first thing you can do in this bathroom is to coat the folding bench with a faux fur fabric that has a softer, warmer, and softer surface. This way, your sitting area will be more comfortable when used throughout the day. The large glass window in the bathroom is an outdoor view that you can make the most of. Lining Seating Area with Faux Fur Fabric from @sticklerconstruction

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Hanging Snowflake Ornament Ideas

The easiest way that you can do to redecorate the bathroom this year when winter comes is to hang a snowflake garland on the wall or ceiling with the right layout. For now, you can try hanging it right in the mirror area so that it can be seen by anyone who enters your bathroom. You can make this snowflake craft from white paper only to save budget expenses. Make more than one DIY paper snowflake to assemble into a garland that makes bathroom decorations more eye-catching. A piece of hemp rope serves as an accent to combine this snowflake paper. Just try this winter ornament craft yourself when you have free time. Snowflake Ornament for Winter Bathroom from @monika_faubert

Bathroom Mirror Redecoration

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on wreath designs when winter arrives. The wreath design with evergreen material is the best choice you can make right now. Just assemble and design this wreath with a round shape so it has a favorite design that is often used by a number of people. Just hang it on the hanging mirror in the bathroom vanity area. Green and red become a color combination that is quite contrasting so that you can also apply it to the wreath design that you are currently making. The evergreen wreath, which is perfected with a red ribbon, displays the final result that can be used as a statement for this winter bathroom. A deer ornament made of knitted hemp rope can be placed on a countertop along with a medium-sized Christmas tree. Hanging Evergreen Wreath Decor from @beyond_gray

Several Different Warm Lighting

Lighting is an important accent that every room in your home must have. Welcome winter in the bathroom area with the use of appropriate lighting. For example, a candle lantern is large enough that you can place it right next to the classic bathtub that you currently have. Not only one lighting, you can also combine it with string light and some aromatherapy candles placed on the bathtub table in a neat arrangement. All the lighting in this bathroom will work equally well during the day or night. Besides being able to be used as room lighting, candle lanterns can also give a warm feel to the room instantly. Different Warm Lighting from @katesgeorgianhome

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