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25 Winter Wonderland Decorations

If you are looking for the best winter decoration theme, then we do recommend you to have the winte…

If you are looking for the best winter decoration theme, then we do recommend you to have the winter wonderland decoration. It won’t be without any reason because we all know that the wonderland decoration will bring you to the atmosphere where everything could be seen as calming and exciting at the same time. The decoration will give you a festive impression but not too much at all because the color choices for the winter theme will calm down the decoration. For your consideration, you can have the snowflake here and there, have the snowy effect on any part of your home ornament, and more. Well, winter will be related will the snow, right? There will be so many ideas that you can have for the winter wonderland decoration that won’t be enough if it is done only with explanations. Below, we have prepared some images for your decoration references. Enjoy!

The white hue is one of the characteristics of the winter wonderland dining room decoration that you must try to welcome Christmas this year. You can start from the use of a Christmas tree, dining table, dresser and several other interiors in white. Some furniture made of reclaimed wood brings a vintage feel instantly. White color hue dining room from architecturesideas.

The fireplace is an important interior that must be had in a room during winter as a heater. You can decorate this fireplace according to the winter wonderland theme, for example, installing a wooden mantel decorated with Christmas tree ornaments that are dominated by white. Reuse your old frame as an additional decoration that can be perfected with a wreath ornament. Mantel decoration from architecturesideas.

When you think of a winter wonderland, white snow ornaments are the first thing that must be applied to a room that is going to be decorated. You can make this snow ornament from paper and then attach it to the wall area using adhesive glue. Greenery, pinecones and Christmas balls are decorations for the dining table that match the theme of this year’s winter wonderland. White snowflake ornament from architecturesideas.

To welcome winter in your bedroom decor, you can start with the use of warm interiors such as velvet beds and faux fur carpets. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add wonderland ornaments such as silver deer candles and lighting trees. This silver nightstand also gives the impression of luxury that is not excessive. Silver deer ornament and lighting tree from architecturesideas.

This white-tablecloth runner, perfected with a wooden tray filled with frosted pine leaves, white Christmas balls, and a tall glass vase, has become a winter wonderland dining room decoration that is quite popular this year. This wooden tray can be used as a centerpiece decoration, while the chandelier that is right above the dining table can be decorated with several materials that match your centerpiece decoration. Winter centerpiece decoration from architecturesideas.

You can decorate the staircase area of ​​your home with a winter wonderland theme by placing a Christmas tree around it. Complete this frosted Christmas tree with fairy lighting that will give a dramatic impression at night. Then you can add writing on each step according to the winter wonderland theme. Use black writing to make it look clearer. Staircase decoration from architecturesideas.

Green and white applied in a winter wonderland dining room will work well together. Now you can use white as the color that dominates the room. Frosted Christmas trees and hanging wreaths are two very popular winter wonderland decorations. Hang the wreath with a black ribbon for a prettier look, a splash of green on a frame of this painting can be used as an artistic value that never goes out of style. Combination of wreath and Christmas tree from architecturesideas.

This winter Wonderland-themed living room is dominated by white and some fairy lights accents and warm interiors such as faux fur rugs that make you feel warmer when the room temperature starts to cool. Furthermore, the Christmas tree standing which is perfected with a string light loop also adds texture to your living room so that it seems warmer and more comfortable to use throughout the day. White scheme color living room from shelterness.

Take advantage of the top surface of your wooden dresser to arrange some winter wonderland ornaments that can welcome your guests when they come to your house with great joy. You can put some winter ornaments such as Christmas balls, frosted pinecones, branches, paper snowflakes, and greenery which are applied to white ceramic vases, arrange them neatly and orderly so that they can be used as room views from different angles. Dresser decoration from shelterness.

One of the must-have winter wonderland decorations is a Christmas tree. This year, brighten up your Christmas tree with white ornaments and string light accents that can give a dramatic impression at night and you can enjoy the snowy atmosphere in this living room with your family or friends. The Christmas garland that frames your fireplace decor is a finishing touch that emphasizes the winter style. Christmas tree corner with white ornaments and string light from shelterness.

To save costs when decorating the winter wonderland living room, you can use paper snowflake ornaments that are installed on the wall area and some are hung to the ceiling using white thread. To emphasize the wonderland feel in this room, you can add some greenery Christmas trees that have a variety of different sizes. DIY paper snowflake decorations from shelterness.

Two frosted greenery Christmas trees that are applied to this rattan wicker pot can be placed in the winter wonderland dining room decoration, this Christmas tree is easier to move anywhere according to the needs of the room decoration. Complete the existence of this Christmas tree with some glitter cutlery that is placed on the wooden dining table neatly and orderly. You can copy these dining room decorating ideas. Two frosted Christmas trees with rattan wicker pots from shelterness.

