8 Carpet Trends That Will Add Statement For Your Room Decoration

By | May 29, 2019
8 Carpet Trends That Will Add Statement For Your Room Decoration

Carpet usually comes with many patterns and colors that can be combined with other elements at your room. Pairing the rug with room color is the basic principle of making a sophisticated room. There are animal print, geometric, or even natural pattern that will improve room decoration. These carpet trends may attract you to add them as one of your room accents.

Step Lively

You will feel take more challenging step by using this carpet for your stairs. Geometric design always brings fantastic sensation for a room decoration.  If you are the one who loves modern design, this carpet pattern may attract you.

Heavy Metals Rug

Using rug for stairs looked as a clever idea that upgrade the stairs look. Grey color will make this rug blend to any house design. The role of metal studs adds industrial touch but keep chic and charming. This rug covers the stairs elegantly.

Faux Bois

The rug with wood pattern is great for any room. Whether you want to use it for living room, bedroom, or other rooms, this rug will keep it to look organic. With black and white basic color, this rug brings the room into classic tone.

Animal Prints Rug

This animal print carpet changes your stairs appearance very well. Imagine that you are in a wide jungle with its natural beauty. Further, adding forest wallpaper improves this stairs decoration to look more sophisticated.

Home On the Range

Antilocarpa is the best solution for the one who loves rug with unique pattern. With antelope pattern, this rug reminds us about the beauty of natural forest. Furthermore, antilocarpa is available in grey color keeps the room look elegant.

Color Your World

When you apply wood paneled wall, you need other elements to make the room look more cheerful. The idea of using colorful rug is the best decision. Here, the rug becomes the focal interest of this room because of its colorful pattern.

Moody Indigo

Let the room appear more sophisticated with this rug. Moody indigo tell us about luxurious design in a simple room decoration. Moreover, when you apply this carpet for your living room, you will feel like in a glamour place.

Prince of Wales Check

Rug with Prince of Wales check makes the stairs look amazing. With wood stairs, the rug functions to make it more modern. This pattern comes with its unique pattern that good for any house decoration to upgrade it.


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