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Genius Ideas To Use Under Stair Space That Useful For Everyone

A space at your house that will give your more advantages is under the stairs. Rather than let this…

A space at your house that will give your more advantages is under the stairs. Rather than let this area empty, use it as storage seems better idea. You may save any thing as you need. It may be shoes, jackets, books, or even fragile items. Under stairs storage will make your house look tidy and comfy.

Compartments For Seasonal Items

Compartments For Seasonal Items


When you don’t have any room to build warehouse, this idea of creating under stairs storage may help you very much. Save your seasonal items that will be used for the next season easily. Furthermore, it makes your room looked more organize.

Storage For Fragile Items

You may have hundreds fragile items that have to be saved well in a very safe place. Then, you may use under stair space to keep them. You don’t have to feel crazy to save your plates, bowls, or glasses any more.

Pet Sleeping Areas

Who is your dog’s name? Let it sleep well at comfortable place and near you. Here it is a place under the stair that may become its most favorite places. You dog will have better sleeping time and no need to build new room.

Maximizing Work And Storage

Are you an owner of online shop? This place may look simple but functional for you to do your online business. Furthermore, you may use this under the stair area as storage. Just add table, shelves, and chair to complete it.

Storage For The Fresh Produce

When your refrigerator is not enough to save your meals, you may use an area under the stairs. Add some shelves to put your meals and drinks that no need cools temperature. Even, it may be functioned as your second food storage.

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Wine And Beverage Storage

This is genius to save your wine and beverage under the stairs. Make sure you give better light to ease you find which wine that you want to drink.

Cleaning Equipment Storage

Cleaning equipment are needed anytime. So, you need a place to save them but easy to find somehow. The place that easy to reach is under the stairs. Then, it looked as the best place to save your cleaning equipment.

Shoes And Jackets Storage

Under the stairs is the best place to save your shoes and jacket as well. Rather than hang them on the hallway that sometimes makes clutter, save them under the stairs look more organized.



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