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23 Fun Winter Crafts That Will Keep You Busy in the Chilliest Time of the Year

It’s winter and be ready for unfriendly temperature. Staying indoors is the best choice. Cherish yo…

When it’s winter, not only kids but also adults need indoor activities. The freezing wind might indeed deter us from going outside and do some outdoor activities. So, whenever you are stuck inside, winter craft will entertain you and surely keep you busy in the chilliest time of the year.

Here are some crafty things you can try this winter. Read on!

1. Candle Holder: Glass Snowman Design

Bring cheer and glow to your winter home with this winter craft project. Craft a snowman candle holder from a frost-painted small glass. Complete the look by adding wire mesh as the hat and ribbon as the scarf. You’ll get enchanting light when the candle is burning inside. 

If you have a mason jar that is no longer in use in the kitchen, then you can try turning it into a candle holder ornament that is very suitable for winter, besides that this ornament is also easy to make without requiring a lot of expenses. You can paint it with a snowman pattern which has a combination of brown and white. Don’t forget to add a rope at the top of the jar to make it as an accent tie that looks natural. Candle mason jar snowman from favecrafts.

You can try this glass mason jar that is reused as a winter craft to welcome winter this year in a simple but fun way. Turn this mason jar into a candle holder design that you can use for lighting a dim and dramatic room. Don’t leave the surface of this jar plain, you can change it up with an enhanced snowman pattern with eyes made of shirt buttons. Glass mason jar candle holder from club.chicacircle.

Repaint all surfaces of the mason jar with white when you are going to reuse it into a candle holder with a cute snowman painting. Not quite up here, you can also add a plaid patterned ribbon as a tie accent which will be a sweet final touch. After everything is finished and the paint is dry, you can place it anywhere according to the needs of the room. Snowman mason jar with ribbon accent from homelovr.

These two mason jars, which are dominated by white, become a winter craft that you can do with your family on the weekend. Here the materials needed are quite easy to find, for example doll eyes, shirt buttons, hats and knitted scarves that have a mix of red and green colors. When this candle holder is turned on, the lighting is warmer and dimmer. DIY candle holder snowman from diyncrafts.

Decorate your Christmas with creative crafts, try to make room ornaments using glass jars as the basic material. You can make it a unique candle holder by coating this glass jar with white paint. To make it more interesting you can paint the snowman’s face by making two eyeballs and attaching a paper triangle as the nose. With this winter you will feel warm in the company of a snowman candle holder. DIY snowman glass candle holder from funfamilycrafts.

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2. Stone Mulch: Rock Snowflake Painting

Though it’s winter, prepare for gardening. Have your rock marker for plant bed ready. Give a wintry touch with a snowflake painting. Once you finished, keep them and later on spring, scatter them as a mulch. With this project, you are going to see winter all year round through the snowflake painted on the stone.

To look beautiful, you don’t have to buy it at an expensive price, you can make it yourself without having to spend too much money. For example, in this winter decoration, you can make it from stone chips that are around you. Take some stone pieces to paint and paint with beautiful pictures. Try to paint this rock with snowflakes, that way you will bring winter in the house. DIY stone snowflakes from mydesiredhome.

Don’t hesitate to use more stones, because the more stones you paint, you will also get a lot of additional room ornaments this winter. Not only is it enough to paint one motif, you can also paint several motifs, for example by depicting snowflakes, Christmas trees, you can even paint Santa figures on these stone chips. Combination of snowflake, Santa and pine tree painting from mydesiredhome.

If you want to present a winter atmosphere in the house in a simple way, you can try taking some stone pieces and painting them with winter nuances. Paint the stone chips with pictures of snowflakes and snowman complete with snow sprinkles. Choosing the right color will affect the final result, blue and white is perfect for this pattern. The combination of blue and white stone painting from mydesiredhome.

Choose a stone chip with a smooth surface, and try to wash it first to make it easier for you in the painting process. In addition, washing these stone chips will make the paint last longer, so you can enjoy the beauty of these stone chips throughout the year. Bold color stone snowflake painting from mydesiredhome.

You can also enjoy the moment of painting these stone chips together with your family on winter weekends, you can also use red and white colors in the decoration theme this time. Try painting some small stone chips with a snowflake motif and combine them with large stone chips to paint a picture of Santa. This can be a perfect combination for your winter decor. Combination of stone snowflake painting with Santa from mydesiredhome.

