Must-Have Accessories to Add Function and Style to Your Bathroom

Having a toilet, tub, sink, and toiletries won’t be enough to make your bathroom fully functional. Other than those essential items, you’ll also need to add some bathroom accessories to your checklist.

Since the options are overwhelming and might stress you out, this article will help you pick must-have bathroom accessories to add function and style to your bathroom. Let’s take a look! 

1. Toilet Paper Holder

Don’t ever miss a toilet paper holder when listing the accessories for your bathroom. It’ll help you hold your toilet roll and, of course, keep it hygienic. Moreover, it has various beautiful designs that will be a pretty decorative item for your bathroom. 

An easy way to bring industrial style to your bathroom decor is through the use of a pipe toilet paper holder which has two rollers so that it can be used more to store your tissues. Just hang this pipe toilet paper holder on an empty wall and of course it’s still in a reach area close to your toilet. The material used is quite sturdy and durable. Industrial pipe toilet paper holder from homebnc.

If natural shades are more suitable for decorating your bathroom, then you should try a DIY jute rope toilet paper holder that can give a different appearance and style in your bathroom design. Hang this jute rope toilet paper holder to a metal hook that is already attached to the rock wall area firmly and firmly. With the appearance of this toilet paper, it will add more personality to your bathroom. DIY jute rope toilet paper holder from homebnc.

2. Waste Bin

Having a waste bin is also necessary to make your bathroom clean. For a more elegant and modern look, you may opt for a pedal, metal, or stainless-steel bin. But if you want a unique and catchy design, rattan, bamboo, and wood bin are great options.

The trash can is one of the bathroom accessories that must exist to maintain the cleanliness of the room so that it always looks clean and comfortable. Trash cans made of woven bamboo have a cheaper price because they are made from natural materials that are easy to get around your home. In addition, the use of this trash can is also very suitable to be placed in a white bathroom decoration. Bamboo woven trash can from decorpad.

Match the trash can material with the sink foot in your bathroom decor for a more elegant look and can blend in perfectly, currently stainless steel material with a splash of gold is the best choice for a modern bathroom decor. The appearance of the trash can will be more shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight or the light that is turned on in this room. Gold stainless steel trash can from decorpad.

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3. Toothbrush Holder

The next important bathroom accessories to add function and style to your bathroom are toothbrush holders. You might want to choose the holders with the cover to keep all the toothbrushes clean. However, mini ceramic toothbrush holders are a clever choice to grab everyone’s attention.  

So that your toiletries are not scattered everywhere, then you can use some modern ceramic containers that can be used as very appropriate storage ideas. For example, you can use a ceramic toothbrush holder that has two different colors that can be placed right on top of your marble countertop. Not only the toothbrush holder, you can also use the same container and materials to put your soap and toothpaste. Two-tone ceramic toothbrush holder from stylesatlife.

Choose and use several ceramic containers as storage holder ideas in your bathroom decor, for example, you can use a patterned toothbrush holder that has a combination of black and white. This toothbrush holder minimizes the clutter on your vanity countertop that causes discomfort while in this room. Try these bathroom accessories ideas easily. Patterned toothbrush holder from stylesatlife.

4. Towel Rack

Go get a towel rack if you want a stylish way to hang towels or clothes in the bathroom. This accessory comes with rich designs, including rings, bars, hooks, shelves, and valets – all of which provide valuable storage for your bathroom.         

Take advantage of a little wall area in your bathroom for a towel rack storage idea made of iron so it doesn’t rust easily when splashed with water. This towel rack is intended so that wet towels that have been used dry quickly and are not damp or smelly. Hang this shelf on a lower wall area to make it easier to grab when you are in the bathtub area. Low stainless steel towel rack from bhg.

Do you need towel storage in your small bathroom decor? If so, then you can try a gold hook made of iron to hang on the wall near your vanity sink. The gold color splash gives a luxurious color effect and is not easy to rust or porous when used for a long time. Match the material and color of this hook with a faucet and toothbrush holder for an even more impressive look. Gold hook towel rack from goodhousekeeping.

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5. Shower Curtain

If you have a shower stall or tub in the bathroom, you may consider covering that area with curtains. Not only will it prevent water from wetting your tiles, but it can also add a gorgeous look to your bathroom. Several beautiful curtain types you can choose are microfiber, cotton, vinyl, and hook less.

To distinguish a dry floor from a wet floor in your bathroom decor, try using a patterned curtain that has a color that matches the current tone of the room. If your bathtub tile uses a green color, it is best if the curtain used is a leaf pattern with a few splashes of bright yellow. Choose and use a curtain made of cotton to make it easier to wash when it starts to get dirty. Patterned green curtain bathtub from bhg.

To make your bathtub area seem more private, you can use a plain white curtain layer as a room divider that is easy to open or close according to your needs. If the bathtub tile already uses solid black, the curtain idea that you can try is plain white, the combination of these two colors presents a monochromatic style that makes the room seem more modern and minimalist. Bathtub privacy curtain from mydomaine.

Those are some must-have bathroom accessories to add function and style to the room. So, go grab them and create a great functional space to relax and unwind from any stressful day.


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