25 The Best Modern Interior Design Ever

The modern style is applied to many people’s houses these days. The simple design with a neutral color scheme and minimalist things provided won’t make your occupancy looks crowded. It is really proper for you who have already been busy all day long outside. The simplicity inside your house will make you calm. That will be really refreshing after a busy day of working. There are some considerations that you can follow for the modern interior design for your home as you can get below. The images with the explanations will tell you more about how you can create the best interior design for your modern home.

Adjust the use of the interior of the living room to the style you want. For example, when you want a modern style, you can use the appropriate furniture. A sectional sofa with a coffee table that has the same material and color is a very appropriate furniture idea. In addition, you can use the wall for the built-in bookshelves to organize all the books you have properly and of course more effectively. Modern interior living room from ofdesign.

The use of the right lighting is also one of the interiors of the living room that you can use to present a modern theme. Lighting that you can apply is a crystal chandelier that can be hung on the ceiling using a strong rope so it doesn’t fall off easily. Complete the existence of this chandelier with a recessed lamp so that this living room will get maximum light. The use of wooden furniture gives a natural impression that never goes out of style. Modern crystal chandelier from ofdesign.

Black, white and blue become a color combination that can instantly bring a monochromatic theme to the living room decor. You can apply black to the use of wall paint and rugs that are used as a layer of wood floors. Furthermore, for white, you can apply it to some pieces of furniture such as sofas, ottomans and some floating shelves that are able to show off your antique collections. Splashes of blue add a pleasant impression in the room. Monochromatic living room from ofdesign.

When you want to bring a modern feel in your living room decoration, the use of the right furniture is a smart idea that you can adjust. For a modern style, you can use sleek furniture such as a repainted wooden coffee table and a clean white canvas sofa. The spotlight makes the hanging canvas painting look bolder and can be used as a focal point. Furthermore, the transparent glass window is large enough to make the room feel brighter and enter more and maximum sunlight. Sleek furniture living room from ofdesign.

Besides being able to make the room feel wider, the high ceiling in the living room decoration is also able to make the room look more modern and of course supported by the use of the right furniture. This ceiling is perfected by the use of a recessed lamp that can be used as the main lighting. The use of a sectional sofa with a glass coffee table is a combination of modern furniture that can work well together. The faux fur rug layer makes the room feel more elegant and never goes out of style. High ceiling living room from ofdesign.

Present different lighting in your living room decoration for a different impression and look too. Two-floor lamps that have a longer size with a minimalist shape are the best choices that you can apply in this room. Because this floor lamp has white lighting, it can be used as a very proper additional lamp. Place it next to your sofa so that it is out of the reach of you or children so as to minimize the lamp breaking and being bumped. Modern floor lamps from ofdesign.

Take advantage of the empty walls by applying floating glass shelves which can be used as an area to show off some beautifully blooming flower arrangements. This transparent glass is not visible from afar, so the flowers that are placed look like they are flying. This flower is able to make the corner of the room more lively and fresh. Arrange these shelves vertically to save more wall area that is used, usually, this storage is applied in a modern or minimalist style living room. Floating glass shelves from ofdesign.

This sectional sofa with leather material can be used as one of the right pieces of furniture to perfect your modern living room decor. The advantage of this sofa is that it can be used as a sitting area as well as an area to relax and lie down whenever you want. So that the surface of this sofa is softer and smoother, then you can add some throw pillows with matching materials and colors. Then combine it with a unique coffee table which is dominated by wood that has been repainted using natural colors such as wood. Sectional sofa from ofdesign.

Look at the reading room in this house, doesn’t it look modern and masculine? Yes, you can present a masculine theme by using the feel of a room dominated by dark colors such as black. This dark color can be applied to the use of floors, furniture, and carpets. The built-in wall bookshelf is highly recommended for those of you who want to free up more floor space. Try this idea as much as possible for better results and according to your expectations. Masculine reading room from ofdesign.

Using several types, shapes, and materials of different sofas is one of the characteristics of modern living room decorations. Start by using a velvet sofa with a bold color, a sectional sofa, and a dark linen sofa complete with throw pillows on it. All of these sofas will function properly according to your needs. It’s not enough to get here, with the number of sofas that are quite large and wide, you can use this sofa as an area to relax during the day or night. Modern sofa living room from ofdesign.

To present a focal point in decorating the living room, you can hang an abstract canvas painting that has several different color combinations. Starting from a combination of yellow, purple, red, and light blue. This painting can be used as a bold decoration because the decoration of this living room is dominated by white shades. You can apply other colors to the use of throw pillows that are placed neatly on the sofa in a neat and orderly manner. Modernist art from decorilla.

Do you want a comfortable and attractive bedroom decoration? If so, then you can use bedroom decorations with a modern style that never goes out of style. The bedroom which is dominated by white shades makes the room feel brighter, spacious and open. Enter other colors such as blue for a color combination that can blend perfectly when combined in the same room. The rug lining with faux fur provides a soft and warm foot lining. Modern bedroom ideas from decorilla.

