Do You Have a Lodge? Make it Cozy during Winter with These 30 Ideas

When it comes to lodge decoration, it should be about a place that is warm, inviting, and comfortable. Especially for this winter, creating a warm atmosphere is such a must so that you can still enjoy your time during winter there. It can be said that decorating the lodge is not that far from decorating your home. The ways in providing the warm atmosphere are varied such as by providing the facilities, home accessories, and ambiance that can support your needs in creating warmth. For the facilities, you can provide the fireplace, fire pit, warm seating pad, and more. Then, for the home accessories, you can provide the warm rug material, cushions, throw blankets, and more. The warm ambiance can be made by providing the warm lighting like candles, string lights, fairy lights, etc. Here are the ideas for you.

Winter Lodge Porch

Decorating the winter cottage terrace with a touch of wood in the interior produces comfortable and attractive home decor. Choosing to use this set of wooden tables and chairs will also create a matching look and a different design. These thick blankets and pillows provide extra comfort and warmth throughout the home. The large carpet under this chair set will also provide extra comfort for your feet. Winter Lodge Porch from @fifi_and_hop

Rustic Fireplace

The fireplace accent in the living room of this winter cottage is able to provide warmth to your body so that it gives you an attractive home look. Choosing a fireplace from this natural stone will give a rustic feel to the decor of this cottage house. This type of fireplace can be the perfect focal point of a room. This soft sofa set will provide comfort and warmth when you are in this living room. Rustic Fireplace from @meainbacolod

Winter Living Room

To warm up the atmosphere of the living room during a winter cottage, you can use the Ski hut style which is equipped with some warm furniture such as comfortable chairs and a fireplace. At this time you can also use fireplace accents as heating, don’t forget to complete it with a stone coat to give a natural touch and a different look. This pendant lamp placed above the sofa is able to provide dramatic lighting throughout the house. Winter Living Room from @cerno_group

Reading Nook

Having a lodging house designed with a comfortable winter touch is equipped with some soft items. Like the picture above, throwing some pillows and a soft faux fur blanket placed over the reading corner can produce a comfortable and stylish design. These string lights and candles in glass will also provide an eye-catching design and dramatic lighting. Reading Nook from @elainepatrice

Pillow and Blanket

The winter decoration in this cottage house is equipped with pillows and soft blankets will produce a warm and cozy home decor. Placing pillows and blankets on this wooden sofa produces a comfortable and different design every year. The white deer head accent against the wall will also balance the winter look in this living room. Pillow and Blanket from @rosewoodsandhill

Stone Fireplace

The design of a stone fireplace with a size large enough to be a heating accent that you can apply to decorate a rustic living room this winter with a splash of lodge style in your home. Wooden walls and ceilings are interiors that you can apply in this room, don’t forget to add a chair covered with several pillows as a comfortable and warm seat when used. This wooden coffee table will also balance the look of this winter lodge house. Stone Fireplace from @yourmaineconcierge

Bedroom Winter Lodge

The lodge-style is usually applied to room decorations in winter because basically, this style gives a warm feel to this bedroom. It’s not enough to end here, you can also use a soft and soft bedding set to give a warm and comfortable look. This wood touch gives a warm and natural touch to the decor of this lodge house. Bedroom Winter Lodge from @yourmaineconcierge

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Cozy Living Room

The décor of the cottage living room is complemented by the use of a natural stone fireplace and a comfortable sitting area. Choosing this design is able to provide comfort and a warm impression that will accompany you when winter arrives. The natural stone and wood used as the main materials for the fireplace and chairs is a clever idea that can instantly bring out the style of the Ski lodge. Pairing it with the beige color scheme on this wall will also give the room a bright and serene look. Winter Living Room from @trendsplustravel

Winter Lodge Bedroom

The use of a touch of wood that is applied in decorating a winter lodge bedroom is the best choice you can try. Using this wood material will give a warm impression and will absorb the cold in your home decor. Combined with the ubiquitous candles, this can create dramatic lighting in your cottage bedroom. This quilted bed set and soft fur rug will also provide comfort and a warm feel to your entire home. Winter Lodge Bedroom from @number55__

