25 DIY Winter Craft Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

Although the cold weather outside makes a lot of people prefer to stay put and be inside, spending time to make DIY winter craft decorations can also be done in your spare time. What makes this better is to have a cup of hot chocolate before jumping on a simple and easy project like this.

These DIY winter craft ideas below will have resources that are easy to source and be easy to find. Find the supplies either from what’s already at home or buy it easily from local stores at extremely affordable rates.

1. Mason Jar Snow Globe

If your little children and nephews want new snow globes this year, making some glittery mason jar snow globe will be the cheap solution. Find unused mason jars and clean them first, before gluing the figurine to the inside of the lid and preparing the glitter glue/water mixture.

This snow globe tutorial reuses an old mason jar for a winter miniature that can be used as a room decoration as well as a centerpiece decoration on your dining table. Inside this snow globe mason jar, you can fill it with a mini Christmas tree made of bottle brush material which is dominated by a bold green color. It doesn’t end here, you can also add DIY snow accents in it to instantly emphasize the winter theme. You can get a new look by placing it on a slice of wood which can be used as a tray so that it can be moved easily to another room when needed. Triple Mason Jar Globe on the Slice Wood from @lovepaperpaint

The main part of this snow globe mason jar is a mini Christmas tree miniature with the same size as the container used. It’s a good idea to repaint the lid of this mason jar with plain white for the most precise look. The sprinkling of white powder which is used as the main medium can be purchased online at a fairly cheap and affordable price. Just buy it online to make it more practical. Miniaturize a Mason Jar Snow Globe from @etsycraftyfever

A winter craft that you can try right now is a mason jar snow globe that is perfected with a Christmas tree dominated by green. Here you can use a sprinkling of white powder as a snow accent. Before reusing this mason jar as a winter craft, it’s a good idea to rewash it to make it look cleaner so that this ornament can be seen from the outside of the mason jar. Just make it a medium size so that it can be moved easily to any area according to the room’s decoration needs. Mason Jar Winter Craft from @designcourtyard

This mini Christmas tree snow globe is a handicraft option that you can easily try. Here you can fill the inside of a mason jar with white powder as well as DIY fake snow accents. Just get its existence online with a choice of prices that are quite cheap and affordable. Two types of Christmas trees with different sizes and materials are varied choices that can be combined together. Just put it in the most strategic area so that everyone who visits your house can see it. Mini Christmas Tree Snow Globe from @thepaperbasket

White, green and splashes of blue are a mix of colors that will never fail for this year’s mason jar snow globe design. These three colors will work together well and optimally. Besides that, the winter wonderland theme can also be easily applied by adding mini Christmas tree ornaments which are dominated by bold green. Place it on the console table in the entryway area so that it can be used as a beautiful room statement and attracts attention. Also add a ball ornament in bright blue to have a more textured look. Winter Wonderland DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe from @naomikirons

Do you have a mason jar that you no longer use? If you have one then you can reuse it as a mason jar snow globe that can be made as a winter craft. When you put your Christmas tree in this mason jar then add DIY snow accents for a more charming look that fits the season. The hemp rope applied to the lid of this mason jar makes a beautiful additional decoration. You can design it yourself according to what is expected, try it easily with your children. Snowy Mini Christmas Tree Mason Jar from @shanellavenue

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2. Finger-Knitted Garland

Filling the time with some knitting beside the fireplace is the most convenient way to produce some winter crafts befitting the season. Making colorful garlands from your favorite yarn doesn’t even need needles—hence, the name finger-knitted garlands.

