30 Ideas to Make Use the Evergreen in Creating Winter Decoration

Winter is synonymous with light blue, white and other pale colors. So many people use this color to decorate their homes. But other colors like green can also be applied in your home. In addition, we can get the green color from ornamental flowers, plants, wreath, and others. A home decoration that uses green plants will make the house more beautiful. For example, we can place green ornaments on doors, windows, kitchens, walls and other places that require color variants.


Decorative flower arrangements or circular plants are one of the favorite elements to decorate the entrance of a house. This flower arrangement, called wreath, can, of course, be made from various kinds of plants and also this decoration has a variety of shapes. Surely, the creation of this flower arrangement will be diverse and unique and can make your house cool.

This wreath was made as a DIY project using evergreens so it will keep it looking fresh. Combining it with tobacco basket will make this evergreen wreath look more aesthetic. Tobaccos Evergreen Wreath from @mylittlewhitebarn_.

The evergreens strung together into a circular wreath look beautiful and perfect for a winter window decoration idea. Decorated with string lights and bows, this wreath looks very beautiful and charming. Lighted and Snowy Wreath from @modlychic.

Mickey mouse wreath made using evergreens is suitable for winter decoration ideas in your home. Decorated with a red bow at the bottom will make this wreath look cuter. Micky Mouse Shape Wreath from @beyondthearbour.

Presenting evergreen in the form of a wreath in winter decorations is the perfect idea. The evergreen’s circular shape and a little splash of faux snow make it look perfect in winter. Round Evergreen Wreath from @secretcaravan.

The fresh evergreens strung together into a wreath look quite beautiful and fresh. The fairy light wrapped around this wreath will present a beautiful and festive look at the same time. Lighted Evergreen Wreath from @susanjtweit.

This large wreath is made using evergreens so it will never fail in winter. A little pine cone and snowy accent will make this wreath look very aesthetic. Large Snowy Wreath from @inthemomentrestorations.

These evergreens and berries are strung together to form a wreath that looks beautiful and is perfect for a winter decoration idea. Having a size that is quite large, this wreath is suitable for display in outdoor areas so that it manages to attract attention. Evergreen and Berries Wreath from @sewcialist_revolution.

Instead of being bought at a store, this evergreen wreath is made with a DIY project so it looks more creative. Not only evergreens, this wreath is complemented by accents of berries, pinecones and bows so it looks perfect. Evergreen Wreath with Bow from @creativewaysbynikki.

This winter wreath made using evergreens and magnolia looks simple but still attractive. The combination of green and brown produced by this wreath looks very charming. Magnolia and Evergreen Wreath from @july_floral_seattle.

This Evergreen wreath is made with a DIY project and decorated with gold faux flowers so it looks more beautiful. Hanging on the front door will make it successful in stealing the attention of everyone who sees it. Green and Gold Wreath from @2thesunnyside.

Festive and perfect for winter. This wreath is made using evergreens and a Christmas ball so it will look more festive. Having a large size will allow it to be exposed perfectly. Evergreen and Christmas Ball Wreath from @nandnrichmond.

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Garland is a classic Christmas decoration that we usually put at the bottom of the tree to cover the tree supporting poles. And also it can make the gift box more attractive. Tinsel or garland can also be used to decorate home furniture, from bookshelves, walls, doorways. You can also use garlands that have flower decorations to wrap around the banisters or on the edge of the window for a touch of winter at home.

Simple but still looks perfect. This garland is made using evergreens with a very simple design. Hanging on the wall will make it the perfect focal point this winter. Wall Garland from @hellohoneyhandmade.

This garland is made using a combination of evergreen and red plants so it will present a beautiful appearance and is suitable for a winter theme. Hanging it in the dining room area will contribute to the excitement in this room. Red and Evergreen Garland from @laurelline.

Bring evergreens in this year’s winter decorations. This DIY project evergreen garland manages to bring out the freshness. Displaying it in the window will make it an interesting window treatment. Window Garland from @vennigardens.

