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8 Carpet Trends That Will Add Statement For Your Room Decoration

Carpet usually comes with many patterns and colors that can be combined with other elements at your room. Pairing the rug with room color is the basic principle of making a sophisticated room. There are animal print, geometric, or even natural pattern that will improve room decoration. These carpet trends may attract you to add them as one of your room accents.

Interior Design

8 Fall Planting Ideas That Applicable For Small Garden Space

Living at minimalist modern home design forces you to be more creative for having beautiful outdoor garden. Designing small garden is the most possible way. You need to pay attention for the space. You may get hanging plants, containers, or potted plants at your porch. See these following fall planting ideas that applicable for small garden space.

Garden and Exterior

8 Trendy Wall Planter Ideas That Will Give You Small Garden Even at Small Space

For you who live in a small apartment, having a garden may be just in a dream. However, you can try to apply hanging wall planter. It doesn’t require large space, but can make your room looks awesome. Moreover, the plants that are used as hanging garden are low maintenance just like herbs, succulents, or cactus. Let’s see stylish wall planter ideas as follow;