25 Mind-Blowing Under Stair Powder Room Designs To Inspire You

When most people use under the stair for storage, you can try to have different idea. Use it for powder room. It doesn’t need large space. You only have to provide sink, bowl, towel holder, mirror, and some accessories if needed. Then, you will have functional under stair room.

Contemporary Powder Room

Black and white is a color combination that is suitable for use in powder room decorations under the stairs. Black paint can be applied to the walls while you can try white on the ceiling in this room. The two colors used in one room present a monochromatic theme instantly and are suitable for both modern and contemporary room themes. This toilet and a round towel rack are complementary furniture that will be used properly and maximally. Monochromatic Look Design from @girlandherhouse

Filling the space under the stairs with powder room is a great idea. Here, the owner of this house chose to use retro tiles which are dominated by a choice of deep black colors to display a contemporary powder room design. Then, a hanging round mirror and a painting will fill in the empty wall for a final, more eye-catching look. This mirror is a complement to the small vanity that will help check your appearance before leaving the room. Black Matte Tile with Light Gray Wall Paint from @project_rushmere

Take advantage of the room under the stairs into a room that will serve you well. For example, you can turn it into a small powder room decoration so that all guests who visit your house can use it. The subway wall tile, which is dominated by white, has color harmony with the use of the toilet and sink so that it gives an elegant appearance, here you can combine it with gray wall paint for a mix of colors that can be combined better and more effectively. Try this under the stairs idea to the fullest. Small Contemporary Powder Room from @meehan_interior

Cozy Little Powder Room

The combination of blue and white that is applied to the walls of the powder room gives a color block appearance that is ready to be perfected with DIY reclaimed wood shelves which are hung in stages. These DIY Shelves can be used as an open storage area and a place to put green plants and other mini decorations that you have. This half shiplap wall, which was repainted in a pure white color, brings an instant touch of elegance. Floating corner sink is the right layout and will certainly take advantage of a room that is impossible to use. Color Block Powder Room Under Stairs from @interiors_with_anna

This powder room decoration in neutral colors looks comfortable and more open even though it’s in a limited space. However, pay attention to the lighting that you use so that it can be maximized when used during the day or night. The role of wood material in this room adds to the aesthetics of the room so that it seems more natural and environmentally friendly. For wood materials, you don’t need to repaint it to save on spending budget, you can try it now easily and cheaply. White Themed Powder Room from @floatinghomecoconut

An easy way that you can do to decorate the small powder room under the stairs is to cover the walls with beautiful, colorful wallpaper. The wallpaper used has a charming tropical touch. Apart from making the powder room more festive, the existence of this wallpaper also gives a different view to the eye. The toilet and corner vanity sink are the main furniture that can be used in powder room decorations, just apply them close together to save floor area. Festive Design Powder Room Decor from @victorian_reno_no9

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Covered Wallpaper Powder Room

How about adding a layer of wallpaper for the powder room under the stairs? This adds a new look that is quite bold and good for your eye sight. Currently you can use wallpaper with a tropical pattern that can be combined with a green room color tone. This will bring a forest feel to the room instantly. Just apply it to one part of the powder room wall so that the final decoration you get isn’t too complicated. Tropical Themed Wallpaper Powder Room from @the_house_at_twenty_two

It’s a good idea to cover the empty wall with a patterned wallpaper, which of course has a fairly bold color combination. You can use wallpaper with floral patterns which are dominated by bright orange colors. Highlight the lights that are focused on the use of colored wallpapers and bold patterns that make their existence look more attractive. Here you can combine it by using brightly colored tiles and toilets to balance the color tone of the room. Bold Pattern Floral Wallpaper Design from @mistersmithinteriors

The bird wallpaper that covers the walls in the powder room decoration under the stairs really steals the show. The color combination used is black and white which can blend perfectly in the same room. The use of this bird wallpaper can be combined directly with the gray standing vanity which can be used effectively. Gold towel holders help save space so you can keep it looking neat even though you have limited space, you can easily try it right now. Bird Wallpaper with Masculine Color from @roker.house

Minimalist Powder Room

There’s nothing wrong with using a shiplap wall in a minimalist powder room decoration under the stairs. What you can do now is to repaint the entire wall with a fairly dark color choice. On this part of the shiplap wall you can also hang a classic mirror with an additional touch of shiny gold. The toilet which has a combination of black and white is the main furniture that can be used. Wicker baskets in this room can be used to store some bathroom tissue. Shiplap Wall Minimalist Powder Room from @the_flint_house

The walls of the powder room, which were repainted in a dark purple color, can be completed with geometric hanging shelves with a touch of shiny gold. This is very suitable for use in a minimalist style room, you can repaint the ceiling with plain white which can be combined in the same room. Gold shelves filled with mini succulent vases add a natural touch to any room instantly. Make the most of this powder room decoration even though it’s under the stairs with limited space. Bold Purple Wall Paint Ideas from @rebeccajennings_1

Fantastic! This powder room although only with a small space is equipped with a good mirror and sink. In addition, you can cover the walls with textured wallpaper which is dominated by plain white so that it has a minimalist color contrast when combined with turquoise paint wall paint. This mirror frame, which is perfected with flower and bird patterns, gives an instant tropical touch, you can hang it on an empty part of the wall. Makeover Minimalist Powder Room from @mcevoy.joanne

