25 Upgrade Your Curtains to Get Cozy This Winter

Besides blanket and a glass of hot chocolate, windows are your friends when the weather is harsh. People have used windows to control air circulation for centuries. When talking about windows, we should also talk about curtains.

Curtains have many functions, one of which is helping the windows to keep the cool out. It is also able to filter light while adding enough value to the design. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade your curtains to keep you warm this winter.

1. Multi-Hued Curtains

If you want curtains that can keep you warm while adding value to the décor, this design is what you need. Multi-hued curtains can triple the warmth and color of the room. Loose curtains can give a modern touch to the room. Choose three different colors of the same material and align them. When people align one sheer and one thick curtain, this idea is innovative.

Two layers of layered curtains combined directly with white sheer curtains are no strangers to use. Therefore you can have a more unique and different look by combining layered curtains with two quite bold colors. For example, you can combine it with light green and dark yellow curtains so that both of them provide a color contrast that is quite eye-catching. Tie the curtains during the day using a back tie so that more sunlight can enter the room. Bold Layered Curtain Custom from @radiant_interiors_llc

Black and white is a color combination that you can try using curtains in one of the rooms in your house. These two colors are suitable when applied to a modern or contemporary style room. Don’t forget to choose thicker materials to make your home room feel warmer and of course be able to avoid excessive sunlight entering the room. You can try the design of this curtain in your living room so that all guests who visit your home can see it. Black and White Dripes Curtain from @slbeddingsandinteriors

This color block curtain with three different blends is applied to a curtain cloth which will give a more different final appearance and of course attract more attention. The colors you can combine are blue, gray and white, these three colors will work well together and optimally. Do not forget that during the day you can tie the curtain with a back tie ribbon that has a color harmony with the use of your curtain. This is done so that your home room can get enough sunlight, thus avoiding room humidity. Color Block Curtain with Ribbon Back Tie from @calissa_home

Two layers of curtains with thin and thick materials are already commonly used in your living room. But now you can try the color of the outer curtain with a different color choice so that it is ready to be made as one of the focal points of the room in your home. The modern curtain design with a combination of white and yellow makes the living room look brighter and more colorful. Don’t forget that you can also add color to the room by including indoor green plants or indoor flowers with quite neutral color choices too. Layered Curtain with Color Block Ideas from @beddings_by_enyonam

If your home decor is dominated by neutral colors like white, then you can choose and use curtains with quite bold color choices. Curtain with green color is the right choice that you can use right now. The existence of a green curtain can be combined with the addition of a white sheer curtain with a star pattern that looks sparkling. In addition to adding color to the room, the existence of this curtain is also able to make this home decoration warmer and less glare. Fresh Color with Unique Design from @decortoimpresss

Cover the windows of your house with two layers of curtains that have two quite different bold colors. Currently, you can combine green and blue curtains to produce quite a beautiful color contrast. Just use curtains with two different materials too, thin and thicker materials are the right choice that is usually used. This arch-shaped glass window provides a more attractive room design and will not go out of style, the presence of green plants in the room brings a natural feel to the room instantly. Combination of Blue with Green Curtain from @frau.kieselstein

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2. Paisley Curtains

Besides adding value to the decoration, the paisley curtains are warm. Paisley patterns can only be made on thick materials so as not to damage quickly. It can block the sunlight during the day and set the mood at night. Match the color with the walls and flooring. You should upgrade your curtains into loose ones to give more protection.