Stair railings decorated with evergreens will bring a fresh and beautiful look this winter. Hanging and tied using a red rope will make it stronger and not easy to fall. Stair Garland from @everberryflora.

This winter garland is made using evergreens so it’s easier to make but still looks perfect. Having a size that is long enough will make it suitable to be installed on the terrace fence. Outdoor Garland from @welcometothewoodsblog.

Made with a DIY project, this evergreen garland looks creative and inspiring. Coated with fairy light will bring out a beautiful and more festive light. Mantel Garland from @calligraphy.jessica.

This evergreen garland is decorated with string lights which will make it look prettier and livelier. Having a size that is long enough will make it suitable for hanging on windows and become the perfect window treatment. Lighted Evergreen Garland from @whatsgrowing_home_and_garden.

This mirror is decorated with evergreen garland which will make it look more festive in winter. Not only evergreen, this garland is also equipped with pine cone and string light accents so it looks extraordinary. Mirror Frame Evergreen Garland from @victoriadovgan.

This one garland looks perfect in winter. Made using evergreens and faux berries it will keep it looking fresh. Having a very long size makes it suitable for front door decoration ideas in your home. Front Door Garland from @magnoliaboutiquegardening.

This banister is decorated with evergreens so it will make it look more beautiful and festive in winter. Not only that, several bows in this garland will present a more beautiful appearance. Banister Garland from @sprucefloraldesigns.

Fresh evergreens arranged into a garland will make your fireplace look more festive. Also add a red bow and other garlands so that it will present a very festive look. Fresh Evergreen Garland from @margaretvalleylandscaping.

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We usually use candles for certain occasions, for example to create a romantic impression at dinner. In addition, candles containing fragrance or aromatherapy are often used in modern bathrooms for relaxation. Well, you can actually use candles for room decoration. You can use evergreens to make candle holders and decorative candles to make beautiful candles.

This red candle is displayed using an evergreen candle holder so it will look more perfect in winter. Equipped with a red bow and string light will make it look very perfect and more alive. Lighted Candle Holder from @dy_motherfucker_dy.

These evergreens are arranged into candle holders that look natural and refreshing. Decorated with pine cone accents, this candle holder looks more aesthetic. Evergreen and Pinecone Candle Holder from @jennyswreathboutique.

Simple and attractive in winter. This candle is equipped with a candle holder made using evergreen and pine cones. Arranged in a tray and placed on a table makes a perfect centerpiece. Snowy Pine Cone and Evergreen Candle Holder from @sjf_home.

This candle holder is made using evergreens and decorated with bows, berries and pinecones to make it look more festive. Used to display red candles and place them on the table, making them successful in stealing attention. Evergreen Bow Candle Holder from @yassifloraldesign.

This winter candle decorated with snowy evergreen looks very attractive and manages to steal the show. Not only evergreens, this candle is also decorated with berries, star accents and pine cones so it looks more festive in winter. Decorative Candle from @christmas.joy.coming.soon.

Beautiful and perfect in winter. This candle holder is made using evergreens, berries, flowers and leaves so it looks extraordinary. Sprinkled with white powder will present a very stunning snowy look. Snowy Evergreen Candle Holder from @yassifloraldesign.

These fresh evergreens are arranged into a candle holder that looks natural and refreshing this winter. Adorned with star accents and a little sprinkling of white powder, it makes it look perfect. Fresh Evergreen Candle Holder from @silvias_kreativewelt.

Instead of buying it at the store, this candle holder is made using evergeen so it looks fresh and suitable in winter. Decorated with beaded and pine cone accents, this candle holder looks prettier. DIY Evergreen Candle Holder from @ann_the_dane.

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Because the weather is getting cold, you might be spending more time indoors. when we often spend time at home we will miss the opportunity to enjoy the natural atmosphere. Therefore, you must bring the natural atmosphere into the house by decorating it with a wreath, garland, pine cones and so on. Or you can also put some potted plants in several rooms of the house.


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