Powder Room Styled With White Tiles

White subway tile is one of the design choices for some powder rooms that are often used in every home decoration. Yes, its simple look will never go out of fashion. Just perfect the use of white tile subway with round glass windows with wooden frames that have been painted white too. Don’t forget to hang a mirror above the sink which is used as a complement to furniture that can make the room look brighter and more open. White Subway Tile Powder Room from @briankweiss

Adjust the use of tile in the powder room with the theme or style that will be used. When you want a modern or contemporary theme, you can use walls and floors with marble tiles which are dominated by plain white. This marble tile is also refined with a black tinge that looks more elegant. To add color to the room, you can use a wooden door that has been refinished so that it has a more modern and shiny appearance. Contemporary Marble Wall and Floor from @tomcarrplumbing

Powder room with modern retro nuances can also be installed under the stairs. Check out the use of vintage white subway tiles in this powder room that looks classic yet inviting. Warm colored wood floors work well with everything in them. Besides that, you can use a white tile with only a half design, which means it’s not installed in its entirety. Half of the walls of this powder room can be painted in a fairly bold color, such as turquoise. Modern Retro Half Subway Tile from @supplyservicesscarborough

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Small Contemporary Powder Room In All-White

White is one of the room color choices that is usually used in any room style because it is neutral. For now, you can try this white color in a minimalist powder room decoration with the addition of patterned tiles, which you can try on the floor. There’s nothing wrong with using a touch of another color in this room, just choose and use a vanity sink that’s been repainted in gray. These two colors are perfect for bringing a touch of elegant style that can never fail. Minimalist White Powder Room from @home_on_fairfax_

The powder room decoration, which is dominated by white wall paint, will appear more perfect and stylish when you combine it with the use of intricately patterned tiles. Try to use a tile floor that has splashes of black and white as well so that it attracts more attention. Apart from looking more open, these color shades also make powder room decorations more open and are perfect for the limited space under your stairs. In this way the room under the stairs will be more useful. White Powder Room with Patterned Tile from @mast.arch

Will the bottom of the stairs be used as a useful room for people at home? This is a brilliant idea that you can work on. Here you can use it as a powder room decoration that can be used by guests who visit your home as well, making it more practical. The existence of this powder room is right along the entrance to your house. Dominating white shades are suitable for this room, you can try it for a room that looks more spacious and open. Modern Dominant White Powder Room from @challengeon34

You don’t need to have a large space to create this simple powder room design. The designer applied a white tone to get the appearance of a wider room. Add mirrors and more lighting for a more open and bright powder room decor. Patterned floor tiles also make the room look more attractive and textured, you can choose the color of this tile with a mix of black and white which blends in perfectly. Elegant All White Powder Room Under Stairs from @home.n.away1

Powder Room With Black And White Decor

If you are going to apply a black and white color combination in powder room decoration, then applying different colors to the walls and ceiling is a smart idea that you can do. Paint the walls black and then paint the ceiling plain white. These two colors succeed in creating a monochromatic decoration that seems modern and up to date. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also fill in the empty wall with a plain white framed painting. Black Wall Paint with White Ceiling from @vive_realestate

White and black are a mix of colors that will never fail to be tried in a limited room decor section. For example, you can apply it to powder room decorations with a touch of modern and contemporary themes. For example, you can use dark black subway tiles and some walls can be painted with plain white. Hanging paintings that are dominated by black can also be used more than one, neutralize it with a sink and toilet that you use in this room. Black Matte Subway Tile with White Furniture from @project_rushmere

This wall design with two different materials and colors is a smart idea that you can do in the powder room area under the stairs. Even though the space is limited, its existence must still be stylish according to what is expected. Here you can use a standing sink and white wall tiles, while for a splash of black yourself you can try it through the use of patterned floor tiles and some of the upper walls which are perfected with some open storage and beautiful paintings. White Tile and Standing Sink from @homenumbertwenty

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Tiny But Cozy Powder Room

No problems with the powder room downstairs with limited space. What you need is even though it’s small, the important thing is it’s comfortable. So from that what you can do now is to use the appropriate furniture and layout. Try not to use too much furniture either. The toilet and sink are the most important parts you can have right now. Use glass windows as a natural room lighting idea, you can also use additional light at this time as a room lighting idea that can be used at night. Shabby Chic Color Powder Room Ideas from @thechungzhouse

Try to take advantage of the wall to enter sunlight into this limited powder room. Why should it be? Yes, this is one way to minimize room humidity which causes odor. Try to use glass windows that can be opened or closed again according to the needs of the room. In this way, you no longer need to use the light in the morning and during the day. Just try it easily and naturally. Natural Lighting Powder Room from @fromlondontomanchester

When you have limited space, the use of main furniture is highly recommended for you. Here you can try the appropriate powder room furniture. For example a toilet complete with impressive painting or wallpaper with the best patterns. You can also apply the tile pattern on the floor to make the room look more festive. Mirrors and sinks also need to be used in this room, their presence will be very useful for both you and visiting guests. Proper Furniture Layout from @beetrootandblack

Ivory or white will make tiny room looked larger. Just like what the owner of this house did for this under stair powder room. With simple design, powder room needs not much money to build. Furthermore, it doesn’t require many accessories as well.


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