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8 Ideas to Choose Bathroom Color For More Attractive Look

Choosing the right color for bathroom is important. It deals with how your bathroom looks like. You…

Choosing the right color for bathroom is important. It deals with how your bathroom looks like. You are pleased to use any tiles for bathroom, but make sure it will not make this room look scary. Some people tend to apply soft color while other like to use bold. See these following ideas;

Blue & Gray Bathroom

Blue & Gray Bathroom


Color mixing functions to upgrade room atmosphere and pattern mixing completes it. Here, you can see this blue and grey mixing with different pattern that dramatically improve bathroom decoration. It looks modern and glamour.

Color-Blocked Bathroom

You will never guest before that blue and peach can be as swanky as this bathroom. Those colors perfectly add a touch of calm, chic, and even glamour sensation. You are pleased to add more lighting if you like bright bathroom.

Green Bathroom

Green becomes one of the most favorite colors for common people. Apply this color for bathroom is nice idea. Here, the owner of this house tries to add wild accent like zebra to give different view. However, that is brilliant. This bathroom seems wonderful.

Brown Metallic

Sometimes, brown make people feel bored. However, you can change their mind with this bathroom design in brown metallic. Even the wall shows you how elegant this design for just a bathroom.

Pink & Blue For Bathroom

For guest bathroom, you can try this decoration. Pink tile for the wall and deep blue for floor become a brilliant combination. It makes the bathroom not too girly but look fresh. So, why don’t you try this for your bathroom, then?

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Teal for Bathroom

Pattern wall looks attractive even for bathroom. However, teal is bold. So, it will be great if you apply at certain side of your bathroom. Let your bathroom looks amazing but not too messy.

Stars Tile for Bathroom

When your bathroom already chic with white paint, give it patterns will be more eye-catching. Stars tile for floor improve your bathroom decoration. This is a perfect combination for elegant bathroom design.

Calm Bathroom Design

Pale lavender wall looks soft for a bathroom but give good effect for our eyes. It seems calm and fresh. You don’t need to add more lighting. Furthermore, you can hang curve mirror to add accent for this calm room

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