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15 Pretty Winter Window Boxes

For your winter decoration, there are some things that you can have. From all of the things, the wi…

For your winter decoration, there are some things that you can have. From all of the things, the window boxes can be an interesting choice. However, to make it be seen as harmonious with the season, you should provide the things to your winter boxes with the proper plants or greenery. Well, you can have it with the real plants or the fake ones. Also, you can have pinecones, twig, red berries, and more. Don’t forget to make a good arrangement for your window boxes so that you can have perfect and artistic winter window boxes decorations. Here are the decoration references for you.

Adding a window box to the exterior of this home will spice up your holiday season. This window box features red twig dogwood, Douglas fir, winter berries, arborvitae, blueberry cedar, and pine cones. This idea will create a stylish garden decoration and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Pair it with red on the windows for the perfect garden décor. Winter Window Box from familyhandyman.

The glossy two-tone magnolia leaves create a layer of soft texture that contrasts sharply with the red berries and stems. You can put this idea in your window box to enliven the winter in your home. Combined with window boxes made of concrete and painted white, it creates a neutral winter décor. Concrete Window Box from familyhandyman.

This winter window box idea has a monochromatic scheme but still manages to be a beautiful garden decor. Curly branches and pinecones make for a unique décor in this window box. Bunches of pine cones add a delightful finish. These green accents will also provide a fresh and natural window décor. Monochromatic Winter Window Box from familyhandyman.

Here’s another winter window box idea that incorporates all the greenery. Choose branches of pine, magnolia, and red berries and these trunks will give a unique window design and steal the attention of many. Greenery in cooler climates that are not exposed to direct sunlight will last longer and look fresher. You can make your own window box out of wood and paint it black to give it a nice and chic look. Red Berry Winter Window Box from familyhandyman.

This winter window box includes red berries and pine cones as a sign of winter. With this design, you can continue to enjoy it all winter long. These curly branches also complement your window box décor. Adding more berries and pine cones in winter will create a stylish window design that will grab the attention of many. Winter Window Box with Pinecone from familyhandyman.

This charming holiday window box features a flocked faux mini Christmas tree and chic gold accents. Adding this magnolia leaf and a gold ribbon adds a touch of elegance to your window décor. It looks good and doesn’t need watering. Faux Christmas Tree from familyhandyman.

For added holiday cheer, place Christmas ornaments among this greenery. Choose gold ball ornaments and pine cones that will add a unique design to your window box. Pinecones, red berries, pine leaves will complete the look of your box window. Using materials from wood and in shabby blue paint, this will give a rustic touch to your window box. Christmas ornaments window box from familyhandyman.

This small window box arrangement featuring greenery, pine cones, birch, and succulents offers a unique design for you to try. Hanging on the outside window of this house will give a unique design and steal people’s attention. Use old wooden boxes to save on this outdoor garden decor. Wooden window box from remodelista.

The decor you choose for your decorating page is what creates the first impression on your home. Choosing a window box from these wooden and birch wood boxes gives your patio a natural feel. Adding some greenery and this pinecone will create a lovely and welcoming design that will brighten up the winter. Rustic Window Box from lushome.

This brilliant idea for home window decoration will give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. Applying some greenery, red berries, and white flowers creates a fresh and cool garden design. The black window design and white walls are able to make the room decoration attractive and look more natural. Greenery Winter Windows Box from southernliving.

A window box will look fantastic with a variety of perfect winter ornaments. This greenery and red carn berries will enhance your creativity in designing your plaid windows. This white window displays an attractive room design and looks more minimalist. Winter Windows Box with Greenery from blessmyweeds.

This snowflake and white ball ornament completes the window box look of your home. You can use your own creativity to create unique decorations that will attract the attention of many people. Combining with greenery also produces a window that is fresh and natural. Snowflake and white ball ornament from blessmyweeds.

Small spruce trees are perfect for decorating the holiday season in a winter-themed window box. These three small cypress trees and some blooming flowers create a perfect room design and steal the attention of many people. Black paint on this window box will produce an attractive outdoor design and look more minimalist. Black Window Box from blessmyweeds.

What a beautiful window box and bouquet pair. Choose pine, boxwood, spruce, and more to create a unique room decor that will steal everyone’s attention. Choosing a garland of green and blue ribbon hanging from this window will create a unique and stylish look. Winter Window Box and Wreath from blessmyweeds.

Window decorations with red ribbons and red, green, and gold ball ornaments on this wooden box will create a unique room decoration and steal the attention of many people. This decor is a great way to break up a natural accent in a window box. Two bouquets of green plants complete with red ribbons also complete your home window decor. Window Box with Red Ribbons from blessmyweeds.

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