Don’t let your fireplace mantel decor look boring when winter comes. Because here you can decorate it with your own handicrafts so that it saves more on your budget. Do you have a large amount of yarn at home? If you have one why not turn it into a garland ornament that can be hung on this fireplace mantel? Use this yarn garland hand knitted in layers to make it look bolder and attract attention. A wreath is a sweet final touch. Layering Knitting Garland for Mantel Decor from @homewithamandaj

Look at this white finger knitting garland combined with this bead garland, doesn’t it look more festive? Just apply these two ornaments simultaneously to your fireplace mantle area along with other winter ornaments that you already have at home. For example, knitted stockings with a variety of colors and different sizes. Hang it using a beautiful piece of string. The appearance looks very cute and ready to be made as the focal point of your room. Knitted Garland with Hanging Ornament from @extramagicalmom

This DIY project using finger knitting garlands will make any room decor stylish and steal everyone’s attention. In addition to garlands, you can add greenery in this fireplace mantel to add color to the room so it doesn’t look too boring. The carvings on this fireplace also add a vintage and textured feel thus adding a beautiful vibe that will never fail to be tried. Winter Style Mantel Fireplace Decor from @thenester

3. Ice Lanterns

Although they’re made of ice and won’t last long, aren’t ice lanterns also perfectly suiting winter? These magical balls are a magical winter craft and easy to make. You can paint it or let it bare but you should add decorative items to look more attractive. Once done, place them with decorative lights on the outside of the house.

Decorating the terrace stairs with these ice ball lanterns will make you look stylish and catch the attention of many people, just place them on every step of this outdoor staircase. This DIY will greet your guests in stunning winter splendor. Another function that you can get is to get warmth from the direction around it. The lighting produced from candles also looks warm with golden yellow lighting. This is the best idea you can try when winter arrives. Magical Ice Lantern Staircase Lighting from @aime.imagine.design

DIY ice lanterns are the perfect idea for winter decorations. Put some ice lanterns on your terrace so it will enhance your outdoor decor with a prettier final look. You can make it your own by adding evergreens and carn berries for a unique lighting effect. Placing it on this staircase will warmly welcome all your guests. Just apply this natural material evenly to all parts of the lantern ice that you have, its existence is also easier to find. Outdoor Ice Lantern with Natural Accent from @heidisgrowhausandlg

An ice lantern that you can make yourself is perfected with candle lighting that has a bold red color. The selection of pillar candles is intended to make it look more attractive and the part of the lantern used will look melted. Just put it in the right area so that everyone who visits your home can see it. Here you can make it with a size that is not too big or just medium in size. Try making it with your kids on the weekend. Bold Color Candle for Ice Lantern from @sparklingpathway

The carn berries in this ice lantern make a perfect room decoration and will welcome your guests with a warm feeling. Making your own will also make for a great low-budget winter decoration. You can place this ornament on your terrace to create a perfect look, or it can also be used as a centerpiece decoration on your dining table. Not only berry carn, but you can also combine it with evergreen accents to produce colors that look quite bold. Red Berries and Evergreen Ice Lantern from @sunnytoo

Scandinavian ice ball with candle lights looks perfect for your winter decoration. Place it around the garden to provide lighting in the garden so it will look more festive. There is no need to add other ornaments on the outer surface of this ice lantern for a simple and uncomplicated look. Not only in the garden area, but you can also place it indoors or on a table that you usually use for new views this winter. Just use more than one. Scandinavian DIY Globe Ice Lanterns from @saynplaycolumbus

Not only round or ice lantern balls that you can try. Now you can try a new design, namely a star-shaped ice lantern that you can place around the outdoor furniture that is used to accompany your relaxed evenings with your partner. Its existence will add a warm and pleasant atmosphere. This ice lantern design can be perfected with red berries to add beautiful color and texture. How to make it is also quite easy, you can use molds of any shape according to your wishes. Star Shaped Ice Lantern Design from @sa257ra

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4. Snowman Mason Jar

Turns out we’re not done yet with mason jars: upgrade them into snowman mason jars for adorable glowing pieces at home during winter. They will look great on the top of the family Christmas dinner table alongside functioning as a decoration.

