15 Pretty Winter Window Boxes

For your winter decoration, there are some things that you can have. From all of the things, the window boxes can be an interesting choice. However, to make it be seen as harmonious with the season, you should provide the things to your winter boxes with the proper plants or greenery. Well, you can have it with the real plants or the fake ones. Also, you can have pinecones, twig, red berries, and more. Don’t forget to make a good arrangement for your window boxes so that you can have perfect and artistic winter window boxes decorations. Here are the decoration references for you.

To decorate your home from the outside, you can hang a seasonal window box that you can try to make yourself according to the design you want. Nowadays you can use an iron window box planter which is enhanced with red berries and several different types of green plants. Just hang it right under the glass window and on the reclaimed wood wall for a rustic impression. This combination of natural plants brings a pretty beautiful color contrast and is ready to be used as the focal point of the room, you can try it right now. Seasonal and Festive Plants Window Box from @hungryforhome

This wooden window box is decorated by painting it black to make it look more polished. Having a sleek design makes this wooden box look very attractive and manages to steal the attention of everyone who sees it. The owner used magnolia leaves to decorate the window box this winter so it will bring a fresh look. It also adds sparkly branches as a winter accent. Magnolia Leaves Window Bos from @ejstyleanddesign.

A wooden planter with a rectangular size is ready to be used as a window box decoration when winter arrives, before using it you can repaint this planter part with solid black. What you can do right now is fill it with some pine leaves that come in a variety of different sizes. It’s not enough, you can also combine it with string lights for a more magical look. Get this evergreen in your backyard garden for free without having to buy it. Black Paint Planter Window Box from @mark_wunderlich

In this winter window box you can combine several different materials. For example, you can combine birch, red berries and fresh evergreens. You can install a large number of birch parts vertically. The presence of red berries also adds color to the use of this winter window box. You can align the colors between the use of this planter box and the glass window frames used to make it look more elegant and harmonious. You can try it with the arrangement you want. Birch, Red Berries and Evergreen Window Box from @topiarius

Various types of different green plants can be applied simultaneously in window box decorations that are used when winter arrives. This plant comes in a variety of sizes and different colors too. The addition of dry twigs and a beautifully blooming flower make for a delightful addition to the decor. Its presence is suitable for use with a modern farmhouse style. Repaint the planter with solid black to create a monochromatic atmosphere because the wall tiles used have a plain white color. Winter Windowbox Wonderland from @petalsbranches

Look at the decoration of the winter window box in the front porch area, doesn’t it look simple and has a rustic touch? Yes, you can try it easily and of course with the design you want. Snowy pinecones, red berries and various types of evergreens make for the maximum blend. Choose all of these ingredients fresh so they don’t wilt easily when used throughout the winter. This lush green plant looks very fresh and charming, you can try it now with ease and joy. Rustic Style Winter Window Box from @blackforestgardencentre

The design of the winter window box which is dominated by green plants shows a natural look that will never fail to be tried throughout the year. What you can combine right now are evergreens, pinecones, red berries and some dry tree branches arranged vertically. Previously you could repaint the window box with plain white paint so that it has a color harmony with the glass window frame that is currently being used. Before the pinecones are assembled into one piece in the window box you can add powder accents to make it look like DIY snow. Nature Themed Window Box Design from @divine_containers

Green and red are a combination of colors that are quite contrasting to try on the window box that you are currently using. Evergreen and carnberry are a mix that never goes out of style in winter. Both of these materials can be found easily around your home. Besides that, the shiplap walls which are painted in a neutral white color make the existence of the window box more bold and attract attention. Choose and use all fresh ingredients so they don’t wilt easily when used throughout the year. Combination of Berries and Evergreen from @red_barn_florals

The natural wood material that has been converted into a planter window box can be hung on the lower outdoor window in a neat arrangement. Because the wood material used is not porous when used for a long time. Now you don’t need to re-paint for a natural look and can blend with nature more optimally. This simple color looks so DIY and blows all eyes. DIY Wooden Planter Window Box from @vickieleadesigns

The two outdoor window boxes that are hung symmetrically have almost the same type of plant. Green plants and a variety of different colored flowers give your home a new look. The flowers that you can use are yellow, red and purple which will give a pretty bold color contrast. Apart from that, you can also repaint the window box with white paint so that it has a color harmony with the outdoor wall paint that is currently being used. This type of vine will grow downwards and needs to be cut for maximum neatness. Symmetrical Winter Window Box from @thetonbridgegardener

Choose and use planter window boxes that are not only made of wood. Try different colors and materials for a different look. For example, you can use a terracota planter window box which can be perfected with a variety of different green plant growth. All kinds of green plants here will thrive because they get enough sunlight. It’s a good idea to do other maintenance by watering it every day and giving it fertilizer regularly. Terracota Planter Window Box from @windowfleur

Green moss is also a new choice that you can try on your current winter window box decoration. The use of this moss is a new look that you can try in an outdoor decoration with a farmhouse style, which of course is dominated by white nuances. Treatment is also very easy and suitable for those of you who have quite busy daily activities. Also use a planter window box with a size that is long enough to fill the outside of the glass window you are using. Green Moss Winter Window Box from @marjennings

The winter window box combined with this wreath is an important part that you can do to decorate your home from the outside. When you use evergreens as the main ingredient of the two, you can add a few strands of red ribbon that look bold and attract attention. Here you can also add some pinecones with a fairly large size. You can choose the evergreen ingredients that are fresh so they don’t wilt easily when used throughout the winter this year. Combination of Window Box with Wreath from @miraclefarms

Adding some of these winter ornaments needs to be done for new decorations on your current window box. Just combine white deer, golden jingle bells and some neutral colored birch which will look really beautiful when combined with evergreens and red berries. These two ornaments will work well together to produce a beautiful sparkle. Deer ornaments can be found at winter craft stores, while birch ornaments can be found in backyard gardens. Deer Ornament with Birch Combination from @thrive_planters

Not only green plants can be used to decorate this year’s winter window box. Try new colors and new looks with a minimal budget too. Now you can combine different types of flowers and different colors for a prettier and more attractive look. Roses, which come in purple, pink and red, are a combination that will never fail. Apart from that, you can also use a purple planter to make it look livelier when you make it an outdoor statement. Blooming Flower Window Box from @jo.purdy77.

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