The fireplace decor is likely the focal point of any winter home this year. You can spend a lot of time by the fireplace with your family, so you can add an element of winter with a white hue around it. The snowy Christmas tree, Christmas socks and white ornaments over the mantel create a winter wonderland feel. Hexagon mirror with gold frame adds color to the room. Fireplace as the focal point from shelterness.

This nursery room decoration decorated with two Christmas trees emphasizes the winter wonderland theme which is quite popular this year. Now you can also hang socks filled with branches and greenery on your bed, hang them using a pink ribbon for a more cute and sweet look. Repaint your baby’s bed with white to make it more in line with the theme you are currently using. Nursery room from shelterness.

This winter Wonderland-themed fireplace design is perfected with frozen greenery combined with a white Christmas ball hanging. You can also use wood deer antlers as a coat decoration, don’t forget to place white branches on both sides of the coat of the same size. The dangling white Christmas socks are an additional ornament that matches your current decor, the faux fur rug lining adds a warmer atmosphere to the room. Winter fireplace design with white socks decoration from shelterness.

To create a winter wonderland, add frosted decor to your living room decor. For example, adding a snowy Christmas tree, some interiors made of reclaimed wood make the farmhouse living room decorations that never go out of style. A wooden clock that is large enough to be a focal point for wall decorations that you can apply at this time. Farmhouse winter living room from shelterness.

To welcome your guests and family who come to your house, you can decorate the entryways with a winter wonderland theme which is dominated by white. Now you can place two applied Christmas trees on either side of the reclaimed wood bench. Place a candle lantern on a bench as a heating accent that can be used when the temperature in the room starts to feel cold. Vintage rugs become layers of wood floors that can be used simultaneously. Entryway decoration from shelterness.

The white powder sprinkled on the wooden hanging rack is like a snow ornament that can be complemented with some greenery and white house ornaments. You can combine it with a Christmas tree that is large enough to make it the focal point of a beautiful room. This snowy Christmas tree is also equipped with a string light that has a yellow color so that it gives the effect of a warmer room and of course very comfortable to use for gathering with your family. White powder on the shelf area as a snow ornament from shelterness.

Greenery garland, white deer ornaments and Christmas tree ornaments that are placed together in this mantel area will work well together to bring the feel of winter wonderland this month. You can also add two candles with a size large enough for lighting while giving the effect of a warmer room. To emphasize this theme, you can add a white throw pillow that has a snowflake pattern. Mantel with added candles from shelterness.

Not only decorating your living room to welcome the winter wonderland theme, now you can decorate the staircase area using several snowy Christmas trees that have a variety of different sizes. Also, use a variety of different pots for a more different look, then you can adjust the snowy layout of this Christmas tree so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space when heading up the stairs. Snowy Christmas tree in the staircase area from digsdigs.

This wooden stair railing decorated with a snowy garland can be used as one of the characteristics of a winter wonderland-themed room decoration. Not only garland, but you can also add faux snow under the stairs which are perfected with two Christmas trees of different sizes. Candle lantern is warmer as well as lighting at night. Stair railing with snowy garland decoration from digsdigs.

White is a very popular winter color choice throughout the year, now you can try it in a dining room decoration that is perfected with some wonderland ornaments such as a snowy Christmas tree and some Christmas tree ornaments that are applied as centerpiece decorations. The faux fur blanket over the benches and chairs is an accent that never fails. Several glass windows in this room provide natural lighting for the room. White dining room from digsdigs.

White powder sprinkled on the greenery of the Christmas tree and garland will give an impression like snow and is certainly very suitable for decorating a winter wonderland room. Not only a sprinkling of white powder, you can also add other winter ornaments such as deer and Christmas trees, use some of these ornaments with a choice of white color to match your current winter theme. Arrange all these ornaments neatly and orderly. White powder as a sprinkling of snow ornament winter from digsdigs.

Take advantage of a little wall area for a winter wonderland decoration by installing a floating open wooden shelf which is used to put some small ornaments such as a mini Christmas tree, white house ornaments and square signs that are placed together neatly and orderly. The series of small white pom-poms are the finishing touch that emphasizes the winter decor this year. Floating shelves with small winter ornaments from digsdigs.

By adding a touch of sparkle to this magical snow-themed room, you can try it with some winter ornaments like a silver deer with glittering glitter antlers. Not only deer ornaments, but you can also put DIY mini Christmas trees and candle holders as warmer accents that are easy to get. The sparkle of the deer ornament as a room decoration from digsdigs.

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