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26 Winter Ornament Ideas to Greet Santa

Putting up new winter ornament that complements the whole house during the season is much recommend…

Winter is the time where everybody ventures the magical and beauty of the season with relatable winter ornament ideas. Alongside baking delicious cookies and building all the snowmen, placing a winter ornament here and there will bring up more festivities.

If you haven’t had any ideas about what ornament to put or if you want a spark of new inspiration from previous seasons, you should check out the list below. We have covered the top of winter ornament ideas to kick start and make your home ready to greet Santa. More than that, every ornament contributes to the lively Christmas for the whole family.

1. Wreath

Since the front door is the main gateway to let people into the house, placing a wintery wreath will deliver a breath of fresh addition. For more textures, consider one made with fresh greenery, white flowers, and pinecones if you don’t want to look too Christmassy.

This green wreath is complemented by a rainbow sisal tree for added color, faux snow feathers add softness, and a bright red ribbon will make for a unique room decor that will grab the attention of many. Hanging on the front door of this house will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Green wreath with sisal tree from countryliving.

Accented pine cones, and bright berries in this mini tobacco basket will create a unique bouquet in a rustic style. This decoration will create a unique and attractive rustic bouquet. Placing this at the front door will greet your guests with a cheerful and inviting feeling. Rustic wreath ornament from countryliving.

Burlap ribbons serve to decorate the front door of the house and will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Complete your garland decorations with magnolia leaves, dried oranges, and pine cones to celebrate your Christmas day. This decoration will steal the attention of many people and give a unique design. Greenery tied bundle wreath from countryliving.

This green leaf wreath design would make a great garnish with wheat germ spray, a pretty string of ribbon, and some artificial berries. Hanging on the front door of this house will make the room decoration unique and steal the attention of many people. Wheat & berry wreath from countryliving.

This fir wreath design will make a unique bouquet decoration and give your entryway a fresh look. Adding a purple ribbon to this wreath will give the room an eye-catching look and grab the attention of many. Pair it with white doors to create a stylish room. Olive branch wreath from countryliving.

Attach wooden signage to store-bought wreaths for a different look. You can choose garlands of green, pinecone and plaid ribbons for unique and eye-catching decorations. Small wooden Christmas tree accents and hanging on the front door provide a charming home patio decor. Greenery and wooden signage wreath from countryliving.

Try making this wreath with a pair of worn cowboy boots and greenery for a stunning patio decor. Hang it on a red ribbon on the front door for a unique and festive look. Combining it with a garland of greenery and some decorative balls will make for a stylish room. Vintage boots wreath from countryliving.

Beautiful natural flower bouquets that are installed on the door of your house are perfect for you to use because they are very attractive to welcome Christmas. You can make three stacked wreaths to create a unique patio decoration and steal the attention of many people. Lastly, add a neutral embellishment to the exterior for a floral arrangement guaranteed to sparkle and glow this season. DIY woodland wreath trio from countryliving.

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2. Hot Cocoa Bar

Sweeten the palate and atmosphere with some hot cocoa bar that’ll fight off the chilly season. You can prepare a log cabin-inspired hot cocoa bar to enliven the family gatherings. Well, if you want, these sweet snacks can be your friends in a cozy night indoors.

Making chocolate at home during winter or Christmas is perfect for you because by drinking hot chocolate you will not be cold. You can decorate it with Christmas ornaments like in the picture above. You can make them from white, green sideboards, plaid mugs, thermos, and wood slices for a cozy atmosphere. This wooden door design for the background will make any room decor unique and stylish. Winter bar chocolate from weddingomania.

One of the important places you need to have when winter comes are hot chocolate bars, because they will be very useful for you. To beautify your chocolate bars, you can add Christmas trinkets. This crochet tray accent will bring a rustic touch to any room for a unique look. Rustic winter bar chocolate from weddingomania.

This sweet and cozy hot chocolate with a plaid finish, this green and berry setting with horns and metal cups will make any room decor stylish and have a stylish look. These plaid fabric accents will give a look that will steal the attention of many. Hot chocolate bar from weddingomania.

Stylish hot chocolate with a snowy tree, several metal cups, lanterns and snowy signs on the walls give this room a catchy design and grabs the attention of many. This black and white checkered tablecloth will produce a unique look and steal the attention of many people. Hot bar chocolate from weddingomania.

