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9 Enchanting Ways To Integrate Honeycomb Patterns For Home Decor

Honeycomb deals with hexagon shape that fit to any pattern. For more luxury look, hexagon tile, mir…

Honeycomb deals with hexagon shape that fit to any pattern. For more luxury look, hexagon tile, mirror, and or other furniture will improve a home design. Though only a pattern, but honeycomb will change the room decoration dramatically. Here are enchanting ways to integrate honeycomb patterns

Hexagon for Powder Room

Hexagon For Powder Room


Hexagon tile comes with vintage style powder room decoration. Rectangular mirror and twin lamps bring this room classy view. Then, a pot of flower comes with its own statement to fresh the look.

Appealing Entry

Artistic hexagonal mirrors on the wall will attract guest eyes directly.  Those mirrors play role as the vocal point to add new sensation. Moreover, with simple but elegant white color wall, this idea brings the room look larger than its real size.

Hexagonal Fire Pit

A breathtaking outdoor design comes with its own statement with hexagonal fire pit. The swivel lounge chair adds a touch of country house decoration. Further, the greenery around it gives natural and fresh verandah.

Area Rug

Modern bed with tufted headboard and beautiful crystal chandelier will make you relax along the night and wake up with new spirit. Afterward, eye-grabbing pillow and hexagonal pattern rug add a touch of mind blowing bedroom decoration.

Hexagonal Backsplash

This Scandinavian kitchen style looks gorgeous with hexagonal backsplash. The unique lamp shape adds a touch of elegant kitchen decoration which works well with white room color. Keep the room net with simple storage hang on the wall.

Hexagonal Dining Table

With coastal living set design, this room looks more sophisticated with hexagonal dining table. Two lanterns hang on the wall act to bring better light at night and improve the decoration. Let all in white for calm and peace.

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Eclectic Space

Attain an eclectic style with twin wooden side table with hexagonal shape for this room. They work perfectly with hexagonal ottoman for more admirable feature. Bright sofa, some pillows, and twin lamps also come in one mission for creating incredible room decoration.

Grey Hexagon Furniture

The role of grey hexagon furniture brings this room into luxury looks. Enjoy your time for reading your favorite novel till the end. More personal room that relaxes your mind and let you feels peace. Just see the view outside and have a great afternoon.

Mirror in Hexagon

Again! Hexagon mirror is one of the ornaments to add impressive look for this room decoration. With a simple decoration, the accent of mirrors gives this room a touch of luxury. A pot of green plant and lamp at the top of cabinet make it more perfect.

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