Look at the use of curtains and a chair with the same choice of pattern, color and design. Isn’t it more harmonious and suitable for decorating elegant style rooms? Yes, you can try it in a bedroom decoration that is dominated by neutral shades of white. The use of matching curtain and chair patterns adds color to the room while making the room not easily boring, the pattern which is dominated by a combination of white and sage green will work well together. Curtain and Chair Pattern Alignment from @seansymington

Adjust the use of curtain patterns with your home decor. When your home is dominated by the use of vintage themes, choosing curtains with floral patterns is a smart choice that you can try. This floral pattern is perfected with a red color choice that is quite eye-catching. The pattern used also makes the room feel more feminine, you can try it right now. A dresser made of wood repainted in white is the right area that you can use to display some of the ornaments or painting frames you have. Floral Pattern Curtain Design from @ownkoti_official

The intricate pattern that is applied to the use of this paisley curtain gives a vintage look that you can try right now. This pattern makes the room look more festive and attract attention. The use of curtains can be perfected by using shutter windows that have been repainted in plain white. The use of the design of this curtain also looks more attractive, you can try it now easily and efficiently. Vintage Pattern Paisley Curtain from @material_concepts

Paisley curtains which have color harmony with the use of wallpaper, bedding and chairs will work well together to make the bedroom decoration look more festive. In this bedroom you can use the right lighting, for example, during the day you can use glass window lighting with a large enough size. The hanging pendant lamp that is applied right above the use of bedding is a pretty good and perfect layout. The pattern used also has quite bold colors, namely red and white. Red and White Pattern Bedroom from @the_modern_atelier

The use of paisley curtains which are dominated by green is ready to be used as a statement in your bedroom decoration. Apart from being one of the most important interior items, the use of bold pattern and color curtains also makes your bedroom decoration more attractive and less boring. This paisley curtain is suitable for use in a modern vintage style room which is perfected with shutter windows and velvet bedding with a choice of brown colors. Pleated curtains are also a smart choice. Statement Pattern Paisley Curtain from @_studio_trio

There are many benefits of using paisley curtains that are applied to your home. One of them is to make the room look more festive and suitable for those of you who have furniture with neutral colors. Currently you can choose it with a thin or thick material according to the needs of the room. The existence of paisley curtains which are dominated by the blue color will look more alive when you combine it with indoor green windowsill plants of various types and different sizes. Blue Color Paisley Curtain from @ellosofficial

Or you can also choose a design or pattern of paisley curtains with a classic look to harmonize with the dominating interior of the room. This fairly complex pattern can be combined directly with a wooden dresser without repainting and a table lamp that looks shabby chic. All of these interiors will work well together to get a simpler room decoration but still comfortable to use for just hanging out with your family. Classic Look Paisley Curtain Ideas from @charlieilettdesigns

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3. Neutral Curtains

Thick materials are great to add warmth to the room. But, choosing neutral colors for the curtains is crucial. The color can warm up your heart by tricking your mind with its natural element. Combine it with wooden furniture or other natural elements in the room. If necessary, add drapes to all windows.

The curtain fabric design with dye basically has a neutral color, which is plain white. Then you can dip it in peach-colored paint which has a neutral color and is easier to combine with other interiors around it. The end result that can be obtained will attract more attention, you can try it in a modern home office decoration with a choice of high quality furniture. High curtains also make the room look brighter and more open, you can try it now. Dip Dye Effect Fabric Curtain from @kls.interiors

Not only do you use the best curtain designs in living room decorations. For now, you can try it in the master bedroom decoration which can be used as a comfortable resting area. The selection of curtain fabric with a beige color can be combined directly with the use of shiplap walls that have been repainted with the choice of white or light gray. This curtain design with a neutral color choice is applied high enough so it is suitable for a room decoration that is quite limited. High Beige Color Curtain Bedroom from @victoriabaintextiles

The color harmony between the use of curtains and window frames is a smart idea that you can apply to a modern or contemporary living room decoration. Because the color is quite neutral, you can add indoor green plants that are large and tall enough to add a touch of natural color to the room instantly. The size of the window which is quite large and wide makes the room look brighter and more open. This additional wall paint with a fairly dark color presents a monochromatic touch that will never fail. Natural White Color Curtain from @thegreatcurtainco

Gray is a color tone with a neutral touch that is suitable for use in your current curtain design. What you can do now is combine it with plain white wall paint so that a room that looks small will look more open. This gray curtain can be layered with other types of curtains and of course those with thinner materials, as is usually used in other home decorations. Sofa with solid black color also does not give a touch of color that stands out. Gray Scheme Color Curtain from @sasydecor