Christmas Lodge Living Room

You can try adding some Christmas touches to the cottage living room decor. Using a deer head patterned banner and a few small Christmas trees can also make your home decoration more interesting and interesting for you to try. The dramatic lighting on these lanterns will also provide a warm touch while in this living room. This soft seating set equipped with a blanket is also able to protect your body from the cold that enters this cottage house. Christmas Lodge Living Room from @ladyblundell

Winter Lodge Dining Room

This wooden dining table set and complete with some faux fur blankets make your winter cottage dining room decor warmer and more comfortable. Choosing this dai wood material will last a long time and will also reduce the cold from outside. In addition, the lighting from candles and scones with yellow lighting can give the impression of a dramatic and stylish room. Winter Lodge Dining Room from @2nesov

Winter Corner Lodge

The atmosphere of the corner of a cottage winter house will be warmer when you add a seating area equipped with pillows and fleece blankets. This is a simple idea that you can apply to your cottage home decor that will set the design apart. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also take advantage of the large glass windows to enter the sun at sunrise. Winter Corner Lodge from @cabinconnoisseurllc

Layered Blanket

Instead of adding a cozy and warm bed to make your room feel cozier when winter comes, try the image above. Applying a layered blanket and combining it with some wooden interiors can reduce the cold entering your cottage. Using a wooden ceiling and floor and bed frame without polishing and repainting will bring the original style to the decor of this cottage bedroom. Try it for your next cottage home decorating ideas. Layered Blanket from @cabinconnoisseurllc

Fluffy Pillows and Blankets

Get cozy in the lodge’s living room by applying some pillows and this soft fleece blanket for eye-catching and eye-catching home decor. Putting it on this sofa will give a warm and comfortable impression when you are in the uni lodge living room. Beige walls, a large white sofa complete with a few throw pillows deliberately set up on it, and a wooden coffee table that you can apply to fill your lodge living room in winter. Not only that, you can also add a jute rug for warmth on your feet. Fluffy Pillows and Blankets from @pollypaddy

Winter Lodge Porch

For a more winter look on your cottage patio in the winter, try adding a sitting area complete with a faux fur blanket over this wooden chair. To make it look more elegant, you can add some other winter ornaments that will give you interesting home decor for you to try. This potted pine tree, skis, and wooden exterior will balance the patio look of this cottage house. Winter Lodge Porch from @pollypaddy

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Winter Windows Treatment

This one is an eye-catching decoration that is created by adding a window treatment area that is perfect for applying to your winter cottage living room. You can use hanging wreaths. Choosing a bouquet of green leaves and complemented by a red ribbon can produce attractive and eye-catching home decor. Slein that adds accents to this Christmas tree will also balance the look of this winter cottage living room. Winter Widows Treatment from @cindycruz1

Winter Vintage Ornament

This vintage winter ornament is an interesting cottage living room decorating idea. Choosing this vintage ornament will not cost you much because you can buy it at the flea market at a cheap price. The choice of ornaments in the form of skis, reindeer heads, Christmas trees, and fir garland can change the look of this cottage living room with a touch of winter to the whole room. This is an interesting home decorating idea for you to try because it has an attractive appearance and can be the center of attention. Winter Vintage Ornament from @bargecanalmarket

Winter Centerpieces

Winter centerpieces in the form of pinecones, and candles in this old wooden box can complete the look of your lodge home dining table. In addition, adding a snowflake ornament that is painted white and hung on the dining table is able to give an attractive design appearance for you to try. Combined with this wooden dining table set will also balance the look with the style of this lodge house. This soft sofa which is equipped with pillows and blankets is also able to protect you from the cold. Winter Centerpieces from @jasmines_home

Winter Mantel Decor

It’s a great idea to apply these winter fireplace mantel ideas to your cottage living room decor. Choose a fir wreath with string lights, and a small Christmas tree decoration to attract everyone who comes. Paired with a wood mantel and a natural stone fireplace, this winter cottage living room décor is perfect. Winter Mantel Decor from @cumberland_falls_srp

