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8 Cool Corner Shelves Ideas To Add Storage For Your Home

There are many corners in a house that most of them are empty. Actually, you can change them into m…

There are many corners in a house that most of them are empty. Actually, you can change them into more functional part. One of the ways is that creating corner shelves. It helps you to make the rooms tidier. Moreover, you have extra place to keep your small things. So, why don’t you try to make simple corner shelves? See further ideas below;

Kids Book Shelves At Corner

Kids Book Shelves At Corner


Support your kids to love books by giving them various books from any genre. Unfortunately, you need more storage to keep the books. Use the corner of kid’s room to create kids book shelves made from some woods.

Country Style Storage Space

When you have empty corner at your small dining room, you can use it for creating simple corner shelves. You don’t have to collect some money first. Here, you can use reclaimed wood. See the result which is looked rustic.

Tree Trunk Corner Shelves

Reading nook is the best place to spend most of your leisure time. Keep your books at this lovely tree trunk corner shelves. With open arm reading nook, you will get your best moment of reading as many books as you like.

Nursery Floating Shelves

The corner of baby’s room can be used for reading nook as well. With some palette woods, you can create hanging corner shelves to keep books or baby’s toys. Even, you can add a chair to read under it.

Floating Office Shelves

Get more sufficient storage by creating hanging corner shelves at your bedroom nook. You can put it over your corner desk. So, arrange your books, vases, or other elements at the corner shelves to avoid bedroom look clutter.

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3D Corner Shelves

Save your child treasure at unique shelves is great idea. This corner shelves made from wooden boxes that arranged with creativity. Here, you can put toys, tiny bottles, or other small stuffs. The shape looks modern for modern room decoration.

Kitchen Corner Shelves

Corner shelves above countertop looks amazing for your kitchen decoration. These functional elements help you to keep most of your kitchen utensils. Let see how the owner of this house keeps bowls, plates, and glasses at unique way.

Triangle Corner Shelves

With triangle shaped pieces of wood, you can create this super chic corner shelves at a small nook. When most of nook next to the door empty, this idea gives you more functional corner.  See, there are books, green plants, radio, and other stuffs arranged well.

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