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9 Innovative Lighting Wall for Incredible Home Illumination Ideas

Lighting wall comes as the innovation lighting home design. It doesn’t require chandelier, but the …

Lighting wall comes as the innovation lighting home design. It doesn’t require chandelier, but the side of wall to give light. However, lighting wall is not only as the lamps but also illumination. This high level flash brings your house into modern look which is elegant. Take look at the ideas bellow as examples!

Enlightenment Within

Enlightenment Within


With mosaic pattern lighting on the wall, this room looks more beautiful. The white color comes to make this room bigger and cozy. This corridor surprisingly gives a touch of elegant feature.

Flawlessly Natural

Designing home with natural light will implicitly change the look. The brighter lamps, the bigger room looks. Those are in one term to create harmony room decoration. Then, wooden lamp is one of the innovative lighting ideas which shine on the wall.

Wooden Palette Lighting Wall

This simple environment appears with vintage wall lighting design. Wooden palette shows its statement with bright shiny lamp. Consequently, this room looks more attractive though with convenient decorating style.

Dreaming of the Sky

Have you ever wanted to go across the sky and see the whole planets in the world? When today you are at your bedroom, just add a touch of dreaming sky lighting on the wall. Though it is not real, but having sky lighting looks wonderful as like as your dream comes true.

Layers of Light

Let your mind be more relaxed and calm at this room because of layers light on the wall. The design created into three layers that freshen up your soul. Consequently, this room looks so inviting and attractive.

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Triple Forces

With two vertical frames and a horizontal term come to create different lighting design. This is a spectacular lighting design for a house. Further, applying triple forces lighting will add a touch of modern wall decoration.

Silence and Lights

Take a look deeper at gentle gold, almost copperish surface and the light of this wonderful wall lighting design.  It looks beautiful at night with the glow and vintage style along the day. However, this is one of recommended lighting wall ever.

Bringing Life Outside

The Fence with lighting wall help garden outside to get more lighting. With some grass grow up beautifully, the fence design looks admirable. Moreover, it helps the street look brighter.

The Glory of Healing

This is an incredible environment to heal your heart. What a sophisticated lighting wall decoration! Further, whenever anyone look sad, ask them to this wonderful place is much more great idea.

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