5 Simple Ways to Add Faux Fur Decoration in Your Home

Not only used to make dolls or clothes but faux fur material can also be applied to home decor. By doing so, your room will look warmer and cozy. So, are you interested in implementing this unique material in your room? Follow the inspirations below and find the ones you really adore!

Faux Fur Rug

A rug with faux fur material is quite popular. Aside from being smooth, it can also create a touch of luxury in the room. And, this type of rug will be suitable if placed in the bedroom. But still, this rug also works well in a contemporary living room. 

The gray rug with the faux fur material can be such a good match with the decoration around. Also, even when it comes in gray color, the rug is able to create such an expensive impression.

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Faux Fur Blanket

Want to furnish an eye-catching detail to your bedroom? Putting a blanket made from faux fur can be a brilliant idea. Next, make it a charming focal point by applying a contrasting color with your wall paint. 

You can use the faux fur blanket as the layer blanket for your bed. Not only for the aesthetic side, but the faux fur blanket can also add comfort to you with its soft material.

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Faux Fur Decorative Pillows

It doesn’t have to be large, small decorations like pillows can cozy up your room. Accordingly, do not hesitate to place some chic faux fur pillows to enhance your favorite space. In addition, these decorative pillows may also become a cute accent to your bed, sofa, or even occasional chair. 

Look at how comfortable the faux fur pillow can be. You can really enjoy your free time there while having some snacks or watching Netflix with a comfortable pillow.

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Faux Fur Table Runner

Offering silky-soft textures and deep color, a faux-fur table runner will warm up your dining room. For a more attractive look, try to layer it with gorgeous seasonal sheeting and match it with pairing placemats

It is great how the faux fur table runner can give a luxury impression to the table. Even when you only have a simple and common table design, with this kind of table runner, you can increase your table value easily.

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Faux Fur Accent Chair

This type of chair boasts a simple glamour that looks flawlessly poised in every room. You can place it in your living room, working space, or even a bedroom. For sure, a faux fur accent chair can jazz up a boring home. Faux fur is a beautiful and affordable material to give a lavish touch to your home. This type of decor can also provide warmth and an inviting impression in a room. So, hopefully, the above inspiration can be useful for you!

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With the faux fur on the chair, you can get a more comfortable feeling while working or learning. You can choose the color by adjusting the decoration around.

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