10 Best Place to Put Mirror for Home Decoration

Beyond being a practical grooming tool, strategically installing a mirror in your bedroom, living room, and entryway will make your house look brighter and larger. Besides, the mirror highlights nooks and corners used to be overlooked, thus maximizing every space in the house.

However, you also need to make sure that the mirror selection and placement won’t ruin your beautiful interior. As a guide, here is a guide to using a mirror for home decoration, from various styles and placement to showcase the beauty of your home.

1.     Large Window-Like Mirror in the Living Room

Looking for an enchanting focal point in your living room? Simply install this large window-like mirror to give a sense of balance and brighten up space. Positioned in front of the mirror are comfortable sofas to lounge and relax around.

A smart way that you can try to decorate a multifunctional living room is to use a large standing mirror. Use a large mirror with a unique frame made of re-polished bamboo to get a rustic impression in your living room. A large mirror makes the living room look more spacious. It does not require a special place to install this large mirror, you can simply lean it on an empty wall. Standing mirror with bamboo frame from onekingslane.

The other side that you can install a large mirror with a window-like frame is at the top of the fireplace. In addition to decorating the room so that it doesn’t look empty, a large classic mirror can also function as a tool to reflect light throughout the room so that the room looks brighter, especially if you use dark paint in the living room. This large mirror is very helpful for maximum lighting. Classic mirror above the fireplace from onekingslane.

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2.     Sliding Mirror in the Bedroom

Whether you’re installing it on the door or dresser, a sliding mirror is a choice if you want to save space from a conventional standing mirror. Additionally, a sliding mirror for home decoration is a great idea to make your room looks big and airy.

Applying sliding wardrobe doors in a small bedroom is a brilliant idea because it will save a lot of space making the bed look spacious. Especially if you attach a mirror to the sliding door, it will certainly add to the impression of spaciousness in your bedroom. As a marker if it is a mirror, you can also attach a mirror half of the height of the room and install it at the top, then you can install black glass at the bottom. Sliding glass wardrobe door from livspace.

You can also install a large mirror on the high ceiling to floor sliding door of your wardrobe next to the bed. The placement of a large mirror next to the bed makes the room more spacious. The use of sliding doors in the wardrobe can also save space usage and is perfect for those of you who have bedroom decorations with limited space. Ceiling to floor sliding door wardrobe from livspace.

3.     Vintage Silver Bathroom Mirror

As the bathroom is one of the most-visited parts of the house, you might as well decorate it to look presentable. Not only that the vintage touch makes your bathroom look posh, this mirror for home decoration also makes it seem bigger.

Complete this all-white bathroom décor with the right use of interiors. Using a large mirror is a smart choice for bathroom decor. Mirrors make the bathroom look more spacious. Also, use a silver frame that is equipped with carved accents at the top of the frame to bring a vintage vibe that can be applied to your bathroom. A vase with bold colored flowers becomes a room decoration that gives a fragrant aroma. Silver bathroom mirror with carved accents from elledecor.

Also present a luxurious impression in your bathroom by using a mirror with a vintage silver frame that looks shiny when it gets reflected in the sun or the lights around it. Shiny silver frame material makes the bathroom look glamorous. The use of mirrors in the bathroom can also maximize lighting while making the bathroom look spacious. Sleek silver bathroom mirror from elledecor.

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4.     A Minimalist Standing Mirror in Bedroom

If you’re someone who likes to mix and match your outfit, this standing mirror will look perfect in your bedroom. Aside from adding a classic touch to your bedroom, the mirror will also make your body look taller and slimmer.

An easy way that you can try to decorate your bedroom to make it look aesthetic is to use a standing mirror which is coated with a wooden frame that is repainted using a solid black color. Its easy application makes it popular with young people this year. Back again to the function of the mirror in the decoration of the room, one of the advantages of the standing mirror is that it gives a broad and bright effect for decorating bedrooms that have limited space. Standing mirror with repainted wood frame from hgtv.

This standing mirror placed between the cotton curtains becomes a very important room accent to check your appearance thoroughly before leaving the bedroom. This mirror has a selling value that is not too expensive so it is very affordable and many people have. Take care by wiping it with a cloth that has a soft texture for a mirror look that remains clean and bright. Standing mirror on a budget from hgtv.

5.     Classic Entryway Mirror

Running on errands? This classic entryway mirror will make sure that you look presentable before heading out. Match it with one or two flower vases, and it’ll soon become your favorite mirror for home decoration.

Don’t let your large round mirror look plain and boring, you can complete the look with a glass bowl vase filled with water and some blooming flower stalks. The mirror placed in the entryway decoration serves to thoroughly check your appearance before leaving the house, while the large wooden bench becomes a comfortable sitting area when you are going to wear shoes. Large round mirror from shelterness.

This high mirror with a silver frame looks more luxurious with a classic touch when combined with a flower vase that has a brighter color. The mirror in the entryways area can be used as a beautiful welcome for your guests or family who come because it is equipped with several glass ornaments that have unique shapes. Paintings are the final touch that you can hang on an empty wall area. High mirror with silver frame from shelterness.

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If you’re struggling in a tight space, these mirrors for home decoration ideas will help you in making your house look brighter and airier.


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