This cozy Christmas hot chocolate with fir tree gives the room a fresh look with a natural touch to the whole room. Combined with plaid elements, blackboards, Christmas arrangements will produce a stylish room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Christmas hot chocolate from weddingomania.

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3. Tablescape

Some relatable winter tablescape decorating inspiration will contribute to a beautiful snowy scene you can enjoy indoors. Try to lighten it up by combining light strings and neutral palette like white winter candles.

Using tablescape decorations from very beautiful linen will decorate your dining table and is perfect for you to try. With beautiful candles, Christmas decorations and white decorations will make your room more attractive and perfect. Green accents and unique chandeliers will make the room decoration unique and steal the attention of many people. Linen tablescape from digsdigs.

A tablescape that uses a lot of brown linen, pillar candles and other decorations is perfect for you to use because it will beautify your room. Complete with rattan placemats and white black plaid napkins for a stunning décor. Choosing a wooden bench complete with this faux fur blanket provides a warm room. Brown linen tablescape from digsdigs.

This gray tablecloth complete with a candle pillar in the center of the table creates a warm room decor and steals the attention of many people. This small candle in a glass cup also provides aromatherapy to the entire room. This white cutlery set is also an attractive room decor and complements any room decor. Gray tablecloth from digsdigs.

This neutral winter table with a checkered tablecloth makes for a stylish room decor. Complete the decorations with artificial trees, mini trees with silver ornaments, wooden cut mats will give a unique and attractive design. Checkered tablecloth from digsdigs.

The view of a winter table using an ombre sequin tablecloth will give a luxurious room decoration and look more elegant. Complete with white flowers, glass candle holders and pillar candles will give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. Ombre sequin tablecloth from digsdigs.

4. Gold and White Mantel

If you’re too impatient to get to the spring after all Santa decors, throwing some greenery with a beautiful gold-and-white mantel arrangement will do. Take this opportunity to place another decoration of a tiny non-working fireplace.

Using an unused fireplace to create a beautiful place with white and gold decorations will make your Christmas even more perfect. Adding the wreath of this gold and white ball ornament will make any room decor luxurious and elegant. White tree branches and added gold ball ornaments also make the perfect decoration. White and gold fireplace from decoist.

A touch of gold and white creates a chic and trendy look on this living room fireplace design. You can use a fireplace and white coat combined with a garland equipped with gold and pink ornaments for a stylish decoration. String lights can also be added to provide soothing lighting throughout the room. Gold and white fireplace from decoist.

Sophisticated and cool winter look with white and gold on your home fireplace mantle. The selection of gold accents on ball ornaments and wreaths will give an elegant look. This white coat fireplace will make for a clean and stylish look. White and gold mantel fireplace from decoist.

Add a little brown and gold to the green wreath decor. You can combine it with a white fireplace which will give it a clean and sleek look. This large painting with an antique frame will produce a unique and luxurious look. Gold garland from decoist.

Decorate your fireplace with a white and gold Christmas tree and other decorations. This decoration is perfect for you to use in the Christmas season to create a glamorous impression. Some stockings hanging on this fireplace mantle will also provide a stylish room decor. This deer statue accent also gives an attractive appearance and steals the attention of many people. White and gold Christmas tree from decoist.

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5. Gumball Machine Ornaments

This idea is an absolute handicraft that isn’t only creative but also cute and lively at the same time. Your mini gumball machine ornaments can either be filled with pom-poms or sweet tiny candies. It’s hard to say no to these cute replicas, so make sure to put this on your bucket list!

Turn plain, clear ornaments into vibrant mini gumball machines. Complete this gumball machine ornament with candy or small pompoms for a unique result. You can place this gumball machine on a white Christmas tree to make your Christmas design more festive. Gumball machine candy from countryliving.

Using a gumball machine filled with candy to decorate a room at Christmas is a great choice. With this decoration your room will look cute. Putting it on the table in this house would be the perfect room decoration. Some of these pompoms will make the room unique and steal the attention of many people. Gumball machine ornament from brooklynberrydesigns.

Making a gumball machine for Christmas decorations is a brilliant idea. Because with this decoration your room will look attractive when Christmas arrives. You can apply a small rabbit figurine in this machine to produce unique decorative decorations and steal the attention of many people. Gumball machine chistmast ornament from thepioneerwoman.

Everything on this winter ornament list is effortless to find or make, so you won’t even have to worry about anything!

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