35 Fun Winter Crafts That Will Keep You Busy in the Chilliest Time of the Year

When it’s winter, not only kids but also adults need indoor activities. The freezing wind might indeed deter us from going outside and do some outdoor activities. So, whenever you are stuck inside, winter craft will entertain you and surely keep you busy in the chilliest time of the year.

Here are some crafty things you can try this winter. Read on!

1. Candle Holder: Glass Snowman Design

Bring cheer and glow to your winter home with this winter craft project. Craft a snowman candle holder from a frost-painted small glass. Complete the look by adding wire mesh as the hat and ribbon as the scarf. You’ll get enchanting light when the candle is burning inside. 

You can make a unique candle holder by coating this glass cup with white paint. To make it more interesting, you can paint a snowman’s face by making two eyeballs and sticking paper triangles as the nose. DIY Snowman Glass Candle Holder from @jacquelinesmalleycustomart

Glass wine, which is dominated by white, is a winter craft that you can do with your family on weekends. Here the materials needed are quite easy to find, for example doll eyes, shirt buttons, knit hats and scarves that have a blend of red and green. Snowman Wine Candle Holder from @bdazzledbyjoan

Cover the surface of the jar with white paper when you are going to reuse it as a candle holder with a cute snowman painting. That’s not enough, you can also add a snowman’s face which will be a sweet final touch. Snowman Mason Jar Candle Holder from @fairlybrutal

You can try reusing glass jars as a winter craft to welcome winter this year in a simple yet fun way. Turn this mason jar into a candle holder design that you can use to light up a dim and dramatic room. Snowflake Mason Jar from @ankinishcreations

If you have a mason jar that you no longer use in your kitchen, then you can try turning it into a candlestick decoration. You can paint it with a snowman pattern that has a combination of brown and white. Winter Candle Hodler from @pinkangel.designs

2. Stone Mulch: Rock Snowflake Painting

Though it’s winter, prepare for gardening. Have your rock marker for plant bed ready. Give a wintry touch with a snowflake painting. Once you finished, keep them and later on spring, scatter them as a mulch. With this project, you are going to see winter all year round through the snowflake painted on the stone.

Painting the rocks in this snowflake pattern will give you a pretty winger look. Choosing this bold color will also complete the look. Snowflake Rock Painting from @ boyalitasdevri_

Blue and white give a beautiful stone look for you to try. Choosing this snowflake pattern can brighten up your winter ornaments. Blue and White Stone Painting from @my_painted_rocks

Liven up winter in your home by painting rocks with this winter theme to be the perfect idea for you to try. Painting according to this creativity will also make an attractive design. DIY Winter Stone Painting from @moonriverrocks

DIY Rock cat with a snowflake pattern and this kitty steals the show. Making your own doesn’t cost much and makes a design to your liking. DIY Paint Rock from @kckdrocks

A winter project with rock painting will give it a unique look. Try painting some of these rocks in a snowflake pattern for maximum results. DIY Stone Snowflakes from myrrasrocks.

Choosing a rock painted with this snowflake pattern is sure to steal the eye. Using this turquoise background will make this stone stand out. Stone Art painting from @yuliart.dots

Choose a stone chip with a smooth surface, and try to wash it first to make it easier for you in the painting process. In addition, washing these stone chips will make the paint last longer, so you can enjoy the beauty of these stone chips throughout the year Bold and White Rock Painting from @behennaed_khp_studio

Not only is it enough to paint one motif, you can also paint several motifs, for example by depicting snowflakes, a Christmas tree, you can even paint a Santa figure on the crushed stone. Winter Snowflake Pianting fom @williamsburgrec

Try painting some small rock chips in a glitter snowflake pattern. This can be the perfect combination for your winter decor. Glitter SNowflake Painting from @spottles_dot_art

You could try taking some rock scraps and painting them in a winter shade. Color the rock chips with snowflakes and snowmen, complete with sprinkles of snow. Turquoise Snowflake Rock Painting from @tiny_mandalas

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3. Door Wreath: Sweater-Wrapped Style

If you aren’t sure what to do with your old and worn sweater, you can create this cozy sweater-wrapped door wreath. It is best for a door adornment. Besides, you can even sell it if the result looks good.

