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28 Upgrade Your Curtains to Get Cozy This Winter

Are you prepared for the harsh weather of winter? Upgrade your curtains with the warmest ones and m…

Besides blanket and a glass of hot chocolate, windows are your friends when the weather is harsh. People have used windows to control air circulation for centuries. When talking about windows, we should also talk about curtains.

Curtains have many functions, one of which is helping the windows to keep the cool out. It is also able to filter light while adding enough value to the design. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade your curtains to keep you warm this winter.

1. Multi-Hued Curtains

If you want curtains that can keep you warm while adding value to the décor, this design is what you need. Multi-hued curtains can triple the warmth and color of the room. Loose curtains can give a modern touch to the room. Choose three different colors of the same material and align them. When people align one sheer and one thick curtain, this idea is innovative.

Apply three different colors for your curtain in winter. Beside being able to give a warm impression, this loose curtain can enhance your room decor becomes more modern. Three different color curtain from aaacurtainsblinds

To create a warm and friendly atmosphere in your room use modern curtains with three different colors. Align with the floor color to make it look fashionable. Curtains with three different colors from homestratosphere

The interior design is bright and colorful with three colored curtains such as a blend of red, yellow and white. Soft materials will bring an elegant and glamorous atmosphere to the room. Bright and colorful curtain from homestratosphere

These purple curtains add a modern look to a winter living room. Combined with bold colored furniture and a fireplace, it will give warmth to the room. Purple curtains from housebeautiful

The combination of pink and black patterned curtains brings warmth to your living room. This method gives the room a modern look. Pink and black patterned curtains from idealhome

Having multi-colored curtains can enhance your living room decor. You can use patterned whites for a modern look. Multi colored curtains from housebeautiful

Give the pattern touch to your living room by installing patterned curtains. This loose curtain not only will over a warm nuance but also elegant look to your room in this winter season. Patterned curtains from magzhouse

You can try to choose two layers of gray curtains and floral patterns for a modern look. This can create a warm impression in winter. Gray curtains and floral patterns from magzhouse

Purple patterned curtains you can try in your winter living room. This way you will have a modern look. Purple patterned curtains from curtains

The use of bold patterned curtains will bring a warm feel to your winter living room. Pair it with a wooden wall pallet and some furniture to complete the décor. Bold patterned curtains from curtains

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2. Paisley Curtains

Besides adding value to the decoration, the paisley curtains are warm. Paisley patterns can only be made on thick materials so as not to damage quickly. It can block the sunlight during the day and set the mood at night. Match the color with the walls and flooring. You should upgrade your curtains into loose ones to give more protection.

An elegantly designed living room is an element of a delightful welcome. The combination of cream and blue can enhance your decorating style. Add paisley blinds to cover the windows. Cream and blue paisley curtains from homestratosphere

Pair the brown paisley curtain color with the cream walls for the perfect harmony. Good lighting will also help your room decor look beautiful. Brown paisley curtain from homestratosphere

Paired all windows with paisley curtains for maximum warmth and comfort. Pair with a monochromatic style for a chic look. Windows with paisley curtains from homestratosphere

This pink paisley curtain can block the entry of sunlight during the day, so it can set a warm atmosphere at night. Pink paisley curtain from homestratosphere

This winter dining room is furnished with warm blue paisley curtains. You can also add tables, chairs and some other furniture. Winter dining room from homestratosphere

Red paisley curtains complement the salmon pink color of the furniture. Gold plated mirrors add to the luxury of the room. Red paisley curtains living room from homestratosphere

3. Natural Curtains

Thick materials are great to add warmth to the room. But, choosing natural colors for the curtains is crucial. The color can warm up your heart by tricking your mind with its natural element. Combine it with wooden furniture or other natural elements in the room. If necessary, add drapes to all windows.

To prevent dust and heat from entering the room, you can use thick and natural curtains to make it look classic and interesting. Wooden floor is highly recommended for your room. Natural curtains from homestratosphere

Neutral curtains combined with wooden furniture add warmth to the room. You can install blinds on all windows in your living room. Neutral curtains with wooden furniture from homestratosphere

To get a warm feel in a winter living room, you can add natural colored curtains and wooden floors. Shades of beige will provide the perfect contrast. Winter living room with natural curtains from homestratosphere

The combination of shimmery gray curtains with wooden floors will bring a warm feel to the room. Adding a large rug will comfort your feet. Gray curtains with wooden floors from homestratosphere

Classic style with bright natural curtains will look simple but still attractive. Wooden floors and wooden furniture will be the recommended furniture for your decoration. Bright natural curtains from homestratosphere

This classic style living room uses neutral colored curtains. Combine with wooden floors and wood coffee tables for a rustic feel into the room. Classic style living room from homestratosphere

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4. Farmhouse Shutters

Another way to upgrade your curtain is by using farmhouse shutters in the kitchen. Most kitchens are not equipped with curtains. But, when they do, those curtains are only functioned to filter sunlight. Thus, they are made of sheer materials. 

It won’t do for winter. You need a thicker and firmer curtain for the area. While thick curtains are prone to stains, try shutters. Farmhouse shutters made of wood is the best choice. The material can help keep the cool out and doesn’t need cleaning when it’s stained.

A stylish dining room with white shutter and patterned fabric curtains will provide comfort while in the room. You can combine it with wooden furniture and wooden floors for a maximum appearance. White shutter and patterned fabric curtains fromm farmhousejemmajournal

Applying a white shutter and gray curtains will make your kitchen look more attractive. Pair it with an antique chandelier to complete the décor. White shutter and gray curtains from farmhousejemmajournal

Applying the kitchen with a pink shutter will enhance the decor of the room. That way, it will facilitate air circulation into the kitchen. Pink shutter kitchen from hunterdouglas

If you want the kitchen to look more natural, use white shutters. Shutters can help with good air circulation. white shutters from hunterdouglas

Using red shutters will enhance your open kitchen decor. Using wooden floors and wooden furniture will create a warm atmosphere at night. Red shutters from hunterdouglas

All-white room will make your decoration look cleaner and brighter. Add wood shutters that are painted white to get the maximum coolness during the day. Wood shutters from hunterdouglas

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A different curtain for a different room. Are you already prepared for the harsh weather of winter?

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