How to Apply Blue Color as Your Winter Decoration Scheme

Besides the white color, the blue color can be the choice for your winter color scheme decoration. It is even said that the blue color has the same impression as the white color. Anyway, in applying the blue color, you can have it for some home parts. Just make it anywhere you want. If it is possible, you can even change the color of your wall home paint color. However, if that will be too bothering you, then you can simply add some ornament or facilities in blue colors. Of course, the facilities or ornament that you add here should represent the winter season. For example, you can have a throw blanket, cushion, sofa pad, rug, wreath, garland, and more. The following references will show you how the blue color can bring such a wonderful winter decoration.

This thick blue sofa in the living room will provide a blue accent in your living room so it looks attractive. Add a throw blanket on top so it will provide warmth. Blue Wall and Sofa from @cecilia_inspiration_deco.

Painting the walls blue is a simple way to bring a touch of blue to your winter living room. A blue throw pillow and fur rug completes the blue touches in this living room. Blue Living Room Wall from @amyshomelife.

This dark blue wall will be an interesting accent in winter as well as a background in your living room. The sofa which is equipped with blue pillows and blankets will provide perfect comfort there. Dark Blue Wall from @amyshomelife.

This canopy bed uses blue and white curtains so that it will provide warmth and also comfort. The blue carpet that lies under the bed will keep your feet warm. Canopy Bad from @beach_life_living.

Interesting right ? This winter bedroom uses a blue interior so that it will present a different look in winter. Not only that, thick mattresses, thick sofas and stools will provide comfort and are perfect for winter. Blue Interior from @sarahbrannoninteriors.

The blue accents in this winter bedroom are shown on the wall so that it will become a background that looks fresh. Combined with white furniture and accessories will make it look more beautiful. Light Blue Wall from @lushdecorhome.

Striped bedding and pillows in blue will add a bright touch to your winter bedroom and make it look more inviting. Then you can use a white nuanced wall so that it will present a beautiful combination. Striped Blanket from @fourgenerationsoneroof.

Giving blue accents to your winter bedroom decor is an interesting idea. You can present it in the form of accessories such as carpets, pillows and blankets so that it will look attractive while providing warmth. Patterned Carpet from @raymourflanigan.

This fireplace is covered with blue brick wallpaper so it will look different than usual. The tree forest that is above the fireplace will give a more lively appearance and your decorations will look livelier. Blue Fireplace from @maychappell.

The blue accents in the living room this winter are presented in the form of sofas so that they will provide comfort. Then you can complete this sofa with throw pillows to make it feel more comfortable and secure. Blue Thick Sofa from @zumper.

This blue wreath looks really pretty for a winter decoration idea. Having a snowy and snowman accent will bring a real winter look. Hanging it on the wall will make it the perfect focal point. Winter Wreath from @craftytessie.

This thick sofa succeeds in bringing a touch of blue to your living room. Equipped with thick pads, pillows and blankets make it successful in providing perfect comfort. Light Blue Sofa from @designmamz.

The walls and ceiling which are painted in blue have succeeded in becoming a bright background that looks fresh at the same time. Then you can use white furniture to present a beautiful contrast in this living room. Blue Interior from @farrowandball.

This Fireplace which is covered with faux brick wallpaper manages to bring a touch of blue to the winter decoration. Decorated with various ornaments and candles, it looks very beautiful and festive. Faux Brick Fireplace from @loveismagicphoto.

White walls will be the perfect backdrop in your winter living room. This blue sofa, blue curtains and blue rug will work together to provide comfort and bring a touch of blue to the living room this winter. Thick Sofa and Pillow from @southernladymag.

Painting the walls blue is an easy way to add blue to your winter decor. Here you can also use a blue chair pad and a wide carpet so that it will provide comfort. Wall and Chair from @marypattondesign.

This dining room uses blue long curtains and blue chairs so it will make the winter decoration look different than usual. Not only that, the thick blue carpet that is in the wall area of this room will make your decoration look the same. Blue Long Curtain from @ecco_design.

Using a blue chair is one of the right ways to bring a boring accent to a winter room wall decoration. The furry carpt that lies on this floor area will keep your feet warm even in winter. Blue Wall and Furniture from @caitwaitedesigns.

This winter table setting uses blue cutlery, making it look different from the usual but still perfect in winter. Equipped with a snowy centerpiece makes it look more perfect. Blue Table Setting from @homewithhollyj.

Using loveseats in a winter dining room decor will bring comfort as well as a bright feel. The fireplace in this dining room will provide warmth in this dining room. Blue Dining Chair from @carolynthayerinteriors.

You can use blue long curtains to cover the glass windows to keep your living room warm. Sofa pad, pillow and carpet will work together to give a warm feel. Long Curtain from @molaura_inspiration.

This winter reading room has a blue theme so it will make it look interesting and different from usual. A blue day bed equipped with a pillow will be the most comfortable place to read a book this winter. Thick Sofa from @fatshackvintage.

This blue-toned fireplace will provide the perfect warmth in this living room and make your winter cozier. A sofa equipped with throw pillows will make your living room decoration perfect. Dark Blue Interior from @globalinteriordesign.

This long blue curtain and blue walls will make your winter decoration even brighter. Here you can also use a blue soft sofa so it will look matching. Long Curtain and Wall from @vanderhornarchitects.

You can paint the walls in shades of blue so it will bring a different look this winter. A white nuanced fireplace decorated with garlands will make winter decorations in your home look more festive. Dark Blue Interior from @samuelandsons.

This winter living room uses dark blue walls so it will make it the perfect background. The blue patterned carpet on the floor area will provide warmth while presenting a matching look. Dark Blue Living room Wall from @andrii.ortynskyi.

This winter bedroom uses blue walls which will make it look more beautiful and bright. Throw blanket on the bed will contribute comfort in your bedroom. Blue Bathroom Wall from @designingyourhome.

This blue wall will be the main background in the bedroom this winter so it will look bright. Combined with white accents will make it look beautiful without going overboard. Wooden Wall from @jpslifeandloves.

This bedroom uses a blue nuanced bed which manages to present a bright appearance. Equipped with blue bedding and chunky blankets will provide warmth and comfort this winter. Blue Furniture from @vantpanels.

This blue wall will be the main background in this winter bedroom. Equipped with blue bed and white bedding will make it look attractive and more comfortable. Light Blue Wall from @psmith_design.

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