How to Add Faux Fur Material to Your Winter Home Decor

Nothing can be more comfortable than the furry things applied here and there. Not only comfortable but also able to give warmth. In this case, if the real furry material is too expensive, then you can have faux fur. You don’t need to worry because the faux ones are also proper and can give what the real furry things give to you. Anyway, when you are commonly only familiar with the furry material in rug products, you should know that there are still many choices of the rug used for your home decoration. For example, you can have the furry blanket to layer your bed blanket, be added to your living room sofa, swing, and more. Then, you can also have furry cushions to give you warmth while using it. Don’t forget that the furry things can also be used to be the table runner, chair pad, sofa cover, and more. The following ideas will show you the best references for the use of faux fur material for your winter decoration.

White Faux Fur Rug Ideas

When you want the surface of your feet to stay warm while in the living room, it’s a good idea to cover the floor with a rug made of soft faux fur. Currently, you can choose it in white, making it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Maintenance on this faux fur rug is also quite easy to do because you simply use a vacuum cleaner to reduce the dirt on this rug. So that you and your family get maximum warmth during winter, don’t forget to complete the sofa with a knitted throw blanket and some throw pillows that have a warm surface too. The generously sized sheepskin rug adds a luxurious step underfoot. White Faux Fur Rug Ideas from @home___design__

Keep Warm Coffee Table this Winter

The faux sheepskin has an irresistibly soft texture which is very inviting for a winter theme this year. Just apply a little sheepskin on the coffee table to make a tablecloth that will get instant comfort. The next thing you can do is put some candle holders as additional lighting ideas that you can use when the room looks quite dark. Decorate the candle holder with some greenery, pinecones and red berries that you can easily find in your backyard garden. Because the size is not too big, this faux fur tablecloth can be washed again when it looks dirty or dusty. You can try it right now in the living room decoration. Faux Sheepskins Tablecloth for Coffee Table from @deesignplay

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Add a Throw Blanket to the Sofa

This great simple living room decor has great accessories and will do just fine. A faux fur throw blanket adds coziness and warmth to your living room, just apply it over the sofa you’re currently using to allow you to linger in this winter-themed living room. Apart from providing maximum warmth, this faux fur throw blanket really adds a more comfortable and welcoming appeal to the winter sofa. Just choose this throw blanket with a neutral and bright color so that it can make this black sofa come alive when used in a vintage living room. Just get this blanket online to make it more practical and of course, it has a price that is not too expensive to buy. Faux Fur Throw Blanket Ideas from @hellershome18

Some Faux Fur Dining Chairs

In addition to adding warmth, chairs made of faux fur also add a smooth surface in this room and can be used as a comfortable sitting area in the dining room. Combine faux fur material with iron legs that have a shiny appearance so that they have a fairly strong resistance and are not easily damaged when used for a long period of time. You can choose the faux fur material on this chair with a fairly dark color so it doesn’t look dirty easily when used for a long time. For now you can use a faux fur chair as a dining chair that will surround the wooden table as a whole. Just adjust the number of chairs that are used according to your family members so that they can be used more optimally throughout the year. Some Faux Fur Dining Chairs from @motivotextiles

Covered Fabric Sofa for Winter Ideas

The faux fur fabric on this sofa is a great alternative, especially to keep the surface of your sofa warm when you sit in the winter in the living room decor. The faux sheepskin fabric in this simply designed room offers an easy way to switch between seasonal looks. Just choose and use faux fur fabrics that are large and wide enough to cover the sofa evenly and thoroughly. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also choose the color of this faux fur fabric that matches the color of the sofa that is used so that it can blend more perfectly. Its existence is ready to be used in all rooms of your home and with anything including modern, contemporary or minimalist styles. Faux Fur Covered Fabric Sofa from @cosycomfortsoffical

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Faux Fur Throw Pillows Ideas

Throw pillows made of faux fur add a sense of comfort and invite warmth to the living room. Using faux fur in this living room decor will add texture and interest to the room. The existence of this throw pillow will complement the surface of the sofa that will be used to enjoy a pleasant winter night with your family. Don’t just use one throw pillow, you can use more than one so that the surface of this sofa is warmer, softer and smoother. Here you can also use a variety of different colors too for a fun look. Just combine a throw pillow with a tufted leather sofa which has a softer surface too. Next you can end this part of the living room with a layer of rugs with faux fur as well. Faux Fur Throw Pillows Ideas from @dghomeinteriors

Neutral Color Faux Fur Centerpiece

Cover the ottoman coffee table with a faux fur centerpiece that has a touch of neutral color such as plain white. The design and material of this centerpiece fabric is perfect when combined with an ottoman coffee table with a touch of gray. This coffee table centerpiece design adds so much interest and trendy appeal to this little corner. One of the advantages that you can get from using this faux fur centerpiece is that it is waterproof and easy to wash again because it has a size that is not too big. Furthermore, to add a touch of different colors you can add some indoor green plants that can be placed in different areas with a neat and orderly arrangement. White Color Faux Fur Centerpiece from @urbancottagelongbeach

Winter Living Room with Faux Fur Fabric

The living room is one of the rooms that is often used to gather with your family and friends, therefore you can decorate and use an interior that is in accordance with the current season. When winter comes, then you can dominate the living room with some faux fur fabrics that can be applied to several different areas. For example, you can coat the rattan chair with a faux fur fabric with a thicker material to make it softer and warmer when used. Not only a layer on the chair, you can also use a throw blanket on the sofa along with some pillows so that it becomes a comfortable sitting area for your guests. In addition to fabrics made from faux fur, you can also combine them with fabrics made from thick knitted fabrics so that the warmth you get is maximized. Winter Living Room with Faux Fur Fabric from @randomsheesh123__

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Warm Surface Sofa Design

Use the right interior or furniture to welcome winter this year in decorating the living room. Sofa with faux fur material is the right choice and is very suitable when combined directly with a wool rug so that it gets maximum and double warmth. The selection of the sectional sofa for this minimalist modern living room decoration will never fail and is ready to be used as a comfortable lying area all day on weekends. Just choose an interior with a neutral color to make the room feel wider and brighter. Perform routine maintenance on the use of faux fur sofas and wool rugs to keep the surface free from dust, the treatment you can do is to use a vacuum cleaner regularly in the morning or evening. Soft Faux Fur Sofa for Winter Furniture from

Faux Fur with Iron Bench Design

Complete your winter bedroom decor with some fabrics made of faux fur for the idea of a room that stays warm and comfortable to wear all day in winter. Not only in one area, but now you can try it on several different furniture and room accessories. For example, you can combine a faux fur bench with a small rug as footwear that looks luxurious but not excessive. The faux fur design of this bench can be combined with gold-colored iron legs as a furniture idea that can be used to relax, besides that the legs with iron material will also be more sturdy and not easily porous. Just put these two benches right in front of the bed symmetrically with the same color, size and material selection. Faux Fur with Iron Bench Design from @kathykuohome


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