Not always only with snowflake motifs, you can also combine them with other motifs that are still in accordance with the winter theme. Try painting a few different pictures, such as a Christmas tree, a house wrapped in snow, or a unique deer complete with a scarf and hat. Stone painting with winter theme from mydesiredhome.

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3. Door Wreath: Sweater-Wrapped Style

If you aren’t sure what to do with your old and worn sweater, you can create this cozy sweater-wrapped door wreath. It is best for a door adornment. Besides, you can even sell it if the result looks good.

Do you have an old sweater that is no longer used? If so, then you can reuse it as an inexpensive winter wreath idea and of course can decorate your porch in full color. This sweater wreath idea is very easy to try with your family to fill the infrequent winter time for outdoor activities. Colorful sweater wreath from

To warmly welcome guests who come to your home, you can apply a wreath on the front door. Not only with ordinary wreaths, you can also adapt them to the winter theme, for example by using a sweater that you no longer use to use, covering the wreath on your front door with a round shape and choosing a thicker knitted sweater material to make it seem warmer. Winter wreath knitted sweater from scratchandstitch.

If you want a luxurious and beautiful look, you can use a white sweater with iron ornaments with sparkling gems. Wrap the white sweater so that it fills all parts of the foam wreath with no visible inside, then lock the knots together using sparkling ornaments and a beautiful matching pom-pom accent. Wreath knitted fabric with iron ornaments and white pom-poms from goodhousekeeping.

To strengthen the sweater loop on the wreath, also use fiber rope to coat the outer surface of the sweater wreath. You can also add additional accessories to enhance the appearance of the wreath on your front door, for example by replacing two or three pinecones in the upper middle of the wreath sweater that has been enhanced with a sprinkling of white snow. Sweater wreath with pinecone ornament from stonegableblog.

4. Colorful Buttons Material

Another indoor activity you can do is making a unique craft from colorful buttons. It’s an easy adult craft. You only need lots of buttons to create this craft. You can make anything with these buttons, for example to decorate photo frame, button wreath or for table decoration. Then, you can keep them in each of your rooms as home décor.

You can also create beautiful works of art that you can display on the front of the house. Wreath installed on the front door of your house will be more attractive and unique if you add colorful buttons that cover the entire outer surface of the wreath. Not only using one type of worm, you can also use several types, colors, and sizes of worms to decorate a wreath with a maximum appearance. Colorful button door wreath from hative.

This mini pine tree ornament made of cinnamon and greenery can be perfected with the use of colorful buttons as additional colorful accents and is ready to make this pine tree as a home decoration in winter. You can add a string accent to make it easier for you to hang this ornament anywhere according to the needs of the room. Cinnamon mini pine tree with button accent from christmas.365greetings.

You can turn the three color buttons into a winter craft into a large snowman that can be applied to a wooden plank with a standard thickness. You can attach this button using glue that has good enough resistance so that the button that is installed does not come off easily. For the snowman hat you can use the black button. Button snowman on a wooden board from thefrugalnavywife.

This flannel craft that is perfected with a snowman button is ready to be used to decorate your home decor in winter. You can make it easily without having to spend too much money. Don’t forget to add a hat accent to this snowman with a black flannel cloth and a red and white tie that is beautifully wrapped around the neck. Button snowman in flannel craft from cutesycrafts.

DIY button wreath can be one of the winter home decorations that you must try easily with your family to fill the void during the weekend. The materials needed are colorful buttons in large quantities and hot glue that can glue the buttons to the foam base material on the inside of the wreath. You can arrange this button completely onto the wreath surface for a more pleasing appearance. DIY button winter wreath from allfreeholidaycrafts.

Do you need home decoration in winter? If so, then you can make a ball made of two layers of burlap with a splash of different colors. Don’t let this ball appear plain, you can add an accent button that is shaped into a snowman complete with a black hat painting on the head. Burlap ball ornament with snowman button accent from allfreeholidaycrafts.

If you need a craft to perfect your table in winter then you can use the red and white button to turn it into a mini Christmas tree ornament which is equipped with a ribbon accent on the top so it looks more beautiful and attracts attention. DIY Christmas tree button red and white from allfreeholidaycrafts.

Winter usually requires more pillows and blankets, now you can apply winter crafts on your pillows to emphasize this season in a more pleasant year. You can describe a pine tree that is equipped with several buttons of different sizes. Pine tree in the pillow area with button accents from allfreeholidaycrafts.

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Those winter crafts are only a few of many activities you can do. And, they are worth to try.

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