This white painted wooden window frame can be combined directly with a gray curtain with pom-pom accents that look funnier and cuter. The choice of linen curtains with a fairly neutral color is meant to make it easier for you to combine them with other interiors or window sill decorations that are currently in use. Candles and a little greenery are used as windowsill decorations that can give a warm touch to the room instantly. You can also add dry twigs to a pot for additional natural room decoration. Light Gray Curtain with Wooden Framed from @islajamesinteriors

Neutral color tones with the use of interiors made of wood will certainly work well together in the same room. For example, you can combine light beige curtains with walls and chairs made of natural wood. Basically these two interiors are usually used in a simple house with a cheaper budget. Cover the seat with some throw blankets to make it a warm and comfortable sitting area. The iron frame on this glass window has a deep black color that looks better. White Touch Color with Wooden Accent from @deploeg

4. Farmhouse Shutters

Another way to upgrade your curtain is by using farmhouse shutters in the kitchen. Most kitchens are not equipped with curtains. But, when they do, those curtains are only functioned to filter sunlight. Thus, they are made of sheer materials. 

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It won’t do for winter. You need a thicker and firmer curtain for the area. While thick curtains are prone to stains, try shutters. Farmhouse shutters made of wood is the best choice. The material can help keep the cool out and doesn’t need cleaning when it’s stained.

Windows can be used as air circulation in your home so that the air you breathe will be healthier and fresher. One type of window that you can use is a wooden shutter that has been repainted white. The design, which is quite wide and open, makes your modern farmhouse living room brighter during the day. At night, you can cover it with some matching colored curtains. Not only on the windows, you can also use door designs according to the materials and colors used on the windows of your current home. Large Shutter Window Design from @deborahfitz_interiors_

This modern farmhouse living room decoration dominated by a touch of white will never fail to serve as the focal point of the room. Just perfect the living room decoration by using a shutter window that has a color harmony with the feel of your home. You can also use white curtains so that the dominant color will make the living room more spacious, open and bright. This shutter window is widely used in farmhouse decorations so it will not be foreign anymore, indoor green plants add color to a room instantly and in the simplest and easiest way. Modern Farmhouse Shutter Ideas from @stefanasilber

Don’t just use shutter windows with white paint only. But for now you can use a new design by painting it using a fairly dark color, namely solid black. The use of black paint on the shutter window is in harmony with other interiors such as linen sofas, wooden floors and a calendar that is hung on one of your walls which is still empty. Tropical plants can be placed in this room, just choose a size that is large enough to add color to the room to be more lively and colorful. Black Paint Shutter Living Room from @clementbrowne

The design of the shutter window with a curved shape has a touch of a fairly neutral color, which is white. This will make it easier for you when combining it with other interiors that will be used. Take a look at the design of this shutter window, its existence is enhanced by a built-in bench that you can use to relax with the cool air entering the bedroom. Repaint with your choice of color so that the outer surface looks newer and less dull. Curved Shutter Bedroom Ideas from @joineryshutterandblinds

If you want more outdoor air to enter your home decor, all you need to do is use the right air vents. One of the things you can do is use a shutter window design for your home. Look at this wider and bigger shutter window, doesn’t it make the room look brighter during the day? Yes, one of the other benefits you can get is avoiding the room from smell and humidity, this is highly recommended to try. Custom White Wood Shutters from @starwooddistributors

Take advantage of one part of the wall in your living room decoration for a double shutter design that will allow you to see the outdoor scenery freely. The double shutter, which has a fairly long size, maximizes incoming air and allows sunlight to change more freely. You can only open it during the day, because if you open it at night, you will feel cold. This shutter design is usually used by a farmhouse style room, but when you use it in a modern decoration, nothing will fail. Double Shutter Window Design from @totallyshutters

A different curtain for a different room. Are you already prepared for the harsh weather of winter?


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