If you want to look beautiful, you can use a white sweater. Wrap the white sweater so that it fills the entire foam wreath without showing the inside. Winter White Sewater Wreath from @justcallmehomegirl

By using a red sweater that is hung at your doorstep with a round shape and choosing a thicker knitted sweater. Complemented with red flowers this will also balance the look. Red Sweater Wreath from @adirondackgirlatheart

You can reuse sweaters as inexpensive winter wreath ideas. This sweater set idea is super easy to try out with the family to fill up the rare winter time for outdoor activities. Cable Knit Sweater Wreath from @ashandcompanyhomedecor

Wrapping a sweater around this hula hop creates the perfect wreath for this winter. Complete with greeney accents and this ribbon manages to steal the eye. Winter Wreath Sweater from @farmhouseon52

To strengthen the sweater loops on the wreath, also use fiber rope to line the outer surface of the wreath. You can also add additional accessories to enhance the appearance of the wreath on your front door. DIY Wreath Sweater from @therurallegend

You can make Wreath made from this sweater yourself by using materials that are no longer used. Complementing it with this red flannel flower manages to give an attractive appearance. Sweater Wreath with Felt Flower from @winnipegetsy

Making your own flower arrangement from this sweater can give you a beautiful home look for you to try. Choosing a white sweater can give a clean look. DIY Sweater Wreath from @cozy_yarn

The wreath of this sweater is accented with greenery and berry red for a charming front door decoration. Making this yourself won’t cost a fortune and could be your next Sunday project. Greenery and Sweater Wreath from @bottlesbythebeach

DIY wreath from this sweater makes your winter design more attractive and eye-catching. The orange ribbon and deer accents attached to this wreath successfully complete your wreath look. White Winter Wreath Sweater from @jenabylauren

Pieces of sweaters that are arranged into wreaths this winter managed to steal the show. Equipped with a gold-colored ribbon, it will also provide a charming design. Sweater Wreath with Ribbon from @plainbagelbelly

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4. Colorful Buttons Material

Another indoor activity you can do is making a unique craft from colorful buttons. It’s an easy adult craft. You only need lots of buttons to create this craft. You can make anything with these buttons, for example to decorate photo frame, button wreath or for table decoration. Then, you can keep them in each of your rooms as home décor.

This ball ornament is made of colorful buttons which will give it a unique and different design. Don’t forget to add string at the top of the ball to make it easier for you to hang it anywhere you like. Colorful Button Ball Ornament from @cleanhavenmaven

Now you can apply a winter craft of colorful buttons with tree shapes to emphasize the season of the year even more. You can depict a pine tree equipped with several buttons of different sizes. Button Craft Ornament from @farmgirlfreshco

If you need a craft to beautify your home in winter you can use colorful buttons and crochet to turn it into a mini Christmas tree ornament which is complemented by a red string accent on top to make it look prettier and more attractive. Button and Crochet Ornament from @curlygingercreations

Do you need home decoration in winter? If so, then you can make a tree ornament made of buttons. Choosing brightly colored buttons will also balance out the look. Button Tree from @heltonharvestmama

DIY button snowman could be one winter home decor you should try. The materials needed are colorful buttons and hot glue that can glue the buttons together to become an attractive snowman. DIY Button Snowman from @stefaniemakol

This fox button craft with enhanced wreath shape and red bow is ready to be used to decorate your home decor for winter season. You can make it easily without having to spend a lot of money. Small Button Wreath from @fuzzybumbleboutique

You can turn buttons into winter crafts into trees that can be applied to your Christmas tree. You can attach these buttons using glue that has good enough resistance so that the attached buttons don’t come off easily. Colorful Button Ornament from @wallflowersgathered

This tree ornament made of bright colored buttons can make this pine tree a home decoration in winter. You can add a rope accent to make it easier for you to hang this decoration anywhere according to the needs of the room. Bright Button Tree from @suddenly_crafting

This Christmas tree ornament from felt and buttons will decorate this year’s winter. Not only using one type of worm, you can also use several types, colors, and sizes of worms to decorate wreaths with the maximum appearance. Button and Felt Tree from @buttonlovers

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Those winter crafts are only a few of many activities you can do. And, they are worth to try.


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