Winter Lodge Entryway

This cottage house comes with a touch of winter in its décor. Like the picture above, the addition of some winter ornaments in the form of skis, cotton garlands, and soft blankets will result in a comfortable and inviting entryway lodge. This wooden bench and several other rustic ornaments will add to the style of this room’s decor. Winter Lodge Entryway from @bargecanalmarket

Christmas Tree

The large Christmas tree in this cottage bedroom is the center of everyone’s attention and will evoke a sense of winter throughout the room. Placing this near a window is a perfect idea as it won’t take up much space. The white nuance on the walls of the room will give the impression of calm and peace, besides that you can also feel an elegant appearance at the same time. The touch of wood on some of this furniture also gives the house a natural and elegant look. Christmas Tree from @cottonandrust

Winter Galand

You can also add a touch of winter in the form of a garland that is placed above the window to give a winter vibe to this lodge bedroom. This is a simple idea that you can try because it has an attractive appearance and can be the center of attention. It’s a good idea to look elegant in this lodge bedroom with a touch of wood on all the interiors of this room. You can use this wood on floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture to give your winter lodge bedroom a natural feel. Winter Galand from @foxfirelodge

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Winter Reading Nook

The white nuance in decorating your corner reading room can be enhanced by using some interiors that have a touch of wood. You can use this wood accent on some furniture and ornaments such as chairs, tables, and winter ski lodge ornaments, and this ski board will be an interesting room decoration for you to try. This is a simple idea that you can try because having the right combination and wood accents will also dampen the atmosphere in this reading room. Winter Reading Nook from @halostohissyfits

Ski Lodge Sign

An easy way to bring a touch of winter to the decor of this cottage home is to use a touch of wood for a different design. Applying some rustic ornaments in the form of large ski lodge signposts, wreaths and other antique ornaments produces interesting home decorations for you to try. This shabby wooden wardrobe will also balance the look of a cottage house with a touch of winter. Ski Lodge Sign from @downshilohroad

Winter Windows Bench

This window decoration is equipped with several winter ornaments in the form of a garland, a deer head, and several deer-patterned pillows. This is a simple cottage decoration idea that will create an attractive home look for you to try. this will never fail, this tartan blanket can also welcome winter with a comfortable and warm impression. This quilted rug will also provide extra warmth to your feet. Winter Windows Bench from @houseonvalleyroad

Winter Lodge Porch

The terrace of the cottage house that has been conjured up with some winter ornaments can give a cool touch and will welcome your guests with a cheerful message. Like the picture above, using an evergreen garland that is equipped with white ornaments such as balls, skis, and snowflake will look more festive. The sled next to this wreath will also complete the look and will give the house a perfect look. Winter Lodge Porch from @seasonalstylingandevents

Rustic Winter Lodge

This rustic cottage is decorated with a touch of winter, resulting in interesting home decor for you to try. Here you can add a large Christmas tree placed in the corner of the house and a touch of wood in this interior decoration. A seating area equipped with a soft sofa, pillows, and blankets will also provide a comfortable and inviting space. This soft plush rug will also add extra comfort to this home décor. Rustic Winter Lodge from @e.lynndesign

Winter Lodge Living Room

If you have a lodging house that you want to decorate with a touch of winter, you can try it like the picture above. Adding a green garland and string light placed over the mantel is a simple idea you can try. A Christmas tree placed in the corner of this room can attract everyone who comes. These wood accents will also provide a warm and inviting space. Winter Lodge Living Room from @plaids.and.poppies

Lodge Christmas Decor

This lodge house dressing is equipped with a few winter touches that will be the center of attention. Here you can add a small Christmas tree, rustic ornaments, and Santa accents that will vibrate winter throughout the house. This wooden wall will also balance the look of the lodge house and will provide a charming and warm design to welcome the cold air. Lodge Christmas Decor from @mentonevacationrentals

Cabin Christmas Decor

In this cabin house, you can add a large Christmas tree accent that is placed in the corner of the living room. Choosing a large Christmas tree can create an attractive home appearance. In this house, the entire interior uses wood accents that will dampen the upcoming cold. This wooden furniture will also balance the look and give it a different décor. Cabin Christmas Decor from @knotty_pine_cabins

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