55 Farmhouse Winter Decorations

During winter, with the snow falling and the cold weather, you need to adjust your home decoration, right? That will be really functional to give you comfort in facing the season. Well, anyway, when talking about winter decoration, it won’t be only for warm things that you add like the warm throw blanket, cushion, warm rug, fireplace, etc. But, it will also be about the impression and atmosphere that can bring a warm feeling to your heart. Here, we do recommend you to have the farmhouse home decoration where it is known that the style can bring such a warm impression. The reason is that the farmhouse style uses nature element materials for the decoration. Also, it brings an earthy color and has a nostalgic impression for sure.

Indoor Decoration

It can be said that the indoor decoration is the important one since you will stay there during the season way more than the outdoor. Here, you can focus on your private room and public room at once. For the public room, you can do it for your living room with the fireplace, furniture, and ornament. Then, you can also do the decoration for your bedroom, your stair, your kitchen, your entryway, and more.

Galvanize Bucket Planter from Curatedinterior

White Painted Wooden Bench from Curatedinterior

Wooden Console Table from Curatedinterior

Blue Dresser from Curatedinterior

Tiered Tray from Curatedinterior

Wooden Candle Stick from Curatedinterior

Wooden Bench from Homebnc

JOY Stair Sign from Homebnc

Christmas Tree Sign from Homebnc

Wooden Ladder from Homebnc

Burlap Garland from Homebnc

Wooden Rack with Galvanize Basket from Homebnc

White Painted Bench from Homebnc

Farmhouse Winter Mantel from Homebnc

Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room from Countryliving

Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets from Countryliving

Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom from Countryliving

Stone Fireplace from Onekindesign

Winter Stair Decor from Onekindesign

Wooden Coffee Table from Onekindesign

White Wooden Bench from Onekindesign

Old Wooden Bed Frame from Onekindesign

White Farmhouse Living Room from Onekindesign

Round Wooden Coffee Table from Onekindesign

Wooden Furniture from Onekindesign

Wooden Bench from Onekindesign

Farmhouse Kitchen from Onekindesign

Flagstone Fireplace from Onekindesign

White Dresser from Onekindesign

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Outdoor Decoration

Well, although you won’t spend your time outside during winter, decorating your outdoor space is also worth it. It will be great to add the winter touches to your porch or front door so that the winter spirit can be felt anywhere. You can also give a good impression to people who walk through in front of your house. You can check the following pictures to find the best winter outdoor decorations.

Farmhouse Front Door Decor from Curatedinterior

Wooden Santa Sleigh from Curatedinterior

Painted Wooden Christmas Tree from Homebnc

Brick Floor from Onekindesign

Whitewashed Wooden Boxes Planter from Digsdigs

Galvanize Buckets Planter from Digsdigs

Outdoor Wooden Bench from Homestoriesatoz

Snowy Birch Tree Clippings Display from Homestoriesatoz

Wooden Snowman from Tasteofhome

Outdoor Christmas Trees from Remodelaholic

Farmhouse Porch from Onekindesign

White JOY Sign from Onekindesign

Old Cart from Onekindesign

Wooden JOY from Onekindesign

Grey Chest Coffee Table from Onekindesign

White Wooden Table from Onekindesign

Natural Wooden Bench from Onekindesign

Painted Wooden Sleight from Onekindesign

Natural Wooden Boxes Planter from Onekindesign

White Pallet Christmas Tree from Homebnc

Painted Wooden Sign from Homebnc

Natural Wooden Snowflake from Homebnc

DIY Lighted Branch and Reindeer from Homebnc

Wooden Joy Sign from Homebnc

Merry Christmas Sign from Homebnc

3D Wooden Snowman from Onekindesign

Lighted Branch Tree from Onekindesign


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