Decorate Your Winter Home with Some Candles

Not only romantic, but candles can also bring a calming and intimate atmosphere to your home. Those things will be such a match for the winter season. That is why we do really recommend you to present the candles as part of your winter home decoration. It is great if you can provide decorative candles with the winter theme. But, if you want simple candles among the winter ornaments that you have prepared, then using simple white candles will always be allowed. The application of the candles can be anywhere, in any room, any spot. Well, maybe some spots will be important like the coffee table, the top part of the fireplace, or even the window to create a certain magical impression. We really want you the check the following images to show you how the candles can be such a perfect addition to your winter home decoration.

Warm Winter Centerpiece Design

Welcome this cold winter with full warmth in every room in your house, for example in the dining room. Make the dining room in your home more comfortable and warm when you are doing activities with family or relatives. Try to decorate the dining table using a centerpiece in the form of several candle holders that have different shapes and sizes. In addition to beautifying and adding warmth to the dining table, this candle can also create a romantic atmosphere when you are eating with your loved ones. To make it look different from other centerpiece decorations, you can add a snowy garland of pine leaves right around the candle holder. Warm Winter Centerppiece for Dining Table from @magnoliatreefarmhouse

Transparant Glass Candle Holder

Not only for additional lighting, candles can also be used as an attractive room decoration. Use a candle holder made of glass to create an elegant and luxurious appearance. The advantage of this glass candle holder is that you can decorate the inside with typical winter accessories, besides that the glass candle holder will also spread light throughout the room to the maximum so that it looks brighter. You can combine it with a glass candle holder that is larger than the others and place it in the middle, then you can decorate it using miniature fir trees and other winter accessories. Lift and move easily because it is equipped with a handle at the top. Transparant Glass Candle Holder from @florentinemacaron

Classic Look Candle Holder Ideas

If you like a unique style as a home decor, try this candle holder. A candle holder made of brass will produce a classic and unique look, especially if you pair it with a table lamp that has a classic look, it will also strengthen the classic style in your home. In addition, you also pair this candle holder with other decorations, for example by using a miniature fir tree made of rattan, this will make the classic look more leverage. Don’t hesitate to use two or three candles because the more candles you use, the brighter and warmer the winter atmosphere this year will be. Classic Look Candle Holder Ideas from @seelensachen

DIY Candle Tray Display for Windowsill Area

If you are confused about preparing your welcome for winter, try using unique and different candle decorations. You can make a candle tray using a wooden board, place this DIY candle tray in an unusual place, for example in the windowsill area. The placement of the DIY candle tray on the windowsill is very interesting because not only for indoor decoration, you can also see the candle light burning from outside the house. In addition, you can also attach a village patterned sticker on the window, so that when viewed from outside the house will create a beautiful silhouette that will certainly attract everyone’s attention. In addition, to maximize the decorations in your home, you can also pair this DIY candle tray with a beautiful flower arrangement that is stored in a glass vase filled with water, so that the flowers can last a long time of freshness and beauty. DIY Candle Tray Display for Windowsill Area from @so.leben.wir

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Warm Living Room Decoration

The living room is a very important room, so don’t miss decorating it when winter comes. In winter the thing you need is a warm atmosphere, so try using candles as a source of warmth when the fire is burning. The right location to put the candle is on the coffee table, the location of the coffee table in the middle of the room makes the candle can radiate warmth to all corners of the room. Use a glass candle holder to maintain the harmonious appearance of your living room, besides that a glass candle holder will make it easier for candle light to spread unobstructed. Glass Candle Holder on the Coffee Table from @whiteandclassic

Winter Kitchen with Candle Pillar

To prevent the candles from burning out quickly and the rest of the melted burning mess in your kitchen, it would be nice if you use a candle pillar as an additional decoration in this winter. With a candle pillar placed in the kitchen area, it will certainly make your kitchen atmosphere warmer in winter. You can also decorate the candle pillar with a few sprigs of fir leaves and dried pine cones so that you can feel the winter look in your kitchen. Install several candle pillars, three or four in the kitchen area so that the kitchen atmosphere is more lively and full of enthusiasm, you can place them in several corners or on the kitchen island. Winter Kitchen with Candle Pillar from @lisa_landhaus

Dramatic Candle Lighting Ideas

Of course in this modern era, everything is practical and easy, there is nothing wrong if you also do the same in terms of home decoration. You can decorate one of the rooms in your house with candle lights, candle lights will make it easier for you to maintain because candle lights can’t run out so you don’t need to replace them. You can also pair it with a series of lights mounted on the fir tree that you have prepared next to the sitting area. The cold temperature will not feel cold with the presence of burning candles around you, candle lighting will also add to the impression of romance and drama so as to create an extraordinary fantasy. You can install all of that and do it yourself because the installation method is easy, set it according to your will and imagination. Dramatic Candle Lighting Ideas from @snowychristmas23

