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9 Throw Pillow Inspirations To Keep The Spirit Of Summer

Summer decoration for home doesn’t have to look glamour or luxurious. With simple accessories, you …

Summer decoration for home doesn’t have to look glamour or luxurious. With simple accessories, you will get interesting room decoration that will unforgettable. Keep the spirit of summer inside your home by applying summer accents such as the throw pillows. Checkout some great feather pillows to add to this set: https://www.homescapesonline.com/bedding/pillows/feather-pillows.html  and see these throw pillows ideas below;

Popsicle Pillow

Popsicle Pillow


The picture of classics pop ice applied at this throw pillow reminds us about how delicious this for summer. This unique throw pillow can attract children attention as well. Furthermore, cold stick of ice will accompany your summer anytime.

Floral Animals Pillows

For all of you who love gardening and would like to see the animals at zoo, this pillow pattern may interest you perfectly. The ostriches and wild silhouettes of elephant’s picture at this throw pillow complete your summer imagination.

Geo Hello Pillow

Give simple accent for your guest room but chic Throw pillow will help you to improve your room design this summer. Choose the pillow with letter such “hello, hi”, or other welcome letter.

Orange Bike Pillow

This pillow picture suddenly reminds us that summer is full of outdoor activities. Imagine you and your family are riding bicycle around the park or maybe you choose to ride it near the beach while seeing other playing games.

Cabin Pillows

Bring summer camp sensation into your home having these cabin pillows. Let yourself feel the atmosphere of nature through the pillows with wonderful pictures.

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Gold Pineapple Pillow

The picture of pineapple at this pillow makes us remember about the beauty of beach at summer. This delicious fruit will upgrade mood better.

Mod Pattern Pillow

With mod pattern pillow looks modern for summer accent. However, the pillow brings summertime green along the season. So, you will get fresh feeling with this throw pillow.

Invisible Summer Pillow

Write your quotes at pillow may look as different trend for summer. Let the spirit of summer always be in your home with this throw pillow. Then, enjoy the season and get more memorable moments.

Tasseled Pillow

Summer is about colorful moment. With this tasseled pillow, you can express how you adore this season very much. Get more imagination about every fun time at summer through this tasseled pillow.

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Last modified: October 27, 2021