This is a great craft for making amazing room decorations. This DIY snowman mason jar will boost your creativity. Here you can paint the outer surface of the mason jar with a snowman pattern perfected by a green Christmas tree which will have quite a bold color blend. So that its existence can look even more attractive, additional fairy lighting will never fail to try. Snowman Mason Jar Painting from @laurasprettypiecesx

It’s not just you painting mason jars to make winter snowman crafts this year. Now you can reuse this old mason jar as a winter gift with a snowman design complete with a knitted scarf with a bold red color choice. You can try the buttons that are arranged vertically on the outer surface of the mason jar by attaching them using the glue you have. Just use this black button three parts. You can make more than one to be placed simultaneously on the dining table you are using. Snowman Mason Jar Gift from @dsserts.denisse

Do you have an old mason jar that you no longer use? If you have it then you can repaint or paint the outer surface with a beautiful and awesome snowman pattern. Here you can add a red polka dot ribbon accent to the scarf that is usually used on the original Snowman. This cute appearance can be placed in an area that is often visited by your friends or family so that it can be used as a beautiful eye view. Handpainted Mason Jar Snowman Ornament from @jennzcustomshop

Using a jar for a DIY snowman project is a really simple idea. Paint the jar white and then the lid can be painted black to accent the perfect hat and look like a snowman. Paint the snowman’s face for a stunning final result. Placing it on the table in this house will produce a charming room decoration and is ready to be made into a different eye sight. This is one of the cheap and affordable handicrafts. Repaint Snowman Mason Jar Design from @irina_stan

Glue the strips of paper to the outside of the jar and then add a shirt button and a piece of cloth at the top for a simple DIY snowman project. Also add the earphone part which is made of pom-pom material as a perfect accent. They will look great on your winter dinner table besides serving as a decoration. Just make it yourself with the ingredients you already have to save more on your spending budget. The resulting lighting is more dramatic and warm, of course. Mason Jar Snowman Lighting from @sewathomemomma

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5. White Wreath

Bring some fluffy wreath to the house for that little dash of glam. Hang your very own white winter wreath on the front door before guests entering to see how much it can enliven the house on the chilly season.

Its soft surface dominates this elegant looking faux fur winter wreath. You can add silver beads for a more luxurious look. Two snowman ornaments can be added as well. Next, hang it on the front door which has been painted in solid black so that it has a color contrast that makes the existence of this wreath very clear. The snowman ornament enhanced by this red hat is an added color that blends in perfectly. Faux Fur Winter Wreath with Snowman Accent from @kamibana33

White cotton which is used as the main material of this winter wreath design is a smart idea that you can do now. Here you can enhance it with the addition of natural decorations such as evergreens and a pinecone which is quite large. This ribbon with a plaid pattern dominated by red can be used as an additional color. Ornaments or snowman can also be added for a more perfect look, get all the materials you need at a winter craft store. Winter Themed White Fluffy Wreath from @shirleysshowcase

Break out the soft colors for this year’s holiday decorations. This wreath ornament really stands out in your front door decoration. Making it yourself will provide a unique and economical decoration. The selection of white pom poms to be the main ingredient of your wreath design is the right choice that you can do right now. Here you can add a striped ribbon with a mix of black and white which will produce an instant monochromatic design. Just do it according to the decoration you want. Pom Pom Wreath Hanging Door Design from @aspenandwesttextiles

Blooming flowers which are dominated by white are also the best choice that you can do yourself easily and cheaply. You can get these flowers in backyard gardens. Also use a white snowball ornament as a perfect accent. You can make this wreath design with a sweet round shape. Use white flowers made of paper so they don’t wilt easily when used for a long time, hang them on the door or wall of your house. White Floral Winter Wreath Design from @aniram_046

If your choice is white wreath decoration then there is nothing wrong with using natural materials such as pinecones. Before assembling it into a wreath, you can repaint it plain white and wait for it to dry first. After that you can assemble it into one equal part. Just hang it on the wooden front door that has been repainted in a bright blue color so that it looks clearer when viewed from a distance. You can do this natural wreath appearance yourself according to what is expected. Snowy Pinecones Wreath from @morricehome

We hope there’s something from these DIY winter craft ideas that matches what you seek!


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