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Vintage Candle Holder for Mantel Fireplace

The vintage look is a style that is never boring to discuss, you can try to apply it in any season. For example, this winter you can apply a vintage look to the fireplace area. Yes, you can decorate a fireplace coat using vintage accessories or decorations, hanging some socks is the first step in this decoration. Next you can add a candle at the top of the fireplace as an additional decoration that you must use when winter arrives. Pair the candles with some miniature fir trees and miniature houses as a complement to your sign that you have entered winter. In order to get a bright and spacious impression, you can also install a large mirror behind the candle holder, so that the light of the candle will spread to all corners of the room to the maximum. Vintage Candle Holder for Mantel Fireplace from @christmas_is_joy

Different Size Candle Holder Ideas

If you want a room that is not boring but only uses one type of decoration, try this idea. Use candle holders of various sizes, these different sizes of candle holders will make the room look more varied. Place it randomly in all corners of the room, but don’t let the candle holder stand alone, you have to put two or three candle holders to see the difference in the size you have chosen. If you want to highlight a small candle holder, try to use a placemat like a small bench so that this short candle holder looks taller than other accessories around it. Different Size Candle Holder Ideas from @houseonoakhill

Triple Candle Holder on the Side Table

You must pay attention to the harmony of winter decorations, using three candle holders will add balance to your home’s appearance. Choose two candle holders that have the same size, then use one candle holder that is higher than the other candle holders and place it in the middle between the two candle holders of the same size so that it looks more symmetrical. Apply and place the three candle holders neatly on the side table in the living room. Next, add other winter-themed accessories to add a festive impression and also so that the side table doesn’t look empty or boring. Triple Candle Holder on the Side Table from @earlynewengland

DIY Rattan Candle Holder Ideas

The four candle holders placed on this floor area have different shapes and sizes so they look more varied and unique. Currently you can make a candle holder from rattan material that has been repainted with the color of choice, namely white so that it is easier to combine with other interiors that are around it. Turn on all these candle holders in the corner area of the room that has been perfected with a hanging swing that has been perfected with string lights evenly. In addition to being additional lighting in a room, candle holders can also be used as decorative items because they have a unique and diverse appearance. In addition to giving an elegant appearance, its existence also makes the room feel more dramatic. DIY White Rattan Candle Holder Ideas from @swanbranduk

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Pillar Candles for Windowsill Decor

Four to six candle pillars that are applied to the windowsill window area are ready to be used as the focal point of the room when you complete it with some winter decorations such as pinecones and white snowflakes. It’s not enough to stop here, but you can also decorate the glass window with a DIY knitted snowflake that you have made to look like a plain white snowflake. The addition of pinecones and evergreens in this windowsill area emphasizes the winter theme instantly, you can try it now easily and cheaply. Turn on all the candle pillars when you need maximum lighting and can also be used as an accent to warm the room instantly. Pillar Candles for Windowsill Decor from @szydelkowe_zacisze

Traditional Candle Holder Centerpiece

Look at some of the glass candle holders that are used as winter centerpiece decorations on the dining table, don’t they look very eye-catching? Yes, you can try it right now easily. The first thing you can do here is cover the dining table with a neutral-colored textured fabric that can be complemented with a wooden dough bowl filled with candle pillars and fruit. The glass candle holder with a vintage look also gives a touch of traditional style that will make people see it more different and is certainly very eye-catching to try right now in the winter dining room this year. Traditional Candle Holder Centerpiece from @havenheartandhome

Candle Displaying on the Tray

Do you have a galvanized tray that is rarely used? If so, then you can reuse it as a container to display some candles as an important accent when winter arrives. Apply three candle holders together with appropriate embellishments such as pinecones, snowflakes and evergreens on a white ceramic vase. Everything will work well together when applied to the coffee table that is used to decorate the living room. The existence of this candle holder is also easy to move according to the needs of your home room. Candle Displaying on the Galvanized Tray from @jasmines_home

Dramatic Winter Coffee Table Ideas

No need to worry when you have a simple or not luxurious coffee table design, because when winter comes you can turn it into a more dramatic and fun look. How not, here you can try putting several pillars of wax in large quantities in a galvanized bowl that has a plain white color. Not only in a bowl, but you can also insert two candles into an ornament village so that it looks more lit during the day or night. All these candles can be turned on when needed. You can buy them cheaply online or you can buy them at the nearest winter shop at a very affordable price. Dramatic Winter Coffee Table Ideas from @rekindledsigns


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