10 Creative DIY Snowman for Home Decor

Winter is definitely the season for a snowman. Thus, a home should at least have one snowman to show off. Having a ‘real’ snowman lasting through the whole season or as an indoor decoration is a no-go expectation because it melts for sure. However, these ideas of a DIY snowman for winter home décor won’t melt. Pick one, or two, for your room or yard improvement during winter celebration.

1. Adorable Wood Slice Snowman

Hello, durable snowman! Three piles of wood and some paint can be the best center of attention for your winter room. In addition, there will be a future for winter.

Try making a snowman from wood slices for your winter decoration so that it will give the perfect appearance with a minimal budget. You can make it yourself using materials that are around your house. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a scarf with a variety of different patterns so that it looks more varied. Make this DIY snowman in sufficient quantities so that it can be used as a new focal point in your home decor. Next, apply a hat accent with wood that has been painted in a variety of different colors such as orange, red and blue, can’t you add an additional color scheme to the room instantly? Yes, just copy this winter ornament easily. Small Snowman with Patterned Ribbon from @craftymare.and.the.wood

This is the perfect rustic snowman decoration and steals the attention of every guest. You can stack three slices of wood vertically to form the perfect snowman. Complementing the snowman decoration with a shiny ribbon scarf and black hat will make the look even more perfect, repaint it with white so that it has a true-to-life look. By repainting the eyes and body with a splash of jet black, it also adds to the impression of attracting attention. Carrots are an important accent that you can apply as a nose design to this DIY snowman. This decoration will be the focal point of an attractive room, place it in one of the rooms that your guests often visit. DIY Repaint Wood Slice Snowman from @oddsandendsiv

2. Cute Sock Snowman

Do you have old socks at home? Turn your worn-out socks into a symbol of a winter wonderland, a snowman. With a little help from rice, buttons, straight pins, and small hats, your white socks can be a beautiful decoration for your increasingly chic home.

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This sock snowman ornament will steal the attention of every guest who comes to your home. Making your own won’t cost a lot of money and will boost your creativity too. For the eyes, nose, and body area you can use buttons and simply glue them with adhesive glue that is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long period of time. This DIY project can be done with your family on the weekend so you can fill your free time. When this snowman sock is finished and ready to be made as a new decoration in your home, try displaying it as a centerpiece design that can be applied on the dining table along with a Christmas tree made of white thread. Sock Snowman Centerpiece Decor from @allyrunion

A creative way for your winter decorating ideas is to try reusing used socks into a no-sew snowman DIY project, isn’t that simple and easy? You can add scarves, hats and buttons to make it look more real. So that this snowman can look rounder and fatter, you can fill the sock with dacron or cloth that is no longer used so that it has a beautiful appearance with a softer surface. You can make more than one so that it can be used as a new focal point on the dining table or on the kitchen island countertop that is currently used. Also use hats and scarves with two different colors, red and blue, as a contrasting color combination and ready to be made as a statement room. Home Project Sock Snowman from @wmashas

3. Huge Painted Pumpkin Snowman

Pumpkin isn’t just for Jack-O-Lantern. With a DIY snowman for home decorating ideas, it will also work for snowman. All you need is two large pumpkins, scarves, hats and paint. Once done, you will love how they guard the front of your house with the hands of cute little twigs.

Choose and use three pumpkins of different sizes so that they can be arranged vertically into a snowman display that can be placed together with a Santa Claus figure enhanced with dramatic lighting around it. You can put this snowman pumpkin in the front porch area so that it can be seen by anyone who passes in front of your house. Repainting with white is a smart idea that you can do so that it has a more perfect appearance and of course it will have a pretty bold look when perfected with a red scarf. A black hat is a sweet finishing touch and you can apply it appropriately. Wreath and evergreen garland in the surrounding area emphasize the touch of winter instantly. Welcome Front Porch Snowman Ideas from @loreilley

These four fairly large pumpkins will be the main ingredients of a snowman design that you can place on the front porch this winter. You can stack these two large pumpkins on either side towards your front door. Previously you could repaint the pumpkin with white paint so that it appears more elegant. This scarf, which is beautifully wrapped around the snowman’s neck, is made of knitted material with bold colors like pink and purple. In addition to emphasizing the winter theme this year, this DIY snowman pumpkin is also an initial welcome for your guests who come to your house. White Paint Pumpkin Snowman from @cwiv

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4. Simple Mason Jar Snowman

Looking for ways to reuse your mason jar? Turn them into adorable mini snowmen, and place them to decorate your home to make it look festive. They will surely radiate winter spirit in your space.

Mason jar will be one of the materials that you can use as snowman ornaments that will decorate the table perfectly. You can repaint this part of the mason jar with plain white so that it has a color that matches the original. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add ear muffs so that they can emphasize winter ornaments that can be placed in any room according to your home decor needs. One of the advantages that you can get from this snowman mason jar design is that it is easy to move to any area because it is equipped with a holder at the top. Scarves and ear muffs can be used with matching materials and colors so they can seem harmonious. Mason Jar Snowman with Ear Muffs from @ashtag_j

If you have a mason jar that has not been used in the kitchen area for a long time, then reuse it as one of the winter decorations which certainly doesn’t cost a lot of money. Before this mason jar is turned into a DIY snowman, you can wash it first so that it has a clean surface and is ready to be dressed up with a different look. The first design you can do here is to fill the mason jar with plain white dacron material which is perfected with flannel used as a nose accent. Furthermore, buttons are also an important accent for this snowman mason jar, to be used as eye accents, for example. A green pom-pom glued to the lid of this mason jar becomes an accent hat that you can easily get at the nearest craft store or you can also buy it online at a very affordable price. Reuse Mason Jar Snowman from @nonpixiedust

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5. Charming Log Snowman 

It’s no secret that wood logs are do-it-yourselfers’ favorite, and are the most widely used material. They are not only easy to find but also inexpensive to buy. So, if you want to have a stunning snowman on a budget, you can create it from a log. 

There’s no need to spend a fortune to DIY a snowman this winter. Currently you can use natural log material with a size large enough so that it can be obtained directly from around your house. So that it doesn’t look too plain at this time, you can repaint the snowman log with a splash of white which is perfected with a bold red scarf. Furthermore, you can also make a hat design with flannel fabric that has the same color as the scarf so that it has color harmony that can blend more perfectly. The face you can repaint and paint the eyes, nose and mouth with beautiful black and orange colors. Place it indoors or outdoors according to your home decor needs. Log Snowman Design on a Budget from @spookyhootstudios

DIY crafts that you can make right now are snowman designs with a simple look but still look attractive in one of the rooms of your house. Slice logs with three arrangements and three different sizes can be arranged vertically and can be perfected also by accenting scarves and hats made of log material so that they look more matched. Here you don’t need to repaint to save more expenses. Besides looking more natural, this DIY snowman log slice is also suitable for application in a rustic, farmhouse or cottage style room. This ribbon with a plaid pattern is suitable as an accent scarf, just choose this ribbon which has a combination of red and white. Handmade Log Snowman from @lululoves_occasions

So, will you try one of the ideas about DIY snowmen for home decor above?


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