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9 Comfy Condo Bedroom Designs That Every One Will Love

Condominium only has small area, included for bedroom. So, you need to think over to choose only fu…

Condominium only has small area, included for bedroom. So, you need to think over to choose only functional furniture to install. Bed and side table is enough to save the space. You may add other accents but make sure it will not make your bedroom cluttered.

Classy and Luxurious Condo Bedroom

Classy And Luxurious Condo Bedroom


Condo bedroom in white and earthy color looked classic but luxurious as well. With glass window, you will get the best natural light every morning. Furthermore, you are given beautiful city view at night just before going to sleep.

Symmetrical Design Condo Bedroom

Bedroom with symmetrical design will timeless. This bedroom looked common but great for condo which only has small space. The large window allows you to get more light at morning.

Condo Bedroom With Rustic Touch

You may see other building view from your condo bedroom. So, a comfortable condo bedroom design is something that should refresh your mind. With rustic touch, you will get different atmosphere though live in a crowded city. It is warm and calm.

White Bedroom Condo

White bedroom may allow you to get larger look. However, applying geometric shape walls add interest for this bedroom decoration.  The wooden floor, blue rug, and red chair come to complete this room very well.

Condo Bedroom With Balconies

What a dreamy condo bedroom is this! Look at the veranda which you can see the view of sea. This is an expensive condo but with extraordinary feature. The bedroom is design simple but elegant with sliding glass door.

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Condo Bedroom With Small Bed

Small bed can be put at the corner to get more space. Then, you are still able to install a side table but choose the transparent one, because it will make larger illusion. Even, you can add a home office nook as well.

Condo Bedroom At Loft

If you are little bit lucky to have loft at your condo, you may use that space for bedroom too. Choose white furniture too create larger room illusion. Make sure you apply optimal lighting.

Condo Bedroom With Texture And Lines

Here it is a fancy bedroom with more texture and line. Look at the herringbone pattern rug and checked bed that look awesome. Even with more patterns, this bedroom doesn’t look too busy. You may see the wallpaper that enriches this room feature.

Simple Condo Bedroom

Simple design is everything you need with small bedroom. Wooden floor, a white bed, side table, floor lamp, and a rectangular mirror are in one harmony. This room is real bright and comfy.

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