20 DIY Holiday Ornaments to Decorate Your Small House

When the holidays arrive, many people eager to bring the festive vibe into their home decor. Aside from buying ready-use decorations, many of us are also interested in making a gorgeous DIY holiday ornament. That’s because this kind of creative project can help us to create a more memorable decoration. Therefore, please take a look at our following list and find some amazing DIY holiday ornament ideas for your small house.

DIY Herb Wreath

When looking for some beautiful DIY holiday decorating ideas, a herb wreath is like a must-do old tradition. Most importantly, though the festive celebration is over, this ornament can still be used to liven up your small house ambiance. What’s more, the materials used to compile this type of wreath is pretty easy to obtain. You can arrange it from garden herbs, such as rosemary, bay leaf branches, lavender, etc.

This vibrant herbal wreath offers a unique room decor that will steal the attention of many. You can use a planter that is round in shape for a beautiful bouquet. Choosing several types of herbal plants will also make the room design unique and steal the attention of many people. Living herb wreath from balconygardenweb.

This wreath idea goes well with easy-to-find materials. You only need bay leaves, and other green garden herbs. This design will create a unique look for a stylish result. Hanging on the wall of this house will produce a unique room decoration. Herb sprig wreath from balconygardenweb.

To welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling you can use your own homemade wreath. This ornament is easy for you to make because the items are easy to find with a limited budget. Besides that, making this wreath will also increase your creativity. Complementing the look with carn berry will result in an attractive room decor. Fresh herbs wreath from balconygardenweb.

Beautify a DIY herb wreath with red ribbon for an adorable look. You can put it on the door of the house as a warm welcome for guests who come to your home. Choosing this wreath will make your entrance decoration look more attractive. You can arrange them from herbs, such as rosemary, bay leaf branch, lavender, etc. DIY herb wreath with red ribbon from balconygardenweb.

This wreath looks rustic yet beautiful as it uses twigs and features some greenery and herbs for a stunning finish. You can add this wreath at your entrance to welcome guests with a cheerful feeling. This Wreath is easy for you to try because it uses natural ingredients that are easy to find. Rustic wreath herb from balconygardenweb.

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DIY Candle Jars

For those seeking easy DIY holiday ornaments, candle jars would be a nice project to pull off. Its making process does not require a lot of effort, and most importantly, this type of decoration can be made from a used jar. Next, prepare premium wax, wick, and your favorite candle scent to make your very own candle jar version.

With cinnamon, citrus, cloves, and thyme, this seasonal floating candle is simple and striking. You can place these candles in jars for an attractive finish. Placing it on the home table will make the room decoration attractive. Mason jar candles from elledecor.

Coat your DIY candle jars with white chalk paint to show your favorite candles that you put inside your jars. This idea can be an easy DIY decoration. You can make it yourself to increase your own creativity. Add string ribbon to create a unique and rutik look. Small candle jars from elledecor.

Use your mason jar to make an eye-catching candle holder that grabs everyone’s attention. You can make your own by painting the inside of this mason jar to create a very sacred atmosphere. Place a small candle in this jar for dramatic lighting. You can have it during winter or Christmas celebrations. White masson jar candle holder from elledecor.

Check out how pretty these DIY candle jars are. It has a chain on the lid for an attractive finish. You can place it on a wooden pallet that hangs on the wall for the perfect room decor. This idea will create a rustic feel on your outside. Choosing a brown color scheme on the walls will result in a warm and inviting room decor. DIY candle jars from elledecor.

You can make candle ornaments from pressed flowers and lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon oils to make elegant candle jars. This candle is perfect for your outdoor setting so that it will present a fragrant and comfortable terrace. Putting these candles in this wooden box will create an attractive room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. DIY masson jar candle ornaments fromelledecor.

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DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

If you think of making a cheap yet beautiful DIY holiday ornament, then tissue paper tassel garland is worth trying. It is cheap, artistic, easy-to-make, and of course, tassel garland has a very festive touch too. Furthermore, you only need to prepare colored tissue paper, twine, and decorative tapes to organize this beautiful holiday ornament.

This tassel wreath brings coziness to a room in gold among pastel tones. This looks really fun. You can place it on the wall of your home and combine it with a large framed painting for stunning results. This white background also shows a clean and airy room. Pastel color tassel garland from thesprucecrafts

Choose tissue paper of different colors to make a tufted wreath that can perfectly decorate your home decor. Hang the wreath to the side of the table with white thread for an eye-catching result. This tasel garland decoration will enliven your birthday. DIY tissue paper from hgtv.

Making tassels out of brown and pink tissue paper creates a unique look that will grab the attention of many. You can make your own to increase your creativity. Hanging it by a thread and placing it on the wall will give the room an interesting design and become the focal point of the room. Tassels ornament from boho-weddings.

Make an interesting room decor You can add tassels from tissue paper for interesting results. Making it yourself will increase your creativity. The choice of turquoise, pink and gold colors will make your room more attractive. This design will make your room more charming. Tassels from tissue paper from rockmystyle.

Making unique room decorations and making garland tassels from tissue paper gives an interesting look for you to try. Buying them cheap at a flea market or making your own will boost your creativity. Opting for these bright pastel colors will create the perfect focal point of the room. DIY garland tassels from thediaryofadebutante.

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DIY Photo Garland

Have you ever tried making a pretty photo garland? This homemade wall ornament not only brings the holiday spirit into your small dwelling, but it also allows you to value your unforgettable memories with the loved ones. To finish this DIY project, then you need to prepare twine, some sweet photos, washi tape, and wooden cloth pegs.

DIY garland photos by adding tassels at the bottom of this photo will make a unique look and will give a unique design. You can make it yourself, in addition to saving will also increase your creativity. Hanging from the bottom of the shelf will also create a unique look. Garland photos with tassels from homeyohmy.

To make beautiful home decorations, you can use Polaroid garland for perfect results. You can use pom pom straps for a unique look. Applying this photo will cherish unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Garland photos from cassiefairy.

Use colored clips on your DIY garland photos for a unique and stunning look. DIY flower bouquet photos can be memorable with loved ones. You can hang it on the wall in your bedroom or living room to become the center of attention of many people. Making it yourself will increase your creativity. DIY garland photos from diys.

DIY garland photos can be a holiday decoration that can bring the fun of decorating your home. Complete this wreath with clothespins and twine for an eye-catching room decor. This wall mount creates a stylish room decor and will attract the attention of many people. DIY garland photos from topinspired.

You can be creative with your polaroid photos to make stylish room decorations and steal the attention of many people. Printing a polaroid photo and hanging it on a string with this colorful buckle will give it a unique and charming look. You can put this photo garland on your headboard for maximum results. Polaroid garland from diys.

Hopefully, these lovely DIY holiday ornaments could be an inspiration for those preparing to celebrate some festive events at home. 


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