In addition to being able to enter more sunlight into the room, large glass windows can also be used as interior accents that make the room look more modern. With this, the use of glass windows will function better and optimally, so it is highly recommended for you when you are going to remodel the room. Now you can apply this window into a beach-style living room decoration. In addition, this transparent glass window can also be used as a beautiful outdoor view. Large transparent windows from decorilla.

No need to use too much furniture in your modern living room decoration. Free up the floor area by using just enough furniture. This wide floor makes your space to move more freely. The selection of modern-style furniture is highly recommended because it will never go out of style, the right furniture layout also makes this room look neater and more organized. You can try this living room decoration right now. Straight lines living room from decorilla.

For the impression of a wider room in the kitchen, you can use an open design with the use of only the main furniture. Furniture that can be used is a fairly large kitchen island which is perfected with built-in storage such as drawers. This furniture will save space better because it can function more than one. Complete this open kitchen decor with the use of string bulb lamps and large glass windows as a combination of lighting that can be used according to the needs of the room. Open-plan layout kitchen from decorilla.

One way to bring a modern style to your home is to minimize the use of insulation in the room. Living room kitchen combo is a room that is usually applied in the same room. With this, your home decor will look spacious and open. Instead of using walls with high glass windows to support a modern style that can be obtained instantly in this living room kitchen combo decoration, the use of neutral colored furniture is a very appropriate interior mix. Open space living room from decorilla.

It’s good to add a bold color in the living room decoration which is dominated by plain white. The bold color that can be used is yellow and can be applied to wall and ceiling lists. Yellow and white will look contrast and can make the room feel more pleasant. In addition, the combination of white, yellow and gray becomes a cohesive blend of colors that can work well together in one room. Bold color touch living room from decorilla.

If you want to bring a modern and minimalist style together in your living room decoration, then you can use the right interior. The first thing you can pay attention to is the use of furniture, starting from a modern sofa set that has been perfected with a dark coffee table. Make the right arrangement so as not to interfere with your movement space while in this room. The color scheme of the room which is dominated by white and gray is the perfect combination of shades. Minimalist modern furniture from decorilla.

Modern and minimalist themes will never fail when you try them in the same room. Try to go to the part of the room that is often visited by your guests, yes the living room is a smart idea that you can do. Now you can use a curved sofa that is placed opposite each other. Add a glass table behind the sofa as a shiny accent that you can use as much as possible. End with the use of a modern-style chandelier that can be applied to the middle of the room so that it radiates light throughout the room to the maximum. Modern and minimalist style from architecturaldigest.

Decorating the living room which is dominated by white shades is a smart idea that you can do because it will make it easier for you when searching and procuring the furniture in it. Yes, now you can combine it with a light gray sofa with soft linen. A glass coffee table would also work well in this room. The large glass window makes the living room feel wider and brighter, besides that more sunlight enters the room, which makes the room less humid. White scheme color from architecturaldigest.

No need to use excessive furniture in your modern dining room decoration for a minimalist impression and of course free up more floor space that you have. Complete this dining room decor with a glass dining table that looks shiny. This dining table is also surrounded by comfortable dining chairs and has a softer surface. Decorate the dining table with a flower arrangement that can be used as the focal point of a beautiful and fresh room. Sleek glass dining table from architecturaldigest.

Neutral color tones are also one of the decorating options that you can apply to a modern themed room. Now you can apply it to the living room decoration section with a room that is not too wide. The selection of shiny furniture is very important. End this room with a splash of bold color like yellow that you can apply to the use of throw pillows that have been neatly arranged on the sofa that is placed opposite each other. Neutral nuances living room from architecturaldigest.

Instead of using walls with large glass windows to enter more sunlight into the room. You can choose glass windows with transparent materials and of course have a thicker surface. This is intended so that the window does not break easily when used for a long period of time. The use of wooden slate on the ceiling is a different look that you can apply so that in this modern living room decoration, it has a combination of natural materials that can work well together in one room. Instead of the use of walls with windows from architecturaldigest.

There is nothing wrong with using natural materials in your modern living room decoration. Now you can incorporate wood and stone into the interior of the living room. For example, the use of stone fireplaces and wood ceilings will present a natural feel in the room. To emphasize the modern style, you can use sofas and chairs with neutral colored linen which will make it easier for you to combine them with a square shaped wooden coffee table. Natural touch modern living room from architecturaldigest.

An easy way to apply a modern style in your current living room decor is to use a marble fireplace that has the same color as the wall paint and the furniture around it. The use of this fireplace makes it easier for you when doing maintenance because you simply wipe it with a cloth that has a soft material. Besides being able to be used as an accent to present a modern style, this fireplace is also an interior that can make the room feel warmer and more romantic. Furthermore, white shades also give a neutral impression that displays an elegant impression. Marble fireplace from architecturaldigest.

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