25 Proper Winter Mantel Designs

During the winter season, the fireplace will be one of the most important things that should be existed in your house. This one will give you comfort in facing the winter so that you can enjoy the magical winter decoration even in such a cold temperature. Well, related to the fireplace, it will be great if you can give the touches of winter there where you can focus on your mantel designs. Giving it the winter touches not only for the beauty of the decoration needs but also can be really functional to bring the spirit of winter. You can decorate it just like you decorate your other parts of your home decoration that are presenting the things related to winter will be the effective one. Let’s say that you can apply the snowflake, snowy effect here and there, decorative candles for magical impressions, evergreen, and more. Go down for the complete explanation that was added with the images at once.

Several winter ornaments that are applied simultaneously to the fireplace mantle will look more festive and attract attention. Here you can combine some Christmas tree bottlebrushes, evergreen garlands, pom-pom accents and hanging stockings that have a bold red snowflake pattern. Festive Look Winter Fireplace Decoration from @drivewaytodreams_crystal

Do you have a large number of pinecones? If so, then assemble it and make it a highly recommended fireplace mantel decoration for the coming winter. Just turn these pinecones into a garland that can be hung using a rope. Hanging Pinecones Garland Ideas from @tracey_hiebert

This handicraft made of wood has the shape of a Christmas tree and snowflakes so it is very suitable to be used to welcome winter this year. What you can do now is put this craft into the mantle of the fireplace in a neat and orderly manner. DIY Wooden Tree Mantel Display from @vaughnhillhome

Some of the vases that are used for this series of green plants can be placed on the fireplace mantle together with the magical lighting that you already have at home. Use lamps in the form of pinecones which are perfected with yellow lighting so that it seems warmer and more magical. Greenery with Magical Lighting from @homeandpetals

An easy way that you can do to bring winter style to your home is to apply some winter ornaments to the exposed fireplace mantle. Here you can put several Christmas trees and candlesticks that have different heights so that they look more varied. Winter Arrived on Mantel from @foxhollowcottage

This winter JOY sign made of wood is large enough to be used as a new, different focal point. Just place this sign over the fireplace mantle along with a long enough evergreen garland. Layered gold bell garland that looks antique and attracts more attention. DIY Wooden JOY Sign Decor from @thetennesseehome

This fireplace decoration made of red bricks gives an instant touch of rustic style. Here you can use a barn wood fireplace mantel with thick material and of course it can be completed with some mini ornaments of choice to suit this winter theme. Snowflake is one of the choices of ornaments that you can use. Rustic Style Winter Mantel from @silviaortega941

An old glass vase can be reused as a fireplace decoration this winter. What you can do right now is fill this vase with a bunch of dried twigs perfected with a generous amount of dried orange slices. Evergreen garland with additional lighting is the best complement. Slice Dried Orange Tree and Garland from @magiccottageoftheforest

Utilize the evergreens in your backyard garden as a fireplace mantel decoration that can never fail to bring winter to your home. Just apply this evergreen to several vases of different sizes, shapes and colors to add a more pleasant and lively atmosphere to the room. A sprinkling of white powder on evergreens can be used as a snowy accent. Arrangement Evergreen Vases from @ondaisyhilldrive

Pour out your creative ideas to decorate a fireplace mantle in winter. If you don’t want to have a plain fireplace look, try decorating the fireplace mantle with DIY decorations. Make various shapes and sizes of Christmas tree decorations to decorate this fireplace mantle. DIY Christmas Tree Mantel Fireplace from @momawhite99

Present a fresh and natural winter atmosphere by decorating the fireplace mantle with decorations that you can find around your home. Gather some pinecones and a few strands of evergreens to decorate your fireplace mantel. Nature Evergreen and Pinecones Combination from @a_simple_touch_

Bring some real winter vibes into your home with this DIY melted ice decoration on the fireplace mantle. It’s not enough that you can also add some snowflake ornaments to make the fireplace mantel look more perfect. DIY Melted Ice Mantel Decor from @kenwardk

Change the classic look of your fireplace by adding a mirror to the mantle. In order to create a different look, you can also add dry twigs that are collected into the knitting pot. These two elements are enough to create a new focal point in the fireplace area. Layered Mirror with Dried Twigs Arrangement from @farmhouseonoakridge

White theme as a home decoration will never go out of style. Likewise, when applied to a fireplace mantle, it will be very suitable for this winter theme. The all-white look on the fireplace mantle will make the room cleaner and brighter too. White Themed Mantel Fireplace from @newenglanddesignmama

The theme of the farmhouse winter fireplace is perfect for you to apply this winter, you only need to do a little addition to the fireplace mantle. Simple evergreen decorations and a large mirror complete with evergreen wreaths will add warmth to your home. Farmhouse Winter Fireplace from @prettyandprintedshop

You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to get an attractive appearance on your fireplace mantle. Try adding minimalist accessories to the fireplace mantle, for example with evergreen wreaths and a few stalks of candle holders. Minimalist Winter Mantel Decor from @blesserhouse

Bring a festive impression to your fireplace area by using decorations that are different from the others. Use a combination of garlands with candlesticks to decorate your fireplace mantle. That way the appearance of your fireplace will be more festive and also make it a favorite place to spend time in winter. Combination of Garland with Candlestick from @suzannezinggstyle

Natural atmosphere for winter decoration is a very good idea. You can apply it to the fireplace mantle decoration this time, just by using some green plants in pots and adding wood elements to the fireplace mantle, you can get a cool, natural atmosphere. Natural Elements Mantel Fireplace from @akrenovate

Don’t just use evergreen garlands to decorate the mantle of your fireplace. Now you can hang a large deer head right above your mantle, several candlesticks of different heights add drama to the atmosphere which can be displayed neatly to produce a warm light. Add a Hanging Deer Head Ideas from @thekeepingcottage

Usually the vintage farmhouse style is dominated by splashes of neutral colors. Yes, now you can try it on the fireplace in your home, it doesn’t stop here, you can also decorate the open mantle with several candlesticks and stacked mirrors with two different sizes and types. Vintage Farmhouse Mantel Style from @ourdevinehome

Handicrafts made of wood are a new inspiration that you can try to enhance the details of your home room. When winter comes, you can make Christmas tree and snowflake wood crafts and display them neatly on the mantelpiece along with a shiny gold-framed hanging mirror. DIY Winter Wooden Craft Mantel Decor from @vaughnhillhome

The combination of evergreen garland with some stockings and mini snowflakes is an important part or decoration that you can try when winter arrives. Now you can apply it to the fireplace mantle to make it look more festive and less boring. Just choose and use stockings with white knitted material for the warm impression you can get. Evergreen Garland with Stocking Ornaments from @patinaandpearl

Do you have white pom-poms at home? If you have it, you can turn it into a winter ornament that can be hung on the mantle fireplace made of barn wood. You can make this pom-pom garland long enough to make it look more stretched and it’s very easy to do yourself. White Pom-Pom Garland Display from @thirdgenerationfarmstead

The stockings that hang symmetrically on the mantle are of the same color, material and size so they look more harmonious. Just hang it not too far away, you can also complete it with an evergreen garland that is large and long. These two different ornaments will blend perfectly. Hanging Stockings and Snowflake Accent from @yourmovect

This red brick fireplace is completed with a DIY mantel decoration that you can create according to the season. For example, you can fill in the empty mantle with a number of selected ornaments made of reclaimed wood and can also be combined with large canvas deer paintings. Rustic Look Winter Mantel Fireplace from @colla_voce

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