How to Celebrate Easter in the Best Decoration

If you want to have such a memorable Easter, you should do the decoration to celebrate it. Giving the touches of Easter to your home decoration won’t be that difficult. There will be some parts that you can decorate. However, you might be concerned about the public space first like the living room and the dining room. You can have a family gathering in your living room and then have dinner together in your dining room. Of course, it will be great if you can decorate the other parts of your home to strengthen the spirit of Easter. Let’s say that you can decorate your entryway, kitchen, bedroom, and more. Check out the following references.

Easter Mudroom Decoration

To keep your home in a neat and orderly state, you can add one of the small mudroom decorations in your home decor. You can decorate and make this room as simple as possible. Start with a bench that is equipped with a built-in iron hook that attaches to the top of the wooden plank. This hook can be used to hang a coat that you have used from outside. To bring the Easter theme, you can add some colorful Easter egg ornaments. These Easter eggs can be placed in several different places and of course with different shapes, for example, you can assemble them into a wreath that can be combined with dry twigs that resemble a nest.

Small Easter Mudroom from idealhome

Easter Centerpiece Decoration

One way to bring an Easter theme in your dining room decor is to decorate the dining table as much as possible. Start by covering the dining table with a bright blue tablecloth. The next decoration you can do is a colorful centerpiece design. A tiered tray filled with faux nests and Easter eggs will work well together and become a favorite decoration that goes well with the Easter theme. Choose and use a colorful Easter egg to make it look more colorful and can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room. You can try it easily and of course, it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Tiered Tray with Colorful Easter Egg from bhg

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Easter Furniture Living Room Style

The coffee table in the living room can be used as an area to incorporate it into your seasonal décor. Upgrade this coffee table decor by dressing it up in Easter spirit. The use of ceramic bunny ornaments, transparent glass eggs, and blooming flower arrangements will work together well and perfectly. You can use a wooden tray to put all the ornaments that are used so that they are arranged in a more neat and orderly manner. Furthermore, the nuances of the living room which is dominated by white color make the coffee table decoration look bolder and attract attention.

Coffee Table Decoration from curatedinterior

Vintage Easter Coffee Bar Ideas

The white nuance that dominates the decoration of this Easter coffee bar is a new inspiration for your home decor changes this year. Bring this white to life with the use of Easter egg garland which has several pastel tones, these include pinks, whites, and pastel blues. The next idea you can do is include natural accents such as green plants that are applied to the garland and several types of plants that are neatly placed on the countertop surface using pots. The hanging banner right in front of the coffee bar is the perfect finishing touch. In addition, this white nuance is also very suitable when in a house with a farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Style Easter Coffee Bar from curatedinterior

Simple Look Easter Entryways

The console table is one of the furniture that is usually used in decorating your entryways. You can use this table as an area to put some Easter decorations that are suitable for welcoming your guests or family with great joy. The console table can be decorated with a faux Easter egg garland, lavender flowers and bunny decorations made of white ceramic. So that your lavender flowers can last longer and not wilt easily, then you can apply it in a glass jar that has been filled with clean water. So that the upper surface is not too empty, then you can also put two table lamps to be used as lighting that is suitable for use when the room feels dark.

Easter Entryways from curatedinterior

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White Themed Fireplace

Are you decorating your home with an Easter theme? If so, start with the fireplace decoration which will be one of the additional attractions in your home. Make pretty changes as much as possible. What you can do is decorate it with a colorful spring garland complemented by a very supportive mantel. In this mantel area you can place bunny ornaments, green plants and blooming twigs. It’s not enough to end here, ending with the placement of a hanging Easter egg wreath that can be applied simultaneously with a big mirror that is placed on top of the mantel neatly and looks elegant.

Easter Egg dengan Ornament Bunny Mantel from curatedinterior

Rustic Easter Front Porch

Porch is the first area your guests will visit, so you can decorate it with an Easter theme. One way that you can do is to place a wooden carving that has a bunny shape in the corner of the porch right next to the entrance. Do painting on this wooden bunny according to its original color only. Not only bunny ornaments that you can use, but some flowers are blooming into a combination of porch decorations that you must try. This floral accent can be applied to the use of hanging wreaths and flower arrangements that are applied to basketball with a stand plant. Finish with the use of a doormat with a colorful floral pattern.

Colorful Easter Porch from curatedinterior

Focus Point Wall Decoration

Turn flannel into an Easter decoration that you can easily do and just adjust to your abilities. You can cut and sew it back into a carrot and bunny garland that has two contrasting color combinations. Carrot garland which has a blend of orange, red and purple looks more attractive. The walls that are painted in pink are also a beautiful background and seem brighter. Another ornament that you can hang is a rainbow macrame which has a fairly large size, all decorations or ornaments placed in one room will work well and optimally.

Flannel Carrot and Bunny Garland from womansday

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Easter Windowsill Decoration

Unleash your creativity with DIY Easter decorations that you can do yourself with your family on the weekend. A bunny garland made of patterned paper and dominated by a bright blue color is the best choice you can make for one of your home decorations. Then you can perfect the look with an Easter egg that will brighten up your windowsill decor with a mix of some eye-catching colors. Shades of white with blue are a blend that can blend perfectly. The placement of greenery around it will also add a burst of natural color that will never fail and is certainly very suitable for this year’s Easter theme.

Blue and White Easter Windowsill from littlepieceofme

Easter Kitchen Decoration

The kitchen is one of the home decorations that is often used for daily activities. Therefore you need to make changes by dressing it up to make it look fresher so that it is comfortable to use whenever you need it. Customize your kitchen décor with the seasons. When you want a touch of Easter style in this kitchen, then put some of the right ornaments. Start by placing two bunnies on a wooden countertop and some faux flowers blooming in bold colors. To emphasize the Easter theme in this kitchen, just use bunny-patterned napkins that have more than one with different placements as well.

Easter Countertop Kitchen from prettydesigns


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